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Mercury – 082 (Messin’ with Sasquatch)

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“His cum is not quite as tasty as human, but it is not bad, kind of like clam chowder soup. I have gotten kind of attached to him.”


“What is that one over their baby? It’s a type of dinosaur isn’t it,” asks the Queen?

“Yes baby, it looks very much like a dilophosaurus,” answers Mira.

“Have the AhṚddhi remote teleport plenty of those,” says the Queen.

The Queen is flying low in a transparent Zodiac on the monster planet the Minisculians told them about. There are all kinds of creatures. The Queen is stocking Her game preserve on Avalon, which She is calling, Avalon Monster Hunting Preserve. It is on the island content She gave to the Huldrefolk. The Queen asks Ila (the Huldra):

“Will these creatures, dinosaurs, whatever we collectively call these things, will they harm the Huldrefolk?”

“No, My Goddess Queen. We have power over creatures. We can bless or curse them just like with sentient beings. We will bless them for You, because we love You, You delivered us. Plus, so You can send in the human hunters. We want them,” answers Ila.

“Okay Ila, but you can’t kill all of them. I am thinking 10 to 15% but not more. If hunting for them is too deadly, no one will come at all. Would you rather have 10 out of a hundred a month forever, or 100 for one month and never again,” asks the Queen?

“I see Your logic Great Goddess Queen, we will moderate our lusts for human males to keep a steady supply coming,” answers Ila.

“That one there baby, what is it,” asks the Queen?

“Again baby, I am just using our references for these creatures, but I would say it is a triceratops,” answers Mira.

“Okay, nothing bigger than that. Baby, why is that Scorpion fighter flying toward us in a hurry,” asks the Queen?

“Well miss kid at the zoo, not all of these mythical creatures are on the ground. If You look behind us, what appears to be a pterodactyl is flying toward us. That Scorpion is going to light his ass up before he gets to close,” answers Mira, and the Scorpion shoots it down.

“Alright, nothing that can fly baby. I don’t want some creature flying off the preserve and managing to make it to another continent and eventually our vacation parks. How big is this planet compared to Avalon,” asks the Queen?

“It is roughly the size of Jupiter and Avalon is just bigger than Saturn. So, this planet has a lot of territory for animal, or creature life,” answers Mira.

“We are claiming it. I know the Ceruleans have been here for meat, but they have been avoiding the Arcbaran star system since we showed up in force. Go ahead and place Scorpion Wing Orbiters around it.

I want to name it. Since the ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter, lets calls this world Sagittarion. Look there baby, a funky looking dog with spikes on its neck and back, and some mean ass claws. What do you call that thing,” asks the Queen?

“Baby, have You have heard the joke, what do you get if you cross an elephant with a rhino? Well, hell if I know what that creature is. I am using all the references of mythical creatures I have on file. I would call that thing, a chupacabra,” says Mira.

“Fuck yes! We have got to have those. Can you imagine telling hunters they could bag a chupacabra? Holy fuck, is that a bear or ape thing walking on two legs baby?”

“I don’t fucking believe it. That is not a bear, it is Sasquatch. You have hit the jackpot again baby. Do you know how many hunters have tried to bag Bigfoot, but no one ever has? Well, My Queen, You just found Bigfoot for the monster hunters of Earth,” says Mira.

“Circle around pilot. Look again baby! His feet are not the only thing that is big,” says the Queen.

“How in the hell did you spot that in his fur? It is limp, but estimating for the hair, I would say it is a limp 8-10” dick. For all You know, it could be 20” hard. He is 8.5’ tall,” says Mira.

“Do you think he’s mean,” asks the Queen?

“You are not seriously wanting to play with Bigfoot,” asks Mira?

“Uh-huh. I will remote teleport him to a private chamber on the GQD-1, and
you have him cleaned and examined. I want to see what he will do. Remember, I cannot be stabbed or sliced to death because of anatomical liberation,” says the Queen.

