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My little beach boy part 3

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This part will focus on both kandy and James point of view

(Jame’s POV)

It’s been a week since me and Kandy first met and it has been pure heaven. People have always mistook me for a kid but for someone to actually be turned on by that is a dream come true. She has taught me a lot about sex and love and I couldn’t wait to have see her and her sister. My parents are pretty careless but they still love me so I have to make sure not to stay the night again because they really let me have it when I got home. Luckily they didn’t suspect anything and thought I was hanging out at my friends house, no they didn’t call them like I said they’re pretty careless. I made my way over to Kandys place and I rang the doorbell almost immediately as the door opened I was greeted by Kandy who pulled me in and hugged me.
“There’s my little Buddy how are you James?” She asked excited. I couldn’t answer, my face was between her huge boobs suddenly a I heard someone else.
“For gods sake Katelyn your gonna suffocate him!” I took a look and there it was a woman who looked in her mid twenties. She had a long black hair, a average bust and by far one of the nicest thighs I have ever seen.
“Oh right almost forgot, James this is my little sister Ava”. I couldn’t stop looking at her she looked so sexy.
“Stop looking at me like that you little creep.” Ava said with a bashful look on her face. Suddenly Kandy pulls me in and whispered into my ear.
“Go wait upstairs I’ll see if I can butter her up trust me, she’s a real freak. ” she said before kissing me on the cheek I made my way upstairs and overheard them talking. Apparently Kandy is a teacher of some kind and has said that she’s offering me private tutoring lessons for the summer. Eventually I get tired of eavesdropping and make my way to kandy’s room and lay down on the bed getting undressed I decided to start jacking off to get ready for Kandy and her sister. Suddenly I noticed a box underneath the bed and upon closer inspection revealed to be filled with lewd costumes and outfits. But one caught my eye mostly because it was the only one that looked like it was my size.
“Huh Is this one of those Neko things I have been hearing so much about?” I said out loud. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind and a sinister grin crept on on my face.
“Oh dad would absolutely disown me if he knew what I’m gonna do with these.”

(Kandys POV)

“So how is the tutoring thing going” Ava asked me. god I suck at lying.
“Oh it’s great James is such a quick learner and he’s very efficient” I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to end this right now.
“Actually I gotta start now you can come if you want.” I said inviting her to the fun.
“O-Oh no that’s ok” I grabbed her arm and began pulling her upstairs.
“Come on its fine! I insist” I made my way upstairs and thought it would be more exciting if I blindfold her I take some cloth from the bathroom and quickly wrapped it around her eyes.
“Ah wh-what the hell Katelyn!?” I don’t answer I just push her through the bedroom door and quickly lock it. And when I turn around I see just what James had been up to.
“N-Nya” James said. The little bastard found my costume box! And he was wearing my cat lingerie from when I still streamed. He was wearing the bra, the ears, the thigh highs, EVERYTHING he Even managed to stuff his huge cock into the panties somehow. My mouth was watering and my pussy was soaking wet. I could feel my mind go blank with lust. I lept onto the bed and started kissing every inch of his adorable face.
“Haha I guess you like the outfit huh” james said as I smothered his face in smooches.
“Oooh I LOVE IT! You look sooooo cute it’s making me so fucking horny.” Suddenly I remembered that Ava was still in the room.
“Wait what do you mean horny!? What the fuck is happ-“ she stopped talking as she removed the blindfold completely lost for words she began stuttering. I managed to regain my composure and walked towards her.
“Yeah sorry I had to trick you sis but I wanted this to be a surprise” I said
“Wh-wh-WHAT THE FUCK KATELYN HE’S JUST A KID YOU COULD GET ARRESTED FOR THIS!” She started shouting and stuttering at the same time.
“First of he’s not a kid he’s 14 and secondly I read your fanfics I know you’re just as turned on as me right now.” I began walking around her.
“What are you talking about there’s no way I- mhmm.” I slipped my finger Into her mouth and began taking off her short shorts and discovered she Wasn’t wearing a bathing suit underneath so I started playing with her pussy.
“My my my Ava did you finally muster up the courage and go to the nudist beach?” Ava couldn’t speak and eventually her legs gave out from the pleasure and she crumpled to the floor I look up at James and he hasn’t taken off the costume. In fact he decided to strike a pose and started kneading the blankets. Which Ava watched mesmerized.
“doesn’t he make the cutest cat boy ever! And I know how much you love those.” Suddenly I get an idea.
“Hey James! Be a good kitty and clean Ava up would you? She’s really soaked down here” James gets off the bed and began crawling towards us like a cat.
“Wa-wait stop g-give me a m-mi-minute an-AAAH MHMM” James began lapping up all the juicy goodness from Ava’s pussy as I started fondling her tits. Eventually I get bored and make my way around James and Ava and crouched down to take James’s cock out of the panties and begin stroking his cock while licking his balls.
“MMMF MHMOH KANDY IT FEELS SO GOOD!” James says before diving right back into Avas cunt.
“Oh sweetie we’re just getting started.” I stopped and laid down on the floor watching as his throbbing cock was dangling just a few inches from my face. I kiss the tip to let him know I’m still here and as if on cue he slams his cock into my mouth and starts fucking my throat relentlessly all the while still eating Ava out.
“HA HAA G-GUYS IM CUMMING AHHH!” Ava says before her pussy practically explodes into James’s mouth. But that doesn’t stop him from thrusting his little hips into my throat pussy for even a second.
“AAAH OH MY GOD KANDY YOUR MOUTH FEELS AMAZING!” He says as he unloads a ton of cum into my throat like a super soaker.

