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Kat and Mouse

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The first time I saw him, I was out late. I walked home alone, and he followed me.

I said “Bye,” to my friends, but when I looked back, they were still hanging out on the tailgate, in the driveway.

He walked right past them, and he followed me all the way around the block. I got scared, so I hopped a couple fences, and saw him keep walking between the houses behind me.

My mom, and dad weren’t up. So, I didn’t get in any trouble for being out that late. I stank of cigarettes, and other smoke, but I didn’t smoke any pot.

It was summer, so I was dressed to keep cool, but after I took off my shorts, top, and bra. I got in bed, and had a nightmare about him chasing me.

Running until the neighborhood ran out, then through the woods. My clothes came off, so I was running naked. I didn’t dare look back, but I could hear him running behind me. Panting like a dog, and then I woke up right before he caught me.

“Huh?” I wasn’t even breathing hard, but I had my arms up. Over my little breasts, and I took another deep breath. It shuddered when it came out, but I let my arms down, felt my body, and inside my underpants to check if it was a wet dream.

I’d had plenty of them over the last couple years, but this one was a nightmare. I was bone dry, but my touch turned me on. So, I started masturbating quietly, until I fell back asleep. He was right there, holding me, and breathing on my neck. Touching me all over, and rubbing between my legs. Deeper, and deeper, until I felt a sharp pain, that woke me up.

“AH!” I had to pull my fingernail back out gently, because it was still stuck in my hymen, but it didn’t bleed as much as I expected. It wasn’t as bad as my period, but I had to peel off my undies, and take a shower.

Half awake, I blamed him, and imagined he had some kind of power. He possessed me, or hypnotized me into doing that to myself, when of course. If he could have done that, he wouldn’t have let me go, and just raped me last night, before I got home.

I’d managed to avoid most of the rougher fantasies, because they scared me. This one scared me even more, but I told myself, I’d never see him again. Yeah, right. I thought I was clever hopping the fences, so he wouldn’t know where I lived, either.

He probably just walked around the block, and when I didn’t come out the other side. I saw him again, just kicking it in the living room when I got home. In broad daylight, he didn’t have the trucker hat on, and when mom came out.

“Whos this?” I asked.

“Oh, you’re home,” she set down the drinks, and didn’t answer my question.

“I better go,” mom was acting nervous, and the TV wasn’t even on.

“I’m Paul,” he introduced himself, and let himself out, but he turned back, and looked right at me. “I’ll see you later.”

He didn’t smile, or wink, or anything, he just shut the door, but it felt like a threat. I shivered, and rubbed my arms, but mom just turned the TV on. She was humming to herself, smiling, and touched her lips. Looking for something to watch, but she left her wine by the kitchen door with a cold beer dad ended up drinking when he got home.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened there. Paul somehow talked his way in, when neither me, nor dad where there, and seduced my mom to make me jealous. It didn’t work, but I had to admire how smooth he was about it. I waited until dinner, to ask her. “Mom, who’s Paul?”

“Oh, some guy came over to look at the gutters.” She told dad. “He says he knows a guy, and he can get a discount, if it’s a large enough order.”

“Wholesale?” I just tuned them out, but mom glanced over, nervously when I mentioned Paul. I got a dirty little thrill busting her like that, but she thought quick, and turned it around on him. Not doing the gutters, because he didn’t have the machine, and you know how much that costs these days?

So, she shopped around, and found a company that made them on the spot for dad to pay for. He argued over the price, but it turns out, they never heard of Paul. Mom took dad to bed, and got nailed again. Twice in 1 day, and I bet that Paul did her better, judging by the way she was smiling, and humming to herself when he left.

I couldn’t sleep, they were still going at it, loudly in the other room. So, I got dressed, went out, and hopped the fences to go get high. I never smoked pot before, I just passed, but it was cool to hang out after dark. I mean literally, it was a hot summer, so the only time it really was cool is at night.

They weren’t there, but then Paul turned the corner, and he saw me. “Ap!” I covered my mouth, and looked around, but he kept walking. I thought I must be dreaming about him again, but I just turned, and walked away. Looking back to see him following me, his dirty grins, and his eyes looking up from my body, until I broke into a run.