The Queen returns to the GQD-1, and She visits Her new pet. Sasquatch is in a padded room, and he is pacing around and hitting the walls with his big hands. His arms hang below his knees, and while he walks bipedally, and has big feet, he walks slightly humped over. The Queen asks:

“Did you examine him?”

“Yes, and he does have a penis bone, but it is vestigial and slim. It is only about an inch long. His penis is mostly tumid, so unless it gets 15 to 20 inches long, You can have Your fun,” answers Mira.

The Queen teleports into the room naked, and Bigfoot lunges at Her. She uses telekinesis and forces him to the floor. She rolls him to his back and spreads him, holding him flat. The Queen lays Her naked body on his 8.5’ frame and She says to Mira, who is watching from a window.

“Oh baby, his fur is so soft. It is like lying on chinchilla fur. Umm, Queenie likes, I may have one skinned just for the fur.”

“Hoo, hoo, hoo, eek, eek, ahh, ahh, grr, grr, grr…,” barks Bigfoot.

The Queen sits on his chest with Her feet to the sides of his big head. Bigfoot is grunting angrily. The Queen slaps him and says:


“Ooo…ooo…ooo…,” are the sounds now, and Bigfoot is calming down.

The Queen allows him to move his head, and She rubs Her pussy on his nose. Bigfoot snorts and shakes his head and makes the following sounds:

“Aaah, aaah, hoo, hoo…”

The Queen stands over his head, and She pees on his face. Bigfoot grunts:

“Eeek, eek, err, err, eek, hoo, hoo…”

The Queen has the nanites clean him and the floor, and She lowers Her pussy back down on his face. He smells and snorts, but he keeps sticking his nose back in Her pussy and smelling. The Queen lays back down on him, and She has Her head at his penis. She starts rubbing his cock and Bigfoot coos:

“Ooo, ooo, ooo…”

Bigfoot’s foot long gets hard, and it is around 14” long but less than 7” in diameter. The Queen sucks Bigfoot’s cock and he gets verbal:

“Ooo, eek, eek, ooo, ooo, ahh, ahh…”

“What does it taste like baby,” asks Mira?

“Kind of organic and nutty, and gamey. I going to fuck his big cock now,” answers the Queen.

The Queen cowgirls Bigfoot’s 14” cock, and She takes about 11” of it. Bigfoot is excited.

“Hoo, hoo, eek, eek, eek, ahh, ahh, ooo, ooo, ooo…”

The Queen release his arms, and he grabs the Queen. He is very physical, but he is not trying to hurt Her. His long arms reach down to his own cock, and he places his big hand over the Queen’s ass, and he is feeling his cock and balls and rubbing Her at the same time. His other hand is rubbing the Queen’s breasts simultaneously, and his is grunting and howling, and he cums.

“GOD DAMN! It felt like a fire hose was shoved in my pussy and turned on,” says the Queen as cum is running out of Her and all over Big foot.

The Queen stands, and She releases Bigfoot. He bounds at the Queen and grabs Her and picks Her up. He starts smelling Her all over cradling Her. He holds Her up and smells Her pussy and ass, and he licks Her pussy. He carries Her to a corner and blocks Her in with his body as he rubs Her and smells Her. He stands and pisses on the Queen, and She says:

“Fucking mother fucker! He must be marking Me. He probably thought I did the same to him earlier.”

“You’re Bigfoot’s bitch now baby. He just signed for You with his penis pen,” says Mira laughing.

He grabs Her ankles and pulls Her flat, and he buries his nose and mouth in Her cunt, grunting and howling in excitement. He turns Her over and pulls Her up to Her knees, and he starts dry humping Her ass, but he is not hard, but getting there. One hand rubs Her ass, and the other hand finds Her breasts, and he rubs them like they were the best toy he had ever played with. His cock gets hard, and it is jabbing trying to connect like a dog trying to hit the spot.

The Queen reaches back and grabs his cock between Her legs, and She tries to hold on, but his jerking is making it difficult. Finally, She just uses Her hand as a guide until he connects.

