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Maya’s sexual awakening

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I was chilling downstairs watching Tv when my sister Maya walked in and ask me a very inappropriate question, “Will you fuck me up the ass?”.

I was sitting in the front room watching a box set on Netflix, minding my own business, the house was quiet, it was Friday night so mom and dad were out having a drink, and I was just chilling and enjoying a cold bottle of cola.

All of a sudden I hear my little sister walking down the stairs like an elephant, stomping her feet on every step, then she walked in to the front room and just stared at me, “Can I help you?”, she looked at me like she had something to say, “Hello! – Earth to Maya.”

“Will you fuck me up the ass?” she blurted out.

Honestly, I spat out my drink everywhere, “Excuse me?” I said, wiping the cola off my chin and my shirt.

“Chloe said that being fucked up the ass is good for a tummy ache.” She replied, “So will you do it?” she asked.

Now, Maya was off sick from school today because she wasn’t feeling well and she’s been on the phone all night to her best friend, Chloe, they talk like every minute of every day, I knew they were both a couple of weirdos but I never in a million years expected to hear that from my 11 year old sister.

“What?! – NO!” I replied.

“Why not? – You promised mom and dad you’d take care of me. I don’t feel well and I need your help.” She said.

“You’re my sister!” I stated firmly.

She rolled her eyes at me, “I’m only asking you to fuck me up the ass. I’m not asking you to marry me or anything.” She said, “Don’t you like girls?” she asked.

Clearly she didn’t understand what I was getting at, fucking her up the ass is a form of sex and brothers and sisters aren’t meant to do that, I stood up and walked off in to the kitchen, “Go away, Maya.” I snapped.

“Are you gay…” she asked, chasing after me, “…because if you are then you should be used to fucking people up the ass. So why can’t you do it to me?” she asked.

“What the fuck – I’m not gay!” I shouted.

I went to the fridge and got myself another cola and just stood casually by the counter drinking it, Maya sat on a stool at the breakfast counter, “I don’t understand why you won’t do it. I thought boys liked sex?” she said.

“Yeah, we do, but not with our sisters.” I replied, then I turned around because I couldn’t look at her anymore, “Just drop it and leave me alone, Maya.” I said.

“I’ll tell mom and dad if you don’t do it.” She said.

I laughed at that remark, as if, “What, you’re going to tell them I wouldn’t fuck you up the ass, yeah, whatever.” I said.

“No. But I can tell them about the shoebox you have hidden under your bed.” She said.

How the hell did she know about that, that’s my stash, I’m not perfect and I smoke weed with my friends sometimes, my weed, papers and bong were stashed in the box, my parents were strictly against drug use and if they found out they’d literally kill me, I quickly turned around, she was smiling smugly at me, “You wouldn’t!” I said, shaking my head.

“Yes, I would.” She replied.

I put my cola down on the counter and rubbed my frustration from my face, “Maya, I can’t, it would be too weird.” I said.

“But if you do it you can make me feel better and you get to have sex, I don’t see what the problem is.” She said, looking at me like I’m a dumbass.

Then she jumped off the stool and started walking away, “Forget it then. I’m calling mom and dad.” She stated, so I chased after her and grabbed her just as she was reaching for the house phone, “No. No. Okay. Okay.” I said.

“Okay, what?” she asked.

I took a deep breath, “I’ll do it.” I said, then she smiled, held my hand and led me up the stairs in to her bedroom.

She sat on her bed and removed her slippers then started taking off her pyjamas, “Get it out then.”
I took a deep breath and removed my clothes, Maya got herself naked and was kneeling on the floor, bent forward with her head and arms on the bed and her ass pushed up in the air, as I looked at her firm little ass I closed my eyes and told myself to forget she’s my sister and imagine she’s Rachel Thorp from school, she’s the best looking girl in school and I’ve always had a crush on her.

I walked over to Maya and kneeled right behind her, “Do it then.” She said, I was only semi-erect so had to rub my cock up and down the crack of her pussy, which was very soft but nice and slippery, “That’s not my ass hole.” She complained.

“I know – I’m just getting ready. Give me a minute.” I replied, man she was impatient.

Once my cock was fully rigid and hard I held on to her hips and I squeezed it between her butt cheeks, she gasped and grunted when my tip began to slowly slide through her but hole, “It’s Rachel. It’s Rachel. It’s Rachel.” I kept telling myself, picturing my cock going in to Rachel’s ass in my head.

Maya’s gasping and moaning got more rapid and sync with my thrusting cock sliding in and out of her little butt hole, “Argh – Ouw” she groaned, I could see her hands tightly gripping the sheets and she pushed her head hard against her mattress.

I looked down at her bare back as droplets of sweat began to form on her skin, I rubbed my hand along the curve of her back and down her sides, I could feel her ribs, she was a skinny little thing, her hair was draped partly across her back and she had her head sideways on the bed, I moved her hair over her ear so I could see her face, her eyes were closed, she was squeezing them so tightly shut she had wrinkles in her eyelids, “Maya, you okay?”

She lightly nodded her head while opening her mouth and groaning again.

I stroked her head while I continued to fuck her in the ass, and I took my right hand and put it around her leg and underneath her, rubbing my fingers over her pussy and flicking her clitoris, her eyes burst open and she held her breath and looked at me, I winked at her and she briefly smiled before closing her eyes again and moaning loudly.

I gave the little blackmailer an orgasm, her orgasmic fluids ran down her legs and saturated my ball sack as they tapped against her pussy from behind, I had to fuck her faster as I felt I was moments away from shooting my load.

“Argh – ungh – argh – ungh – argh – ungh – ARRGGH!!!!” she screamed.

My cock swelled and my balls emptied, firing off my semen deep down in to her bowels, the ejaculation was so intense it wiped me out, I was literally breathless and I just leaned over and rested myself on her back catching my breath.

Maya had a sexual awakening that night, it didn’t cure her stomach ache but I’d created a monster, she’s horny all the time and we fool around a lot, I may tell you more in other stories.

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    Did she take your anal cherry? How old were you?

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    Great story and please, definitely tell us more!

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      Love the story looking forward to reading more