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Love Thy Neighber

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Sometimes, small actions or decisions bring bigger changes in a person’s life. I certainly remember the decisions I made to end up where I am right now.

Those days were hectic. There are more than 40 people living in my house. Well, 46 to be exact including me, my wife and my young daughter Amber. A few days back my wife convinced me to take in 43 homeless African asylum-seekers who were looking for a place to stay. “Love Thy Neighbor” she said. I couldn’t argue on that! These men were actually illegal immigrants who fled their countries for various reasons. Later I found out that some were even thugs, rapists and murderers. They committed violent crimes and ran away to avoid prosecutions.

My house was quite big. I’ve worked hard all my life to afford such a luxurious house with a huge garden and pool but the sudden arrival of 43 people is keeping me stressed. They were from a different culture and strangers not to mention. I have to provide them with foods and clothes but they didn’t share any household responsibilities. They were not that hygienic and my house always smelled bad. They didn’t do any work and just sit around the house all day and gave me orders like they owned the house and I was their servant. I was too afraid to say anything cause most them had the strength to crush all the bones of a white man like myself. My wife even forced me to give them allowances but they still stole things from my house and sold them in the Black market for some extra cash. Two of them stole one of my cars one night and I found evidence recorded on cctv camera but they straight up denied it.

The most annoying part was I had to watch my wife to be gangbanged by them, all day and night. Whether I went to the kitchen or the shower, I always found her kneeling down, sucking them off or getting fucked by them. “Since they’ll by living and breeding young women in our country, it’s okay to let them practice with mine.” she said. I admit that I knew about this hoe side of her from the beginning. In fact the way we had met and the reason why I fell in love was quite different from the other couples we meet everyday.

We met at a college party during our freshman year. I was the shy boy from the richer part of my town. I had only a few friends from my neighborhood. My life was carefully planned by my parents. I used to be home tutored by highly paid teachers, received piano and language lessons. I was always getting good grades and listened to my parients. That day, meeting my wife changed my life forever. The walls I was trapped in for my entire life, shattered immediately. She was getting gangbanged by a bunch of black male students and all the other students were standing in a circle and watching them. They were cheering for her. She got fucked by almost 20 black guys that night and each of her three holes were occupied during the entire time.

I grew up in a rich, white family and my parents used to say bad things about the black people all the time. They used to gossip about the black neighborhood like how the babies grow up without the father and women whore themselves out. The boys there just sell drugs and involved in gang violence or how everyone there acts like animals. I grew up with all those ideas implanted in my mind and gradually started thinking of black people, nothing more than animals. And there she was. Gladly submitting herself to those black men like they were her master and she was their slave. I later found that my wife’s father who was a farmer, was an openly racist white man. Her grandfather was in k** but she really hated white supremacists. So started whoring herself to the black men. That was her way of rebelling against her father.

That day I couldn’t sleep a wink. I started getting close to her out of curiosity but fell so hard for her that I promised her to pay her living expenses and tuition fees if she dated me. She took the offer but she she still fucked around with black guys behind my back. Everyone at college started calling me a simp and Cuck as I continued dating her despite knowing all about her sexual adventures. Sometimes she would show up with pussy full of thick cum but I would still fuck the shit of her. I got so hard every time I imagined her getting fucked by a big, black cock. She even got pregnant multiple times but had abortions. I’m sure I wasn’t the father.

I married her as soon as we graduated. I got a job at a big company. Her father was proud that she married a white guy with money and family reputation. We had our daughter few years later and my wife gradually started to bringing men in the house. I peeped sometimes and eventually started walking in on them and even jerked watching them. The black dudes she brought home were so scary that it wouldn’t be wise to confront them even if I wanted to. They would probably break my arms and crush my balls.