“AWWW! UHH, UHH, FUCK, HE HAS A BIG COCK. UHH, UHH, HMM, HMM, SH, SHIT,” exclaims the Queen.

Bigfoot pounded the Queen hard for about 10 minutes, and he got off again, but not quite as much as before, but it ran out and puddled. He kept wanting to hold the Queen, and She finally pushed him away using telekinesis. The Queen walks bowlegged to the window and says:

“Damn that hurt so good. I am going to have to use regeneration to heal. I want to keep him, build a paddock for him and see what he will eat,” says the Queen.

Mira cleans the Queen after She healed Herself, and they returned to Her suite. Mini and Minikin are there, and they ask:

“Lady Mira, do you want to tell the Queen about the Weird Sisters, or do you want us to tell Her?”

The HMS Weird Sisters is the Mega Carrier in the 1st Corps fleet. It is the flagship of Admiral Elisa Gentry. Mira tells the Queen.

“Baby, when You moved Teagan and Tildy from the Sisters to the GQD-1, I replaced them with two male AhṚddhi officer graduates. Before that the only human male on the Sisters was Captain Marion Parson. Tami Landward was primarily having sex with Marion, and occasionally with Tildy. Tami has been fucking the two new lieutenants, and this has caused friction because Marion is jealous now.

Sometimes Tami would fuck androids when she was bored with Marion, but real cock and balls and genuine sperm is something she likes. To be honest, this bitch is kind of a headache. I was going to just get rid of her, as in permanently, but I guess I should ask to see what You want to do.”

“Mm, bring that sultry piece of pussy here. I want to play with her too,” orders the Queen.

One of the things the Queen likes about the GQD-1 is the large suite She has with its added suites for Her staff like Nansen (the nanny) and Princess Persephone. At first, Lilith Hylton keep teleporting to the GQD-1 to be with Princess Persephone, and since Dr. Bethany Hylton works at the castle, this was a problem.

The Queen had a teleportation chamber installed in the nursery, so when Bethany left work, she could just teleport to the GQD-1 to be with her daughter Lilith. Chamber to chamber teleporting was catching on, and they were placed on vessels and allowed you to go between places without having to have an AhṚddhi do it for you. Since the GQD-1 was so big, it had multiple chambers, and personnel would use them just to get to another part of the mothership. Two days later, Tami showed up using the teleportation chamber on the Weird Sisters to one on the GQD-1.

“I see you have been causing trouble again on the Sisters with your parttime pirate hooker job,” says Mira.

“Lady Mira, I am sorry, but Marion is treating me like I am married to him. You took Tildy away, and no one else is really left but Admiral Elisa and Clarissa. Clarissa is in love with the Admiral, and she will not have anything to do with me. Those two new guys were human, and I was tired of fucking androids. They have no emotion, and it can get to the place that you can taste the synthetic pussy. I don’t even want to swallow the male androids lube if they get off in my mouth,” says Tami.

Mira is meeting with Tami just outside the Queen’s suite in a conference room. The Queen comes in and Mira and Tami rise and bow and greet Her. The Queen says:

“I have someone, he-he, one, that I think you will get along with well Tami. Come with Me.”

The Queen takes Tami to Bigfoot’s paddock. The Queen reaches through a feeding portal and says:

“Come here boy.”

Bigfoot is excited, and he walks over to the portal. He grabs the Queen’s hand, and She says:


Bigfoot stops and She rubs his head. The Queen says to Tami:

“Well, Tami, since you like messing around with people so much, I thought I would let you do some messin’ with Sasquatch. He needs a toy to play with, and you are one hot toy.”

The Queen apports Tami’s mantas module bracelet and remote teleports Tami naked into Bigfoot’s paddock. Tami is screaming as Bigfoot chases her down and grabs her. He picks her up and nuzzles her 36DD tits, and he holds her up and smells her full triangular brown hairy pussy that is sweetly shaved below. Tami is a curvy hot babe.

