Abby Goes Solo w/ Xander

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Abby invites the dog in for a solo session…

Abby and I had been sexting all day. I was asking her questions about random things in her past like the strangest place she fucked or non-sexual objects she used to masturbate with. We were both good and worked up. And just my luck, something happened at work and I knew I was in for a long day. No sex for us tonight, or at least none for me. Abby’s pussy was a wet mess from all we’d been talking about and she text me asking “do you care if I masturbate tonight, I need to cum.” It didn’t matter to me but I had a better idea. I suggested we text Mark and ask him if Xander could come over for the night. Abby was nervous and said she didn’t know but I was convincing enough to where she finally agreed.

I text Mark with my idea and he was cool with it. He told me could actually drop him off before she even got home from work if someone could let him in. I informed him we kept a key under the doormat, the oldest trick in the book. Mark text and said no need to say more he would handle it. This was working out perfectly. Abby left work, extremely nervous about taking a dog alone. They are after all are animals and run on instincts. I reassured her she would be just fine and relax.

Abby got home and Xander was in the living room waiting, just lying around like dogs do. Abby still had second thoughts and text me “are you sure this is a good idea?” I simply text back, “do it for Sir.” That was the last I heard from her for a while. Abby jumped in the shower and quickly cleaned up. While Xander was still downstairs she laid a blanket on the floor and began to hesitate. After a few minutes of arguing with herself, she realized she did not want to disappoint Sir and said “fuck it.”

She laid on her back, naked on the blanket and called out to Xander. “Xander, come here boy.” She immediately heard his paws thundering up the steps and her heart began to beat rapidly. He entered the room and she spread legs exposing her pussy. She couldn’t believe, just the thought of it had her cunt soaked with excitement. She ran her fingers through it and tasted herself because she knew that’s what Sir would want. She waited patiently and nervously as Xander came over the blanket sniffing around. Within a minute or so, his cold nose rubbed across her inner thigh and she shivered with excitement. Before she could even take a deep breath, she felt his tongue flick up her thigh and cross over her waiting pussy lips. Xander was good at this, as soon as he got the first taste he began to lick with a little more vigor. His tongue was lapping up her juices and flicking across her clit every couple of strokes or so. The intensity in her pussy began building and she needed his cock. She moved his head away and rolled over to her elbows and knees and lifted her ass up in the air exposing her open pussy to him.

Looking back, she saw Xander standing sideways sniffing her ass and pussy and noticed his cock had emerged from the sheath. The beautiful red cock she remembered from last time. Five inches of pure taboo glory. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sniffing and licks across her pussy when she felt him move into position and immediately mount her. It caught her off guard, his cock didn’t miss at all. It was more than she remembered, it hurt a little but after the first few thrusts she was fine. Xander began to thrust faster and harder. Abby felt his paws around her waist and his nails were scratching her. She reached back trying to realign them to avoid the pain but she couldn’t get him to cooperate while he was fucking her cunt. She gave up and gritted the pain. A little pain might be worth the reward she thought.

As he thrusted in all the way, she felt the knot had finally swollen up. His thrusts became slower and didn’t pull out so much. He was trying to knot her. She started rubbing her clit as the animal panted and whined with lust. She was close to climaxing when the knot started going inside her. “Oh fuck, ouch” she moaned. She tried to elevate her body to kind of pull away from it a little but then he thrust and the whole fucking knot was forced inside her cunt. “Aaaaahhh” she yelled out, but now she was stuck. Xander was humping the best he could with that huge knot in her tight pussy. He was humping in really fast short thrusts and it hurt. But it also felt so fucking good to be his bitch. As she moaned and gasped Xander released inside her. He was whimpering in pleasure as she felt each spurt of dog cum fill her up.

She felt the force of at least five or six solid spurts of k9 cum filling her pussy. But they kept going after that. Abby moaned out “Good boy Xander, fill your bitch up. It feels like it has been a while for you.” As the cum subsided, Xander stopped moving and Abby laid there feeling somewhat satisfied. She was the bitch she wanted to be, filled with dog cum but wanted to orgasm herself. She tried to scoot away from him but the knot was too big and wouldn’t come out. She had no choice but wait on her hands and knees until the knot went away and Xander would dismount his freshly bred bitch.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, Xander pulled out and she felt the cum oozing out of her pussy and running down her lips. “How could one dog cum so much?” She muttered to herself. She rolled on her back and placed her hands between her legs to feel the complete mess of cum that was there. She rubbed the cum all over her lips and began to massage her clit. Within seconds, she arched her back and came. The spasms of her pussy pushed more k9 cum out and she felt it running down across her asshole as she orgasmed. After, she recovered her breath, she just laid there. She reached up and her grabbed her phone from the bed and snapped a picture of her dog cum covered pussy and text it to Josh with the message “Sir, your bitch got bred. Thank you.”

I received the text message and felt my cock immediately grow hard. I only replied with “Good girl, see you later tonight.” Abby stood up, let the remaining cum drip from her pussy and praised Xander for being a good boy. After her shower, she laid in the bed and drifted off to sleep as her pussy still ached a little from the knot. I can only assume she was dreaming of the next time.

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  • Reply aurora

    It’s my dream to be a dogs bitch! I’d let Xander take me whenever he wanted

    [email protected]

  • Reply Emmy

    So hot

    • A

      Would you want this to happen to you?

  • Reply John

    Hey.. we woul like to talk to yall.. share some things. And also maybe get to know eacjother

  • Reply AP

    Another great story, Josh. Thanks!
    A few things…
    Xander won’t be very picky about which hole he fills and once he gets in it’s going to be hard to get him out. For future play, Abby may want to start lubing (water based) & loosening her ass before breeding because the chance of him taking her up the ass is pretty good. And, he will knot her.
    Put socks on Xander’s front paws before playing. This avoid the scratches which can be pretty nasty. I have a friend who has canine fun & the pup knows the socks mean they’re going to fuck and doesn’t constantly keep trying to inappropriately mount when others are around.
    Let Abby know that most of the juice Xander is pumping in before the knot is precum. Once he knots her is when he starts shooting her full of k9 cum. The longer they stay knotted the fuller she’ll get.
    Also, dogs having much shorter refractory. Than humans so it is very possible for Xander to fuck you guys many times over a few hours.
    You should take a turn with Xander letting him fuck you. Take the knot. You’ll be amazed how hot you both get you from Xander’s knot rubbing your prostate while he pumps you and Abby from watching you getting fucked while you eat her.