Laughing, and looking back to see him jogging to keep up, but not catch me. “Oh,” I took a deep breath, “Kay!” Broke into a full on sprint. I’m a pretty good runner, and my legs are only getting longer. I won the silver metal for 4th grade in the 75 yard sprint, and I was so proud, but I just ran to the end of the street.

There was a dead end, and a guard rail. So you couldn’t drive your car back there, but you could ride your bikes around it, or cut through to the store, running. I hadn’t been running in a while, because it’s been too hot, but as soon as I got out of the street lights, I got behind a tree, and caught my breath. Leaned up in the shadow, and listening for his feet.

His deep breaths, and he looked around. Walking past the tree, but he kept walking. So, I pounced, grabbed his waist laughing, and felt around for his crotch. His junk, I tried to imagine his dick, and balls. Masturbating, but I never got to see them, and now this game of cat and mouse made me feel more like the predator.

“Oh!” He turned around in my arms, still panting breathlessly, and put his hands on my shoulders.

“There you are.” He smiled, and said my name. “Katelynne.”

“Lynne, it’s just Lynne.” I started shaking my head, but then he ran his thumbs up my neck, to hold it still, and bent way over to kiss me. He was really tall, (Okay, I was short, and young, and barely started puberty.) His butt bumped my tummy when I grabbed him, but then he let his hands slip down, and I held my breath. Expecting him to grab my braless little boobs, but instead, he grabbed me by the armpits!

“Wahaha!” Picked me up, and I just took a breath. “Woo!” I was just glad that this was finally over, he’d stop teasing me, and satisfy my sexual curiosity. I guess it’s a good thing that he gave me like a week to heal, after I broke my virginity, but he just set me down on a branch.

A low one, so he could kiss me, and I spread my knees to pull him in between them. Reach around his belt to fumble it open in the dark, I shook my head to break the kiss. “Let’s see what you got in here.”

“You really know what you want!”

“Huh, yeah.” I pushed him back, so I could hop down, and also reach his fly. Up on the branch like that, he didn’t have to bend over to kiss me, but I couldn’t reach all the way down to his crotch. So, I pulled his belt, and turned him around, so the streetlight could shine between the trees.

“Nmhnhnhn!” I was biting my lip, and giggling, but finally between the 2 of us, we got his pants open.

He moved my hands, and stuck his thumb down the side. To flop his balls out over the wasteband, and pump it up with a couple strokes. “You like what you see?”

“Uh!” It just surprised me, because I was expecting him to be hairy. I even touched his ball bag to see if I missed any there, but I looked up, and grinned. “So, you just a child molester?”

“Oh, no. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, and you’re not like a little girl.”

I snorted, because I am, exactly like a 10 year old girl. “Well, you did nail my mom, to get to me?”

“No, oh no.” He took a deep breath. “She’s a lovely lady, and a lot like you, but I wouldn’t do that to you.” He bent over to kiss me, and shut me up, but a part of me wants to believe him, but the rest of me isn’t that stupid. Of course, I want to feel pretty, and sexy, older and special. Not like the other girls, but come on, man.

He stalked me, boffed my mom to get close to me, and now he’s denying the fact that he’s a child molester? “Huh!” I shook my head, “I’m just asking, because you teased me.”

“You want to talk about this now?” He looked around.

“No, I just have to know if you’ll do it, go all the way.”

“With you?”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

“Uh, just shut up and screw me, now?”

“Hang on,” he put his finger up, so I though he was shushing me, but when I looked back, there was nobody there. “I have to get you wet first.”

“Oh,” I unbuttoned my cutoffs, and pushed them down. Without any underwear on, I hoped I’d get to do it with him, tonight. I hoped that every night for almost a week, but he had to lick his fingers, and get them slick. I knew that, because I had to do it too, but then he got down in his knees.

He had to pick me up, so I could sit on his shoulders, only backwards. So he could lick me, stick his fingers in me, with my tight shorts stretched between my shoes. Then, he stuck a finger in me.