Bigfoot lays her in a corner and starts rubbing her, and he is jerking her around trying to get her in a fuckable position on her hands and knees, but she is resisting. Bigfoot is clean, and his paddock is clean too. The ships nanites see to it. So, there is nothing foul in the paddock. The Queen says:

“Tami, TAMI! [Tami looks]. If you keep resisting, he will hurt you. So, I suggest you get on your hands and knees and let him fuck that sweet pussy of yours before he breaks your fucking neck trying to make you get in that position.”

Tami postures on her hands and knees and Bigfoot begins to hump against her with his hard cock. Tami is not helping, and Bigfoot grabs her ass and spreads her cheeks digging his nails into her and she screams. The Queen says:

“If you help him, it won’t hurt as much. He is going to find a way to get that big cock of his in your pussy, and your hide is not as tough as a Shequatch.”

Tami reaches back and guides Bigfoot’s cock into her pussy:


“I am not tormenting you, Tami. I was looking for someone for Sasquatch to play with, and you just happened to be fucking up again. Mira was going to kill you. Now, isn’t this better than that,” says the Queen?

Bigfoot cums grunting and howling. He rolls Tami around playing with her, and he fucks her three more times. The Queen uses regeneration on Tami when Bigfoot settled down and he was holding her and lying on his side. The Queen turns to leave, and Mira asks:

“Are You going to leave her in there?”

“Yes, program the nanites to clean her too. Form a recessed sink for her to use also. Bring her food when you feed him. I want to see what Bigfoot will do. Will he get tired of her and kill her, or love and take care of her. I want to see if he can be domesticated,” says the Queen.

The Queen monitored Tami, and five days later She visited, and they were asleep. There was a plush area in one corner that was made that way for sleeping. Tami was snuggled up against Bigfoot, and he had his arm around her. She was sleeping soundly, and Bigfoot had settled down, and he was calmer with Tami. The Queen had watched on video and seen Bigfoot listening to Tami when she would tell him to stop doing something.

Tami was pleasing Bigfoot too. She would give him blowjobs, and swallow some of his cum, but it was a lot to swallow, and it would spew out. She even got him to settle down enough for her to cowgirl fuck him, and he loved it. Tami would do things like use the sink, and Bigfoot would try and touch her and mess with her ass or tits, and she would slap his hand and he would stop. Tami tamed the beast. The Queen was watching them sleep, and Mira walked up behind Her and wrapped her arms around the Queen. The Queen says:

“That fucking bitch seduced Sasquatch. I want to keep her, the fucking slut has won Me over. Tami, Tami,” says the Queen and Tami wakes up and looks.

“Do you want to stay in there with your new lover or come out,” asks the Queen?

The naked Tami stands and stretches, and the Queen sees Tami is none the worse for wear. Bigfoot rolls the other way and does not wake up. Tami says:

“It’s not so bad now, and he is so soft to sleep against and warm. I have never slept with someone that made me this comfortable. I would like to eat some pussy, but my new BF has a huge cock, and he is getting pretty good with it. His cum is not quite as tasty as human, but it is not bad, kind of like clam chowder soup. I have gotten kind of attached to him. It would be fun to watch him go ape shit on another girl. I could cower in a corner like I have been abused, and You could bring one in. I would love to see her terror.”

“You are a fucking freak, Tami. The code for the paddock door is 6735. I will set your mantas module bracelet on this table. My suite is just through those doors. Do what you want sweet cheeks, and I will try and find another girl for you to give to your BF so you two can play. I will be in My suite if you want some pussy to eat,” says the Queen.

Tami exited the paddock an hour later and entered the Queen’s suite. She did not bother dressing, she just walked in naked. Aries knew Tami, but Zazuleah and Violahava didn’t know her. They were laying naked on the bed with the Queen and Mira, and Tami didn’t pay anyone any attention. Tami walked into the Queen bathroom and took a shower. She dried her hair and walked back into the bedroom and saw Violahava, and Tami says:

“Would you mind if I ate your pussy. Someone told me it was like eating cookies and cream.”