One day, my wife told me that she would allow our teenage daughter to be fucked by those blackzillas living in our housr! My head started spinning as soon as I heard that. Some of these guys were in their 40’s, 60’s and even 80’s while my daughter was a teenager. “They said I’m a little loose for them and my boobs look fake. If they don’t enjoy my body they might not want to stay here anymore. We can’t have them leave!” she said. Are you out of your mind? She’s so young!” I almost yelled. “Calm down hone- It’s the legal age for girls here and she is more than happy to open up her her cunt for them! She’s not even a virgin anymore!” “What the fuck! She wasn’t supposed to loose it until she got married or at the very least till going to the college!” I was shocked. “Honey don’t forget where you stand. Don’t think I’m asking for your approval. The only reason I’m letting you know this because you’re her biological father and you deserve to know. Remember, We don’t need you honey, you need us!” she whispered in my ear and left.

I couldn’t believe my wife and ran upstairs. She was wearing a tight short and crop top like she usually wears at home. For the first time I was watching her in a different way. Her boobs and butt had indeed grown bigger and rounder. As she is growing up, she has started looking more like how her mother looked at her age. I went near her and hugged her. “Baby girl, are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to, you know? I’ll save you if your mom is threatening you to do this.” I assured my daughter. “Oh c’mon daddy! These men haven’t had a tight pussy since they left their homes. They most probably never had a teen white pussy either. I’m sure they’re tired of fucking mom’s old, loose cunt.” I was surprised thinking how much she had grown up before I could even realise. I’ve been too busy to earn money that I didn’t know what’s going on in her life. “Baby girl I understand everything so I won’t stop you. And don’t disrespect your mother! She’s still tight enough but I don’t know why they said they’re not feeling good using her. If they liked her pussy they wouldn’t lay their eyes on you.” “Oh daddy c’mon! I want this!” she assured me. I was still feeling sad at the thought that my baby girl would be sullied by those black boars but I couldn’t protest and risk loosing my wife and daughter.

A few days later my wife told me to get back home from work as earlier as possible cause my daughter was going to loose her Interracial virginity on that night. “Come home if you want to see her loose it.” she teasingly whispered. According to her, our daughter was then able to take in the thickest dildo my wife had, after practicing for awhile. I was shocked hearing that and rushed back home. I couldn’t find anyone so went upstairs. What I saw after that would forever be engraved in my mind.

My daughter was lying on the bed naked. Her boobs were bare and legs spread open widely. One of the black guys in his sixties was on top of my daughter, fingering her pussy furiously. All the other men were standing around her and jacking off. She was crying and I lost my mind. What the fuck was she doing to my precious baby girl, I wondered. I was ready to throw some punches at them and started walking towards the bed but two guys grabbed me by the collar and stopped me. “Don’t do anything stupid honey. You know you can’t win against them.” my wife spoke out from across the room. I didn’t notice her this entire time. She was sitting on the floor on her knees and holding two big black dicks in her hand and cum smeared on her lips and boobs. “Go help her relax! I’m busy so you help her. You don’t want her to get torn do you?” she said.

I had to obey my wife. I sat on the bed and took my daughter’s head on my lap. I started rubbing her tits and occasionally reached out to rub her clit. Her crying turned into moaning. The old black guy smirked at me at suddenly shoved his thick black cock in my young daughter’s pussy. “Oh! aah…ooh…” my daughter started to moan. Several hours later, they were still fucking her pussy without any mercy. All sorts of men, thugs and homeless old men kept coming to our house and spewing their cum in my teen daughter’s pussy. None of them were white. My daughter kept clinging onto me while they took their turns in her all three holes. My wife specially mentioned not to invite white men. I was the only white man, who was allowed to stay only because I owned the house!

“Ahh… my jaws hurt!” my wife moaned. I suddenly realised she was there for the entire time. She kept sucking men and got them prepared to fuck her teen daughter! What a mother! For the first time I started thinking I married a badass woman. “C’mon! fuck me hard daddy!” my daughter moaned out. “What?” I was confused. “No, not you dad. This daddy!” she pointed to the black man who was on top of her and fucking her brains out. Being a man in his sixties, it’s quite amazing that he could fuck my daughter like that. Two of these old men came on my baby’s face. Others drenched her entire body with their cum.

“Dad I’m tired. Can you bring me a glass of water?” my daughter asked me. Hearing that, a few men came near her and whispered “You thirsty baby? Here take our love juice”. They shoved their dicks on her face. She happily sucked and ate their thick cum after swirling it with her tongue and gurgling it in her throat. The old men pissed on her boobs and face. She seemed to love the golden shower! They kept digging her holes, pulled, licked and bit her nipples. Her tits and ass were slapped so many times that they turned red. She seemed to enjoy all that was being done to her. I realized they had broken my daughter. She was turning into a freak, just like her mother.