“Uh! Huh!” I humped his nose, and held onto the tree, but then he felt around. The broken top of my cherry, where I accidentally cut the bottom off with my fingernail. So there was only like a flap. “You’re not a virgin?”

He looked up, so I let go, and held onto his head. “Of course I’m a virgin, I’d have to find a real child molester to take my virginity, I’m ten.”

He nodded, but winced when I called him a child molester. He’s ashamed of it, and I guess he should be, but I didn’t care. It’s true, there’s no other way to satisfy my curiosity about sex. At least until I’m 14, and legally old enough to consent, but that’s so long away, I just don’t want to wait any more.

So, I reached up for the tree again, and pulled. Hard, clamping his head, so he fell down backwards, and swinging to drop down. Laughing, and turning around to take my top off. “Am I wet enough to fuck you yet?”

I decided I liked this, better. I’d been playing the mouse, running to trigger the cat into chasing me, but I knew his dirty little secret. He is a child molester, and if he’s willing to fuck my mom to meet me, I bet he’s willing to fuck me to keep his secret.

“Huh! I better eat you out some more, just to make sure.”

“You know what?” I bent over, and pulled up my shorts. “I changed my mind, fix up your pants.” Now I was teasing him. “You live alone?”

“I, uh. I have room mates?”

“Well, are they awake this late, or you think you can sneak me in to fuck me in a bed, my first time.”

“Oh, we don’t have to sneak in, come on.” He finished fixing his pants, so I reluctantly put my top back on. I forgot a promise I made, more like a pact with my friends. Some of them are Christian, so they want to save themselves for their wedding nights, but not me.

I’d have to wait until I’m at least his age, but I don’t want to do it my first time out in the woods. I promised myself that I wouldn’t go all the way in some back seat. I want a bed, but I’m also having fun teasing him about his sexuality.

“So, your room mates know you’re a, pedophile?”

“I’m not a pedophile, I just like you.” I took his hand, just to make him look around nervously. He didn’t want to be seen with me, holding hands like boyfriend, and girlfriend, because I’m so young, and I guess he must be 20 something? “This is me,” he let go, and grabbed a car door, to get in quick.

“Oh,” I ran around the other side, a cheap little hatchback, without much back seat, but I checked it out. We got quiet on the way to his apartment, but it was a pretty long way, which gave me time to think.

“Slow down,” driving around the loop, but he drove across town to walk around my neighborhood. Looking for a little girl, walking home alone, and follow me. Find out where i live, and seduce my mom, but he must be pretty good in bed, for a child molester. It’s creepy/sexy, and he doesn’t look like a child molester. I bet he got plenty of pussy from college coeds, but he likes them young.

The fact that he shaved all hair off his balls to make them feel younger told me that. “Um,” I finally broke the silence, “You got any rubbers at home? I don’t want to get pregnant before i start 5th grade.”

He made a face, but then he let go the wheel, and popped open a little cubby in the dashboard. “Yeah.” I think it was for CDs, but he had some rubbers in there.

“Good, how much farther?”

“Not much further, but. Where’d you learn all this stuff about birth control.”

I laughed, “Not at school, that’s for sure. They’re still teaching Abstinence Only, but I can’t wait that long. I know I must be really fertile, so I’d get pregnant if I let you pump me full of sperm like I really want, but.” I took a deep breath, and just squished the rubber around in the package. “Huh!” I just sighed, and let him drive, in silence.

I’m pretty sure it made him uncomfortable when I talked dirty, because he wasn’t expecting that. I guess he was expecting me to be ignorant, and innocent, like girls were when he was growing up. The 90s, I guess, or maybe the 00s. No wait, he’d have to be a baby when the new millennium started so he’s probably not old enough to remember Y2K.

Me neither, but my mom told me about it. Resetting clocks to make money for college. So, she’s not his age, and I wonder what it was like for her to have sex with a younger man, while dad was away at work?

“Here we are,” he turned into a parking lot, and pulled up in front of some stairs, but after he locked the car up, he went under them to a couple of doors underneath the landing. Apartments, cheap 3 bedroom apartments, so he could get together with his friends, and share rent.