Tami’s strawberry red hair, 5’ 6” tall, 36DD-26-36 figure, sexy legs, feet, and toes and fucking gorgeous looks, is hard for any species to pass up. Violahava let Tami 69 on top of her and they brought each other to orgasm. Tami said:

“Damn, that was good as hell, and your skin is the softest skin I have ever felt. I especially liked it when you got off and oozed cum that tastes like milk on your cookie cunt.”

Tami got up and walked naked back to her BF’s paddock, and she went back to sleep with Sasquatch.


Queen Dianne (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 34-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Joey Lynn, (COMMENTS) Small Facial Features, Very Pretty Face, Sexy Legs, Dainty Feet and Toes, No Tattoos or Piercings

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Ila of the Huldrefolk (TYPE) Huldra, Elf, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, 32-24-35, White Huldra, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Dark Brownish Red Hair Long, (CUP) 32B Natural, Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Triangular Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Slim Fit Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lacy Lennon, (COMMENTS) Ila has pointed ears but small, like the Reveeki, but more leaf shaped. You could not even tell she had pointed ears for her hair. She is gorgeous. Her back looks hollow, like a rotted out tree trunk. Ila’s back is not actually hollow, it just appears that way optically.

Minisculians (General) (AKA) Teenies, Fairies, (General) All of the teeny females have slim waists and exaggerated hourglass figures, with ample thighs for their size, and the cutest legs, feet, and toes. They are all 4 inches or less tall. Whatever length their head hair is on their 16.5 birthday cycle (33rd year) remains their length, and the females do not grow hair anywhere else except their pubic area, and it also stops at that age. If they cut it, it will not grow back, which is why their pubic hair is so neatly trimmed and stays that way. They have ornate bows, barrettes, clasps, ties, and pins to hold their hair.

Teagan Tessarossa (AKA) Prelate Teagan Tessarossa, TT (INTRO) 38 yrs. old, 44-27-43, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 9 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 48I Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Dark Tan Complexion Hourglass Big Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Eva Notty, (COMMENTS) Hot and Attractive with the Widest Curves, Monstrous Mammories, Looks Hot as Hell Lying Face Down on Her Knees with Her Big Thighs and Ass Spread and Smooth Pussy Showing, A Jumbo Pussy Meal for a Lesbian, When She Folds Her Calves Against Her Big Thighs and Points Her Sexy Toes and Spreads Her Legs on Her Back You Could Orgasm

Bigfoot (AKA) Sasquatch, Yowie, (INTRO) Biologic Immortal, Apelike Hominid, 8 ft 6 in, (HAIR) Brown Fur Covered Body, (PENIS) Above Avg. Thickness 14 in, (COMMENTS) See Wikipedia Bigfoot

Tildy Stargel Breeze (INTRO) 19 yrs. old, 30-23-30, Caucasian Human, 4 ft 10 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 30A Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Hair Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Petite Hourglass, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Jasmine Grey, (COMMENTS) Tildy is Real Cute Just Tiny, Little Titties Somewhat Smaller than a Tennis Ball (They are so Cute), Darling Little Shape and Almost a Peach Fuzz Black Hairy Area on Her Pussy, Sweet Curve to Hips and Round, Small Feet, Toes, Nice Legs, Precious Thighs, Bi-sexual Dynamo, Just Watching Her Eat Pussy Enhances Arousal

Marion Parson (AKA) Prelate Marion Parson, (INTRO) 32 yrs. old, Caucasian Human, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Brown Medium Length, (PUBIC) Trimmed Shaved Balls and Below, (PENIS) Above Avg. Thickness 10 in Length Uncircumcised, (BODY) Skinny, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Top Only, (COMMENTS) Decent Looking, Skinny White Dude with a Big Cock

Elisa Gentry (AKA) Admiral Elisa Gentry, Elder Elisa Gentry, (INTRO) 70 yrs. old, 34–28–38, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 6 in, (HAIR) Gray Short, (CUP) 34C Saggy Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Slim Aging, (ORIENTATION) Lesbian, (PORN PERSONA) Juliet Anderson, (COMMENTS) Elisa Gentry’s dried up pussy is shaved, probably because it would grow gray hair too. Her tits sag but they are not big, so her breasts look pretty good, other than she generally has old skin with a timeworn creased looked. Skin at her joints has noticeably wrinkled, and around her waist and under her arms. She appears to have done a lot with an aging face to keep an attractive look.