I heard the doorbell and snapped back to reality. My wife yelled from the other corner of the room “Honey, go answer the door. I have a surprise for you.” I was wondering what was left there to surprise me with but she was right. The next thing that happened took my soul out. My father-in-law was invited! My wife had invited him and he was dragged upstairs by the boys when he arrived. From the expression on his face, he was completely in shock. A house full of black men, his daughter sucking them continuously, his granddaughter lying on bed with legs spread wide and getting her all three holes fucked up….It was too much for a White Supremacist. He started yelling and crying but the boys made him sit on a chair facing the bed and tied him up. His eyelids were taped open.

He was still yelling so my wife went to him, sat naked on his lap and whispered into his ear “Shut the fuck up dad. You knew I was getting it from the old black farmers in our neighberhood. You knew! Don’t pretend not to know, not anymore. Just shut up and watch your daughter and granddaughter get fucked by those studs!” He knew his daughter’s stubbornness so he pleaded me “What the fuck are you doing? Save your wife and daughter!” I shouted at him “What the fuck do you want me to do? DIE? Have you been watching these men? Cause you would know they’re capable of breaking your arms and crushing your skull in an instant.” My daughter took a pause from her blowing and smiled at her grandpa with cum drenched lips “Oh c’mon pawpaw, just sit back and watch me have fun” she said.

I continued helping my daughter relax by rubbing her tits and clits. I saw my father-in-law get hard. The black guys noticed that and started laughing at him. One of them unzipped his pants. An old man in his 50’s, lifted up my daughter and made her lean on him while he fucked her from behind. Things went crazier as time passed. My daughter had two dicks in her pussy at the same time, swallowed so many loads of cum, got creampied, got all her holes fucked up.

By the time it was morning, my wife and daughter were laying on the bed, with cum all over their body, face and hair. My daughter almost fainted. I had to take her to the bath and fingered her pussy to take out the jizz as soon as possible but she still got pregnant. My wife took her to get an abortion cause she didn’t want her to pussy to get loose from giving birth to a big black baby or take pills and get fat. The men were forbidden from using condoms in our house. I think she just liked watching young girls get their pussy tortured.

My daughter started getting addicted to the sex with old men and fucked around with the old janitors at her school. She fucked the principal when she got caught but she eventually dropped out by herself. She even fucked our Mexican gardener who was in his sixties and an illegal immigrant on top of that. I tried to make her understand that she could get stds from unprotected sex but she said right on my face that she didn’t care. She was getting fucked all day in every corner of the house. Homeless, old men kept coming in and going out of my house and my daughter’s holes.

My wife took her to an underground brothel to get her work there, after she dropped out from her school. In a few years she defied her mom and gave birth twice, both babies were black. We didn’t know who their fathers are. As a punishment, my wife made her take thick sex toys in her pussy and hired huge black men to shove both their fists in her pussy, up to their elbows at the same time. She even started making money from showing it on webcam. There were nights I got up from hearing her scream in pain and pleasure. Her body was full of piercings and vulgar tattooes. The men living in my house, treated her like a cocksleeve and a cumdump. I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided it was time to finally leave my wife.

I had to divorce my wife and I did. She took the ownership of the house and half of the money I had in my bank account. I kissed my daughter goodbye as she was sleeping with cum smeared all over her body. “You ruined her!” I told my wife. “No, YOU ruined her! And you had it coming when you married me!” she said. I left the house and never contracted them again. A few years later I came across an incest porn. My wife and my daughter were having a threesome with my father-in-law. She was sucking her own grandfather enthusiastically and gulped down his cum. My wife made her sit on that fat man’s dick, held her waist and made it twirl. My father-in-law roared and came in my daughter’s pussy while playing with her tits and nipples. Then he made her suck it. At that moment I realised what I was missing out and finally understood what my wife meant by the thing she said when I left them. It was already too late to go back.

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