A nice view of the playground out his back patio door, though. He could just sit back on the couch, and watch children play on the playground. Which made me wonder why he drove all the way across town to stalk me, and sleep with my mom.

I bit my lip, now was not the time to tease him. I want him good and hard, but I took my top off before we even got back to his room. It was like half a dorm room, only one bed, just barely enough for him, but he dropped his pants, and got on it.

Sitting up sideways, I shook my head, and pulled his arm. Pushed his shoulder to lay him down while I kicked off my shoes, and tight cutoffs. Then, I got back on top of him, turned around so I could scoot back on my legs to hump his mouth. Then, back out to rub his tummy with my nipples, and hold up his hairless cock.

It was too big to fit it in my mouth, without my teeth scraping. So I licked it all over to get it wet. He rolled over to pull out his bedside drawer, and rip off another rubber.

“Oh,” I left the first one in my shorts, but then I decided to save that for later. He unwrapped it, and asked me in a low whisper if I know how to put it on?

I nodded, and tried it. It slipped off one side because my fingers were slippery too, but he picked it up. I rolled over to feel between my legs, and try to check if I was ready. “Huh!” Well, I got 3 fingers in. I never dared even trying to get more than just my thumb in, too scared I’d rip the rest of my V tag off, after I accidentally raped myself in my sleep.

I shook my head, this wasn’t rape. I don’t want to play the victim any more, and I reminded myself that I could make him do anything I want to keep his dirty little secret. I know where he lives now, and what his car looks like. I can memorize his license plate, and maybe get into his wallet when he’s asleep to find out his full name. Birthday, and maybe even force him to do stuff he doesn’t want to.

Like gay sex, for a big gay hairy sweaty bear? “Uh!” I bit back a giggle, but now that I’ve got him, right where I want him. I regret cutting my nails, so they didn’t scratch me up inside again. So, I can’t sink my claws into his face, make him cry out in pain, maybe even scream so his room mate runs in to catch him getting raped by a 10 year old girl.

“Huhhhhh!” I just sank down, and got used to the fullness of him inside me. “Huh, you like that, tight pussy?”

“Sh,” He closed his eyes, so I had to bend over carefully. So, he didn’t slip out, but that made him rub the flap of my half cherry so I could get in his face.

‘huh,’ whisper. ‘look at me. I know I’m young, but look at me, when you’re taking my virginity.’

“UHN” He couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“Sh, you don’t want your room mate to hear us, huh? AhehahAH HUH!” I felt him going soft, and started fucking hard, to get him hard again. “OH, YEAH!”


“AWHM?” He grabbed my face, and shoved it down in the mattress, before I could scream, or even feel him pull out. One minute I was on top of him, and the next I was face down on his bed.

“WHAT THE FUCK? MAN!” The door slammed open.

“Kenny, it’s not what it looks like.” I stuck my arm up over my back, so it looked like he was twisting it when he let go. Naked, holding me down on his bed. Wearing nothing but a used rubber, but after the first orgasm, it was full of semen.

“Huh!” I rolled over, and giggled. “It’s okay, I like it rough.” Laughed until both of them looked at each other. Uncomfortably, Paul covered up his junk, and it went soft right away.

“How old is she?”

“Oh,” I sat up, “Yeah, sorry.” I ran my hands up my tight little runner’s body. “I’m sixteen, but I’ve been doing Gymnastics since I was 10.” I looked over, and winked at Paul, who shut his mouth. “That’s what he was talking about. It’s not what it looks like, because we’re just playing. Role playing, but I don’t have a cheerleader uniform yet. I’m going to join cheer squad in the fall, but they haven’t even had tryouts yet, on summer.”

“Huh, yeah. I don’t have football pads, neither.”

“Oh, you like football players?”


“Okay,” Kenny just left, and we got a good laugh, but that scare kinda killed the mood.

Until Kenny came back, in his football pads, a jock strap, and nothing else.

I couldn’t believe I’d gotten so lucky!

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