Tami Landward (AKA) Slut, (INTRO) 22 yrs. old, 36-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 6 in, (HAIR) Blonde Red Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Full Triangular Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Rocking Tight Body Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Young Maitland Ward, (COMMENTS) Tami is fucking gorgeous. Curvy and sexy, Tami is a hot Slut that loves to fuck. Tami can hold her own with her beauty.

Clarissa Benetta (INTRO) 31 yrs. old, 40-30-40, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) Black Long, (CUP) 40F Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Triangular shaved Below, (BODY) Plus Size Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Milly Marks But Bigger (COMMENTS) Clarissa has a subtle attractiveness. She has big ass titties with stretched out areola and distinctive nipples that are pinkish red. Clarissa probably weighs 160 lbs, but she does not have any rolls. Clarissa actually looks kind of hot with her plus figure, and her pussy looks good too.

Aries I’tuhot (AKA Authorities), (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 36-24-36, Devil in Caucasian Human Flesh, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Hairy Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Hourglass Perfect, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lena Paul, (COMMENTS) A True Babe, Aries’ Thighs Curve into Her Sexy Hips Nicely and They are Ample and Soft, Plush Calves, Lovely Legs, Feet and Toes, Busty Breasts, Beautiful Nipples and Areola, Built to Fuck, Nice Creases, Defining Attraction is Her Hairy Pussy (a Work of Art) She Trims but Does Not Shave It, She has that Gap between Her Ample Thighs which Makes Her Pussy Totally Visible and Gives Her a Perky Ass

Zazuleah (AKA) Sharon Peters, (TYPE) Reveeka or Succubus, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, White Humanoid, 32-23-34, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Platinum Blonde Straight Layered Shoulder Length, (CUP) 32B Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Light Brown Landing Strip, (BODY) Slim Fit, Small Dainty Features, Red Horns, Tail, and Wings, Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Zazie Skymm, (COMMENTS) Zazuleah is a fucking baby doll. All the Reveeki prefer to be nude. They can form armor clothing if needed. They have bat wings on their backs, a long tail with a rounded arrow point with no edges, and two vector “S” shaped horns coming out of the sides of their head that extend 6-8” curving in over the top of their heads. The wings, tail, and horns vary in color among the Reveeki, but usually match their hair. They have ears that are not much bigger than human, and they are sexy but sweep back into a point, and kind of look like bat ears. They live off sexual and lifeforce energy they drain from other species. Their age appearance varies even though they are biologic immortals. It is more like they reach a prime seductive state for their individual being, so it is a perfect state. No two are alike, and some could even be called milfs in their 40’s-60’s, down to tweens that look 10-12 (and younger). All manner of ages and body types to fit every seduction or fantasy need.

Violahava (Night Elf) (INTRO) Biologic Immortal, 43-28-43, 6 ft 6 in, (HAIR) White Short Straight Hair to the Middle of Her Neck, (CUP) 43D Deep Dark Wine Red Nipples, (PUBIC) Pinstripe Landing Strip of White Hair, (BODY) Athletically Smooth Obsidian black Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) N/A, (COMMENTS) Violahava’s eyes have gray pupils and irises, and she has long slim pointed ears that sweep back. She is very pretty and alluring. Violahava is probably the archetypal female night elf. Her nipples, pussy interior, and mouth interior are a deep dark wine red. She has the softest skin. When Violahava gets wet it smells and tastes like a chocolate caramel lightly salted nut flavor cookie. Her pussy oozes a watery milky fluid that actually taste like milk, a milk and cookie nooky! Night Elves are tall, the female elves average 6’ 3” in height, and the males average 7’ in height. They are slim but athletically developed.

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