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Finding mommy’s toys

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This story is entirely fictional. It’s just a fantasy that’s been stuck in my head for a while.

When I was 14 I was a bit of a slut. I fingered myself every chance I could get. I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop but I knew I couldn’t let my parents find out. Eventually it was getting more and more risky. At first I only did it in the bathroom or in my own room if I was home alone but then I started doing it in the living room and even at school. One day I was home alone because mom was out shopping and daddy was working I decided to finally try my parents bedroom. Well I got there and immediately got started masturbating. I even pulled up one of my favorite videos on pornhub. That’s when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye something sticking out of mommy’s drawer. It was a dildo, and it was huge! My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try it out, it felt amazing Way better then the one I keep in my closet and that’s not all I found a butt plug too, and it vibrates. It was a little painful trying to fit it in mostly because I never tried anything with my butt before but once I turned it on it felt like absolute heaven. That’s when I swear I could hear someone walk through the door but I couldn’t be sure because I had porn blasting through my headphones and into my ears so I just kept shoving mommy’s dildo into my tight pussy. But then that’s when I heard someone walk upstairs.

“ARE THOSE MY TOYS!?” I suddenly heard. it was mommy and she was standing right in the door way looking directly at me as I had a dildo in my pussy and a butt plug up my ass. I didn’t know what to say, my heart sank as my mouth tried to form words.

“I- uhh- pleas- mommy I didn’t-“ it was no use. It was as if all the words that formed in my head were all jammed into my throat.

“You think you can maturbate on MY bed and use MY toys without my permission? A little slut like you deserves to be punished” she said before making her way over to me.

“W-W-WAIT A MINUTE MOMMY WHAT ARE YOU-MHFF” she covered my mouth with her hand and made me spread my
Legs. As soon as I did she began fingering me furiously. I tried desperately to cry out in pleasure but my muffled moans only made her press her hand on my mouth harder.

“You think I didn’t notice did you? I wash your sheets you little slut of course I would notice cum stains on them.” She stuck her thumb into my mouth. Which I of course responded by sucking on it.

“Aww look at your face it so cute, so innocent, so comfy looking.” I paused and looked up at her.

“Wait what do you mean com-MMHFF!?” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before she slammed her enormous ass onto my face. Her pussy was practically centimeters away from my mouth and my nose was pressed up against her butthole, the smell was so intoxicating I couldn’t think straight.

“Now lick, lick like the bitch in heat that you are sweetie!” I did exactly as she said, her pussy tasted surprisingly great. It was by far one of the sweetest yet savory things my taste buds have experienced.

“Mmm oooh that’s it baby that’s the spot you should have let me know sooner that you were this good at licking pussy, oh my goodness where are my manners here let mommy take care of you.” I could feel her lay down on me, her boobs were pressing up against my waist and her arms wrapped firmly around my legs. Without a word she began making out with my clit, I decided to return the favor.

“Mmm oh aren’t you just delicious sweetie, oh mmmhm I didn’t know my daughter had such a yummy pussy.”

“Mmm mommy are you sure this is okay, I’m only 14” I tried to object but that only made her give my pussy a big and slow lick. “AAAAAH MMMOMMYY!”
I screamed out in pleasure.

“Yes and you have the tastiest cunt within 100 miles what’s your point dear, now stop talking and start eating.” She said before resuming and slamming her ass down on my face to a second time to make me shut up. I couldn’t believe it, I was in a 69 with my own mother. But I didn’t want to stop now, I wanted to taste all of the juicy goodness coming from my moms cunt. But before I could do that cum had started spraying out of mommy’s pussy directly into my mouth. Next thing I knew I was cumming all over the sheets.

“HEY I don’t remember giving you permission to cum just yet” mommy said as she got off of me and licked her lips.

“I’m sorry mommy I really tried but it felt soooo good” I didn’t know what was happening to me, all I could think of was how good mommy’s tongue felt.

“Looks like you’ll need additional punishment” she said as she began crawling towards me with the most seductive look in her eye, eventually she pinned me down between the pillows and lifted my leg up onto her shoulder.

“Are you ready baby girl, your gonna loooove this.” She said with a smile. I didn’t even have time to answer before she began rubbing her pussy onto mine. The 69 was nothing compared to this.

“AAAAH OHHH MOMMY OH MY GOD PLEASE MMHMM YESYESYESYES.” It was incredible. The way her soft vagina rubbed against mine so relentlessly was pure ecstasy.

“Oooh you like that you little slut, and another thing from now on when we’re in the bedroom. You will call me mistress, understand.” My mind was going blank, the idea of saying no was just impossible for me so there was only one thing I could say.


“OOOH GOD GOOD GIRL THATS A VERY VERY VERY GOOD GIRL FUCK!” Mommy said as she was tightly hugging my leg for support.

“MOM- MISTRESS I’M CUMMING!” Suddenly mommy slammed her foot onto my face.

“You will do no such thing young lady not when your pussy is this soft.” She protested as she lightly pinched my Clit.

“OOOOH MISTRESS PLEASE I PROMISE I’L BE A GOOD GIRL I PROMISE.” I begged as she continued grinding.

“Oh really mfm do you promise to stop masturbating on every piece of furniture you can find? Do you also promise not to use my toys without my p-ahh permission? She said while slightly slowing down as if to make me answer quickly.

“YES YES I PROMISE JUST PLEASE LET ME CUM PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU MISTRESS!” She let go of my clit and we both managed to cum at the same time. We sprayed a bunch of cum everywhere and I swear it went as high as the ceiling.

“Ha ha your lucky I can’t say no to that adorable face of yours” she said. “Now get ready daddy just texted me and he’s halfway home.” I was confused.

“Okay mommy” I said as I tried to get up. Suddenly I felt a firm, sharp smack across my ass.

“OW mommy what the hell?” I said surprised

“I told you when we’re in the bedroom you will call me mistress.” She says in between breaths

“Okay okay I’m sorry Mistress. Wait does that mean we’ll have sex again?” I asked excited

“Oh of course sweetheart, but not just me. Your father, your brother once he gets home from college, maybe even the neighbors. My heart skipped a beat I was so happy I always wondered what it would be like to be the neighborhood slut.

“Oh before I forget here.” She wrapped something around my neck, it was a collar. “There we go, you are officially the family sex pet. Now come here you sexy little thing you!” She laid back on the bed and reached out her arms. I simply smiled and lept into her arms before making out with her until dad arrived.

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