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Little boys

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I am attracted to little boys… ! I am afraid to touch them or rape them.

One thing I have never been proud of in my life is my obsession with little boys. First it was just watching pre-teen porn, you know, those short videos and little things like that; then I started reading hentai porn manga and watching videos with kids.

That phase made me feel good, because when I was in public or around children of relatives, I never felt attracted until I met my neighbor’s son.

He was a newcomer to the apartment we lived next to each other. I was 19 at the time and watched him grow up to be 10 years old.

I watched him from time to time and the attraction grew stronger. I felt ashamed, blamed myself every night and cried; I thought I would try something drastic with myself and end it all!

I was afraid of doing something bad and unfortunately I did.

It was Friday night, his parents had to go out and it would take them a while to get back; his father then kindly asked me to take care of him until they got back because they trusted me. I volunteered to help them.

He wore a pair of fuzzy socks, you know, the ones you get for Christmas, a Superman t-shirt, and I can’t forget the white panties he wore.

I remember playing various games to distract myself and pass the time, but I found the cliché game to make a child jump and squat…play horsey.

He was having fun, jumping around not knowing that his favorite neighbor, his best friend, was an amazing person and a pervert, I felt like we had gone too far, I had to prove it.

While he sat and watched TV, I put one of my sleeping pills to slowly dissolve in the water. I stirred and looked at him; he was lying on his stomach laughing at the TV.

It was late… I got over my thought fit and don’t remember much afterwards… but I do remember undressing his body, his little cock was appetizing, his little ass smooth and irresistible…

The window was open, I closed it and kissed him, I imagined it was our wedding night…. he is my “bride” child ready to take my cock.

I kissed him sloppily drooling and tasting his saliva then kissed and sucked his nipples and cock, after that I kissed his whole body.

Once his panties were off, I lifted his hips and fell on my tongue, spreading his little ass bands and sucking hard, then kissed his tight little hole… spreading it and the more my tongue pushed into his very tight hole the more it opened.

His body was hot, he was blushing and making noise. Now I was totally naked, rubbing my hard cock against his tiny entrance, surprisingly my whole cock fit in his warm bulging ass.

The blood leaked out and didn’t stop me from slowly pounding on it. I didn’t want to rip him open and cause him to bleed his little ass but it was as if he was sucking me off.

I lost track of time… I know it took me a while to cum… Then I cleaned him up and ran an analgesic cream on him. I made sure to put an ice pack on him to prevent any redness.

In the morning he complained of sore buttocks, but after an hour or two, he was fine. I wonder if he knows what happened.

His parents never found out, and I never did it again.

After one or two years the couple was expecting twins. And they moved out of that apartment.

I don’t feel much guilt, but it makes me sad to know that I took his virginity and for the first kiss he was only ten years old! For God’s sake, what is wrong with me?

I think about turning myself in or shooting myself. I am attracted to little boys … to children! I’m afraid to touch them or rape them.

Or cause them trauma or even become suicidal. I just did it to get it off my chest…

That’s the person who dared me to think. I have been thinking a lot about these things and I dared to bring this account here. I have no pretension to be a writer, I am still single today (Telegram is the author’s name) but I don’t want to expose myself so I have hidden names and more details… I have also read some of the short stories here and I hope you have enjoyed and understood this account. Leave your comment.

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