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An older lesbian taught me how to have sex

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A game of truth or dare with a group of older girls can teach you A LOT

I will use fake names for the story.

Me= jessie | friends= Christina and nikki

This happened a few years ago when Christina’s family went on vacation to maimi and invited us to join them on their trip. Her parents paid for our flights and stays and everything and it was super fun.

When we were there, I was used to sleeping early so it took more time for me to adjust my schedule to fit theirs. They bonded a little more without me and I was feeling left out. I decided to not sleep that day and stay awake with them and enjoy my fun vacation without having to follow any rules.

At about 2:30am and after Christina’s parents went to bed Nikki and Chris told me that they are going somewhere fun and that if I want to tag along I have to promise not to tell anyone, I just wanted to be involved and accepted to the friend group so I agreed.

We walked out of the hotel room, took an elevator to another level with luxurious suites and they had a card to one of the rooms and we walked right in. There were 4 older girls and 1 guy who looked gay. They were drinking and smoking and soon enough my friends joined them.

Turns out when I was sleeping my friends would go to the hall and meet people there and try to make friends and that’s when they found this group of older girls and asked them to help sneak them in the bar but the girls suggested they all head up to their suite and drink and party there.

After about half an hour and some peer pressure I had my first drink ever. It was nasty but I drank the whole thing. I started to loosen up a bit to our new older friends and we played a game of truth our dare. And here is where it gets exciting.

Christina had to ask me and I choose dare. They all looked at each other and whispered a bit then Christina told me to show everyone my tits. I was shy and I refused. They ganged up on me and told me I can’t reject a dare and that I have to do it and they all have boobs either way so why be shy. As you can tell, at the time I had a weak personality and I wanted to fit in so bad. I took off my shirt and covered my hard nipples with my hands. It gets blurry after this.

I remember Nikki and one of the older girls who were sitting beside me taking my hands off my nipples and exposing me. The alcohol had gotten to me and I was…weak. I was sleepy and I couldn’t even talk. They started touching my boobs and the more they rubbed the more relaxed I got. It was my first time feeling sexual pleasure and arousal. I started making sounds and soon enough I was moaning. I wasn’t loud because I was so relaxed and sleeping. The girl started making out with me while who ever else was rubbing there hands all over my body. The girl then took me to her room and taught me how real pleasure should feel.

* This is a fantasy

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