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Dad Bod

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Yeah yeah. He’s “Not my real dad,” cliche, cliche. #Slut #Incest Fantasy #Sociopath

I was an only child for a while, but then mom got back out there on the market. She dated for a couplefew years, and I had a bad experience when I was 10: She brought a guy home to spend the night. He came in my room, and when I woke up, he was touching me through the blankets.

So, I called “MOM!” He covered my mouth, but too late.

She came in, and kicked him out, then she never brought another man over until she got married again. She got me baby sitters while she went out, and I fooled around with a few. Nothing too dirty, but I wasn’t shy about what happened in my bed. At some point, my nightmares turned into wet dreams, but it took a few weeks, because mom was too ashamed to talk about it.

There was this one girl, Naomi. She was about 13, or 14 before she got a work permit, and stopped watching me. I invited her in when I got ready for bed, and I told her about the man coming in my room. With my covers held up under my body, I told her he “Tucked me in.” Between my legs, I let my arms feel down under the covers, and she made a face.

Blushed, and got up to turn off the light, but I heard her out in the living room. Moaning quietly, so I peeked around the corner to the living room. She had her eyes closed, her dress up, and her hand down her panties. Her bra loose, and pushed up to squeeze a boob through her dress.

“Uh, Naomi? I can’t sleep.” She let her panties snap back over her pubes, and let me help her take her clothes off. She took off mine too, and we fooled around, but didn’t eat pussy, or anything. That’s how I got to experience a teen girl’s body, before I started growing one, and I guess we molested each other? We mostly masturbated together, but she “Tucked me in,” and played “Mommy,” so I’d suck her nipples while we finger-banged each other. She didn’t have any milk, of course.

So then, mom got sick, and bought a test. Sure enough, she was preggers, so she married Robert, and I got to meet him. He’s not a younger man, I mean compared with her, I guess they’re about the same age, but how do I put this nicely? He doesn’t have abs, and while his belly is pretty firm, and his chest is still pretty muscular. He’s middle age, and it’s starting to show.

So was mom, but they got married, and ran off for the weekend, before it became too obvious. That wasn’t just fat, she had a baby belly, but he loved it, and rubbed it, and pulled her top up to get down and kiss it before she sent me away. “Go find some friends to play with.”

So they could fuck, but another time. She felt him up like that, pulled up his shirt, and rubbed his hairy belly. She made a joke, and asked him “I wonder if it’s mine?” As if he was the one that was pregnant, but again. They sent me away so they could fuck.

I was 12 bye then, so I could go off on my own, or spend the weekend without a sitter, while they’re on there honeymoon. Since they were still newlyweds, they kept kicking me out to have the house to themselves, but I struck out. Looking for boys, all the ones in middle school were puny, and barely starting puberty, if that. All the teenagers didn’t want anything to do with me, and none of my friends were even bi-curious yet.

I was pretty straight, I mean I got any curiosity out of my system with some of my babysitters, but of course mom never hired guys to keep an eye on me. All this sex was going to my head, and now I know what being harassed feels like. Even though it’s just mom falling off the dildo wagon, and getting back on the dick. I’m happy for her, but if I was a boy, I’d have the blueballs from all this teasing.

So, I started masturbating in semi-public. Places where you couldn’t see me, but anybody could hear me moaning loudly. Hoping I’d get caught, by hot high school boys, or at least an 8th grader with a little hair on it. No such luck, but it took the edge off, so I could go back home, and sleep at night.

Then, mom had the baby, and took time off work for maternity leave, nursing, and it’s weird how she was still so horny the whole time she was pregnant, but then she dried up while she was nursing? I don’t know, but I had a little brother. Still in diapers, and his hairless little junk was soft, tiny, almost always dirty when I had to change him, so a total turn-off.

I didn’t even think about dad not getting any, until I walked in on him. On the computer, with the sound turned all the way up, so I could hear Cadence moan “No daddy!” He hit the mouse, and [x]ed it out, but too late.

“Oh, I didn’t know you’d be home so early.”

I just shook my head, and ran off to my room, but I saw the little traffic cone, for VLC. He left to pick up mom, so as soon as I could, I checked the Playlist. Recent media, and Cadence Lux.

That’s the pornstar name, in case you want to look up [Cadence Lux in Step-Dad fucks daughter whenever he wants.] It should still be up on X-videos, but he downloaded it. Along with a lot of other movies, but they were all a lot alike.

I’m more into stories, which is how I found this place. Just search Daddy Daughter Incest, and there aren’t a whole lot of sites left that haven’t gotten shut down. Thank god none of it is rough as that rape one. Yeah, it says fucks, but it says step-dad, too. I know it’s fake, but she acted it up a little too well.

Good thing, I found the folder through the media player, and he had some others that were more, consensual? Like a Step-Brother watching sister with her girlfriend, then gets to fuck her. The girlfriend, after the sister goes to take a shower, or whatever.

I didn’t make it much farther until mom, and dad got home with the baby (Now we could afford day-care) but I got the picture. So, I asked mom if I could get some hair bleach, for summer?

“No, you know what that does to your hair?”

“Only if you keep bleaching it, come on. It’s cool.”

“I don’t care what the other girls are doing.”

“No, mom.” I held my hair out. “This is too hot, or would you rather I just cut it all off and look like a Lesbo?”

So, she researched what ones did the least damage, and even helped me put it on, in the bathroom. Then, asked for a string bikini for my birthday, “For swimming?”

“You have plenty of swimsuits.”

“Yeah, but they’re too tight in the crotch, and if I get a string bikini I can grow into it?” I had to come up with a good excuse for everything. Even going over to a boy’s house, because he had a pool, and an older sister my age, but the other girls were doing it just won’t cut it. I wasn’t even going to try “But I’m a teenager now.”

