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I like young little girls. And I have had my share of fun with them.

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My first time was with my cousin when I was 17 and she was 11. It was the best time of my life. It all started with her innocently sitting on my lap and one day I noticed how good it felt. Slowly and steadily I Started making my way inside her little shorts and would touch her bare pussy. And to my surprise she wouldn’t even say anything. I was shocked when she came to me one day and told me that “can I sit on your lap?” And ” will you please touch me down there”. So I obviously complied. I then showed her my dick for the first time and she complimented me on how big it is, in a innocent kid way( I love it). Things kept progressing and I eventually made my way with my dick to her 11yr old pussy. Although I have to say I liked her asshole much better but never got to try it. Kind of a bummer. This girl is 15 now…still young enough for me hehe. She would often grab my cock in random places avoiding family and would stroke it over my pants. The first time I made her suck me off was such a wonderful experience that I can never forget it. She didn’t even know what cum was lol

I got kik ‘yourhornydaddy2’

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    I was walking the dog in the wooded area of a park close to my house and came on a girl taking a piss. ‘You don’t mid if daddy watches do you?’ I asked. She never aid a word. She saw my dog and asked if she could pet him. I told her yes, pulled out my erect cock and put her hand on it. Not sure if she wanted to or not but I pulled her panties down and took her cherry. Arm around her waist, feet off the ground and thrusting into her tight hole.
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    • Psiberzerker

      Why don’t you write more stories? We could always use more authors, and you’ve obviously got lots of stories to tell…

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    your story made my pussy so wet

    • Random guy

      See your pussy

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    I hope you become normal and stop being a pedophile

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      Ironically, you forgot an H. Just FYI, memes are speling sensitive, HH.


    Great story do part 2

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    I know that “Brevity is… Wit,” but the title is longer, and promises more (Girls, plural) than the paragraph of “Story” delivers. Either tell a story of molesting a series of girls, or pick a title that doesn’t promise more than “My first little girl.” If you’re going to give it all away in the title, at least give it all away in the text, too.