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Daddy never stops

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He’s my daddy and I love his cock, but he wants my pussy far too much.

On Friday I got home from school and I was changing to get ready and go out in to town with my friends, I was in my underwear and had my clothes laid out on the bed trying to decide what to wear, when suddenly two hand came from behind me and grabbed hold of my boobs.

I recognised them, they were daddy’s hands, and he started nibbling on my neck, “Daddy. Stop.” I said, giggling from his ticklish kissing.

I gave my daddy my virginity when I was 12, I’m 14 now and he’s still pouncing on me all the time.

I pulled his hand off my chest and I turned around, daddy is 6 feet tall and I’m only 4 foot 6, I looked up at him with a stern expression and told him off, “No. I’m going out tonight. Behave yourself.” I said.

He grabbed me putting his arms around my waist, “Aww, come on, princess. You know I get all worked up when I see you like this.” He said, acting like a little baby, then he nibbled on my neck and collar bones, he knew how to get me worked up, “But I’ve got to go out soon.” I said.

Daddy unhooked and removed my bra, then he sucked on my nipples while pulling down my panties, then he hoisted me up and wrapped my legs around him and he carried me over to my bed, he pushed my clothes off on to the floor, “Daddy, I’m wearing those tonight.” I complained, and he laid us both down on the bed.

He ate out my pussy for about 5 minutes and got me soaking wet, I couldn’t say no to him, he is my daddy after all, and he’s allowed to fuck me if he wants too, he pushed his big hairy cock up my pussy hole and began to fuck me like he hadn’t had sex in weeks, “Has mommy not been giving you any, daddy?” I asked, gasping through his amazing sex.

“Not for a couple of days.” He replied.

“Oh – well, you can dump it inside me – ungh – oh, daddy!” I moaned.

Sex with daddy was always satisfying, he always made sure I had an orgasm before he finished, I encouraged him to give me his entire cock, I like the way his balls felt slamming against my ass when he went balls deep inside me.

He lifted my right leg high in to the air and rammed his big cock up my hole, “Oh, princess. My little princess.” He groaned with pleasure, “Daddy is coming. Daddy is coming.” He announced, proper pounding me, then he came and he came fucking hard.

“Oooh – Ungh – Oh daddy!” I moaned.

He gave me the biggest cream pie I’d had in a long time, we kissed while he continued to slide his cock in and out of my pussy until it had shrunk back down.

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      Hey ReeRee. I know exactly what you’re saying. It’s a fucking hot taboo between dad and daughter especially when a pregnancy developed. I know first hand, my dad and me have 2 beautiful kids together.

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    Family sex is good. I love my mom and she loves me 😉

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      My dad and I feel the same way

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