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My sister in law – lesbian

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This happened years ago, happened only once and to this day my husband doesn’t know about it

English isn’t my first language.

Second year of my marriage I went to a beach resort with my husbands family. We’re Arab and his parents are strict do they had me and my sister in law sleep in the same room while my husband slept in a room with his brother. Im guessing they didn’t want to hear us fucking and that’s why they separated us.

My husband and his brother had a room with two seperate twin beds while me and my sister in law slept on the same king sized bed. Our first night there I asked her if we could cuddle. I always cuddle my husband until I fall sleep. We cuddled and I fell asleep immediately.

Next day she completed my figure when I was wearing a bikini and she asked if my boobs were real. I told her they are real and she asked if she could feel them. I said sure. She felt both of them and squeezed them, then she tried to find my nipples and when she touched them they got hard and she said “OH, you like that?” As a joke and I giggled and pushed her hand away. The rest of the day was pretty normal, she just starred at me a little too much but that was it.

At night, I asked her if we could cuddle again so I could fall asleep. I hugged her tight and rested my head on her chest. She had her arms wrapped around my back and she started rubbing it. It was very comforting. Then she started and slide her hand down until she reached but ass. I was giggling because I’m ticklish and I asked her what she was doing and she didn’t respond. I kept hugging her and she squeezed my ass. I was getting so turned on although I knew it was very wrong but I couldn’t stop her because she was making me very horny. I was getting wetter by the second.

She slid her hand between my ass cheeks and until she reached my pussy. My pussy felt like it had heart beats, that’s how turned on I was. I closed my eyes and I couldn’t help but whimper and moan a little. “ you’re so wet “ she said. I was so horny I couldn’t talk properly, I just said “ummmhm” through my moans. She found my slit and started rubbing my clit. I started moaning louder and she covered my mouth. My eyes were already rolling back at this point, she had been rubbing my clit for 5 minutes. It was a lake down there and I had totally destroyed my new thong. Our bed smelled like cum for next two days.

“I’m gonna put in now” she said. “Yes sir” I said through my moans. I was used to saying that to my husband. I could tell it turned on to hear because she immediately shoved her whole fist inside me. I screamed. I was still very tight and it hurt. She pushed my face into the pillow so no one could hear me. She started pumping her first inside me and I started to like the sensation. I started moaning and the more I moaned the faster and harder she pushed it in. I came within 3 minutes. I kissed her thank you after it and went to sleep and we did it for the next two days there. Never talked about it or did it again since then but I always wonder what would happen if I ditch my vanilla husband for her. She sure can take control and teach me how to be a good girl for her again. I always masterbate to the memory of it.

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