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Katie Rejected, Like She Had A Choice

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[FICTIONAL] Katie is the school sweetheart a innocent soul but how does she react when a boy wants more than friend and is willing to be aggressive

It was a Thursday morning, i woke up energetic for the morning, i got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed my skateboard and skated to school, i was late to the first lesson which was maths.

I sat down and wrote what the teacher said but then she caught my eye. The kindest girl in school and i’d say the cutest. Katie. She was around 5”2 blonde hair and a nice plump ass she was also 12 years old, i had no chance with her.

Last lesson of the day P.E, we played football then headed inside to change when one of the teachers asked me to stay behind due to behaviour issues. My punishment was to clean both changing rooms.

I finished the boys and walked into the girls, it was 4 pm so i was convinced everyone had left. I cleaned the main changing rooms then walked into the showers, i dropped my sponge instantly upon entrance

Katie was stood in the showers with a bra and a thong on. “GET OUT” she screamed but my mind was full of dark thoughts I couldn’t leave.

I walked towards her and held her hips
“i’ve been waiting for this my whole life” i seductively said.
“Oh yeah well keep waiting,” she pushed me away and went to walk away but i grabbed her and dragged her to the wall
“Your going no where” i said
“P-please let me go” she shuddered, i knew she was scared, i was horny over her fear.

I grabbed her throat pinning her to the wall and heavily kissed her, i dragged her to the equipment room and grabbed a rope and dragged her to the toilets. I opened a cubicle and tied her hands to the door frame. She was mine.

“Im gonna enjoy this” i said as she whimpered. I ripped off her bra exposing her little tits, i sucked on her nipples then removed her panties and knelt down by her tight virgin pussy. I licked it and sucked it, she could feel my teeth on her pussy, i was treating it like I was a starving man with a meal, she moaned
“Oh- ooh- ah fuck” she moaned

I stood up and towered over her, i grabbed her body and lifted her, i removed my pants with one hand and freed my 7 inch cock and placed it against her wet pussy

Without hesitation I rammed it into her and ripped her hymen, she screamed as tears fell from her eyes. I put the sponge i used to clean in her mouth to silence her and then thrusted in and out of her pounding her little pussy, her screams turned to moans.

I was near the end but i wasnt pulling out so i sped up and pounded her pussy harder, stretching her wide open and a load of cum shot into her pussy
“Oh fuck that felt good” i said. I took out my phone and took a photo of my cum oozing out her pussy then let her go.

Over the weeks shes eased up to me and is now my little cum dumpster.

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