(James POV)

While Kandy is still recovering I stand up and take a good look at what I’m wearing.
“Yeesh now that I have a good look I can see cross dressing isn’t for me, I better go take this off” suddenly I’m pulled into someone’s chest, it was Ava!!
“Nooo please you look so cute in those knee socks and bra it’s making me horny just looking at you.” Ava began stroking my still hard as a rock penis.
“Now purr for me James please” I decided why not and began making the best purring sound my throat can make while rubbing my head against her face I even put my hands and legs up similar to a cat. God my parents would weep if they saw me like this. Suddenly Kandy got up and walked over to us.
“Hehe someone’s getting into character” Kandy always loved teasing me and she knows I love being teased.
“You see James Ava has a thing for femboys and shotas she just doesn’t want to admit it. And luckily for all of us you fit both categories right now. Suddenly they both carried me to the bed and plopped me right in the center.
“ woah girls what are you-ERM AHHH” they both began licking and sucking on my cock. Kandy was focusing on the head and shaft while Ava was content just sucking on my balls, this was literal paradise.
“Hey Ava check this out he loves this.” Kandy stopped sucking on my tip and started giving the shaft of my penis a raspberry.
“I promised nothing you adorable degenerate you. Come on Ava trust me this drives him wild” Kandy said before resuming.
“Really? Well okay then PPFFT!.” Ava started on my balls drastically increasing the sensation.
“HAHAHAHAHA GUYS STO-HAHA STOP IT IM GONNA-GAHAHAHA” before I could even finish the sentence I squirted cum all over Kandy and Avas faces, which they proceeded to lick off each other before turning there gaze over to me.
“God damn James your still hard!?” Kandy said surprised.
“Well there’s only one thing we can do now” Ava said before pinning Kandy to the bed and laid on top of her in a way that made their pussies look connected.
“God damn it why do I always get tackled it’s not fair!” Kandy pouted.
“Sorry sis but this is the only way to satisfy all of us at the same time, now come on James come and get your treat for being such a good kitty.” I’m beginning to regret this whole cat boy decision. Well no use crying over it now I crawl my way over and shove my dick in between their pussies. It feels amazing I can’t even begin to describe how incredible it felt to fuck them both simultaneously.

“AHH HOLY SHIT YOUR RIGHT I LOVE IT I LOVE TEENAGE COCK!! MMMOH MY GOD JAMES DON’T STOP FU-FUCKING US PLEASE!” Ava said before making out with Kandy as I slammed my cock between their pussies.
“AH FUCK I LOVE SEX I LOVE BOTH OF YOU I NEVER WANT TO STOP” I shouted in pleasure. I didn’t stop for a second I spent the next 10 minutes absolutely hammering my cock between them. I was the luckiest kid in the world not only did all the height that should have gone to my body go into my penis but now I had two babes who loved every inch of it. Eventually I cum a whole bunch and my hips were sore beyond belief. I collapse onto the bed and both Kandy and Ava snuggle up next to me.
“Ha ha ha now can I take this off?” I asked in between breaths.
“Sure buddy but don’t think for a second that this is the last you’ll see of it” Kandy says while caressing my face. Ava was way too exhausted to protest.

“Ugh finally, I should probably get home before mom and dad get mad at me again.” I say as I put my regular clothes back on.

“Sounds good see ya soon my little beach boy.”Kandy says before blowing me a kiss. I simply smile and make my way back home.

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