The rest of the seduction had to wait for his days off, but I cut off some tops. So, you could see my bra straps in the sides, when I wore them. With mom around, but when she was at work, I could go out, and get a tan on the porch.

There was a wall, or short fence all the way around it, but it came up to my ribs, standing up. So, I could lay down, and none of the neighbors could see me. Taking off my bikini, or untying it so they didn’t leave tan-lines. I started shaving my pubes, so if you didn’t know me before, you might think I was a natural blond.

Hoping he’d come out when he got home, to do my back? Just rub lotion on it, so I didn’t burn, and I could pull the bows out at my hips, so he could keep going lower. Rub it into my butt, and down between my legs, with his fingers nice and greasy, but no. He just locked himself in their room, with the computer.

So, I went to rinse off in the shower, and finger it out myself until he had to go get mom from work. Put on a bra, and some decent clothes, but he saw me naked, and no matter what teenager he watched fucking whom, I know he was thinking about me, whacking off.

Finally, I got the computer, and lay down on the couch. Brought up Kensie Reeves needed help with her homework. I don’t look like Cadence Lux, but I think Kensie looks a little more like me, only older, of course. (She’s at least 18) A little bustier too, but I’m working on it, and I can’t wait for daddy to get home.

So, I let my hand feel down, under my abs, in a crop top, so he can see them when I’m walking around. Without a bra on, and pull out the waistband of my sweatskirt? They were sweatpants, but I cut them off a little too short, so the seam ripped out in the crotch, and I had to cut that off.

“Huh, yeah.” Grinding into my palm, so my fuck me finger slips in up to the knuckle, then slipping it up wet. To touch my butthole, then going back and forth to dip more juice out, and slick it up. Loosen my tight pucker until I get my fingertip in.

“OH!” I heard him pull up. “NO, DADDY. NOT BACK THERE!” So, he’d see me pop my finger out when he came in. “Huh!” I rolled over, and pulled my skirt down, trying to cover my crotch, but knowing it didn’t, and crossing my legs, with Kenzie paused on the screen. Getting plowed from behind with her mouth wide open in a silent O! “I didn’t know you’d be back so soon.” I didn’t blush, I was burning up, but he shook his head.

Muttered “Sorry” on his way down the hall, but I caught up, and got halfway through the door before he shut it.

“Ow, daddy! You’re hurting me!” The knob hit me right in the hip!

“Don’t call me that,” he looked away, when I rubbed it.

“Sorry, but it’s probably going to bruise.” I had to untie the drawstring to pull it down, and look. “Look, you think it’ll bruise? Oh, come on, Robert.” He winced, because I never called him that, and Mom only did when they’re fighting. “It isn’t like I can’t hear you fapping in here after you watch me sunbathing out on the porch.” In the nude goes without saying. “I’m serious. Does it look like it’s gonna bruise?” I pointed back down at the tender spot on my hip.

“I don’t know, honestly.”

“Well, maybe you can kiss it, and make it better?” He looked up, sitting on the end of the bed. So, I slipped the other side off my other hip. “Go on, I won’t tell anyone. I know you want it, and I’m sick of you beating around the bush.” Finally, I had to push his head down, so he kissed my hip. “Huh, smell that?”

“Snh?” He nodded, but I was practically dripping for him, so I took off my top.

“Yeah,” he lay back, “It’s not like I wanted this to happen, but.”

“You thought about it.” I crawled on, between his legs, and what’s left of my skirt fell down to my knees.


“Well, what did you think would happen, once I found your step-daughter, and step-sister porn?” It wasn’t always the stepdad, sometimes it was her step-brother, but all the girls were pretty much the same as me. They just say that to explain why they don’t look nothing like each other.

“I didn’t,” but then I got his pants on, and his big head in my mouth. It’s not that big, like pornstar big, but the head is. How should I put it? Too big for the shaft?

“Swop puh!” I licked it.

“Oh,” he rubbed my head, and breathed out my name.

“No, Kensie?”

“Oh!” His eyes rolled up, and I popped it my mouth before he started cumming. “Uh, huhn. Honey.”

“Snh!” I just nodded, and let it fill up my mouth before I swallowed, and kept swallowing. Until the last drop milked out when he went soft, and slipped out, satisfied.

“Huh, I’m sorry.” He shook his head in regret.

“Don’t be,” I climbed up, to rub his shirt with my body. His belly was soft, softer than I expected, but I like it. Good for cuddling, so I rolled over next to him, and pulled his shirt up, to rub it. “Huh, you can call me honey.”

He swallowed, and nodded. “It’s okay, if you call me daddy.” He even patted my butt affectionately.

“Okay,” I kissed his cheek, “daddy.” I just turned 13, so it was another 5 years before we could start making porn together. He used rubbers until my birth control kicked in, but he took me to the clinic, on his next day off. He didn’t have to break my cherry, and I always made sure to loosen up my ass when I wanted him in there.

It’s not my favorite, but I really love it when he pops his fat head in, and out, goes back and forth to dip more out of my cunt, and stick it in my ass. Also, he could cum in my ass before he could fuck me unprotected, without me getting pregnant.

Until finally, I got a boyfriend, and had him over as soon as he left to take mom at work. So, he could catch us fucking on the couch, and whack off on the porch, watching through the front window. Like he always wanted, but mom wasn’t into that sort of thing.

She was never really the sex for fun type, but she still loved him. Never noticed when I started shaving his balls to suck them, his ass to eat it out, and fuck it, but we left the rest of his body nice and hairy. At least now I know why she loved it so much, until she got what she wanted: Another baby out of him. Oh well, more for me, I guess.

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