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Tree climbing sluts at the church daycare.

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This is a true story, of my first girlfriend, when we were just barely ten years old.

When I was only ten, I went to a daycare run by a church after school let out and met the very first girl I ever started dating seriously. Her name was Claudette and she was the same age as me.
Now Claudette was a real beauty, with dark brown eyes, brunette hair and a thin, petite form while I was blond haired with bright blue eyes and a kinda fit body as I played a lot of sports.
We did all the usual things that kids that age do, we played games together, like cards and monopoly and stuff. But we also did things that older kids might do when dating, like holding hands while walking through the church to find a secret corner where we could practice our kissing and she’d let me feel her up, letting me knead her flat chest or squeeze her butt while I pushed my tongue into her mouth.
Now, Claudette had a best friend named Shirley, also ten, who was a bit chubby with strawberry blond hair and green eyes. She happened to have a boyfriend too, Damien, dark brown hair and dark eyes who was a bit taller and muscular than me, though he was the same age too, and as a result the four of us could almost always be found hanging out together, usually in the private back garden of the church.
One day, Claudette suggested we all climb up into this sweet tree that was in the garden to get away from the eyes of the daycare ladies that watched over the children and we agreed.
I can’t recall what type of tree it was but it had a lot of crisscrossing branches that made it quite comfortable to sit in and very think leaves that gave us the utmost privacy so nobody would be able to see what we were up to in there.
Which was good because I had no idea what Claudette had in mind when she suggested climbing the tree.
We’d only just all climbed up and were busy admiring how well hidden we were from everyone when she voiced her desire.
“Okay boys,” Claudette said to Damien and I. “Pull down your pants.”
“What?” we both exclaimed, a bit to loud, making both girls shush us.
“Not so loud,” Claudette whispered and glanced around, peering through the leaves to see if any of the kids or adults were looking towards us. Luckily, they all seemed preoccupied with their own games and distractions. Claudette turned back to look at both of us boys.
“Shirley and me want to see your penises,” Claudette said quietly.
“Cocks,” Shirley piped up, interrupting. At Claudette’s and our questioning expressions she elaborated. “That’s what I heard my mom call my dad’s. A cock.”
“Okay, I like that,” Claudette said in reply and smiled as she turned back to look at me. “We want to see your cocks.”
Damien and I glanced at each other questioning before Damien spoke to me.
“I’ll do it if you do,” he said.
I looked away from him and back at Shirley and Claudette. Seeing Claudette’s curiosity plain on her face I couldn’t resist complying and as what usually happened whenever I was around her, I already had a little boner.
“Okay,” I said and hooked my thumbs into the front of my shorts and pushed them down over my little hard-on, making it pop out.
The girls stared wide eyed at my little stiffy before Shirley turned to Damien and said; “ Your turn.”
Damien looked at me exposing my privates and seemed to gain confidence from my exhibition and followed my suit, pushed his own pants down exposing his own little stiffy.
The girls continued staring at our little boners for a while until Claudette spoke to me.
“Can I touch it?” she asked me, already raising her hand.
“Sure,” I answered and pushed my hips forward a bit, encouraging her.
Claudette happily reached out her hand and wrapped her little fingers around my shaft, giggling and making me giggle too.
“Like this,” Shirley spoke next to us having taken hold of Damien’s cock and began stroking it. “We’re supposed to do it like this, I saw my mom do it to dad.”
“Okay,” Claudette replied, still giggling, and began mimicking Shirley, softly stroking my penis. “Your mom do anything else?” she asked Shirley after stroking me for a bit.
“Um, just one thing,” Shirley answered. “I saw her put my daddy’s cock into her mouth and suck it, like a lollipop.”
“Ewww, really?” Claudette squealed.
Shirley nodded. “Really!”
Claudette looked at my cock, contemplating, seeming to steel herself up and then, without asking or anything, she just leaned down and sucked my little cock into her mouth, making me gasp in surprise as I felt her warm wetness engulf my glands.
Claudette pulled back hearing my gasp.
“Sorry,” she said. “Did it hurt?”
“No,” I answered her a bit desperately. “It felt really good! Do it some more!”
Claudette looked up at me and smiled. “Okay,” she said and put her mouth back over my cock.
I moaned softly, feeling her soft lips moving over my shaft as the head brushed over her tongue and then feeling her cheeks hollow out as she sucked hard.
Now, being only ten and never having experienced an orgasm before, I had no idea what was about to happen or even that my cock was able to shoot out anything other then pee, so I had no inclination to warn her that something was building up for release and ended up shooting my very first spurt of actual semen right into her suckling mouth.
Claudette pulled back quickly, taking her mouth off my cock while spitting the white cum out but I was still cumming, with my second shot hitting her hard right in the face.
Claudette scrunched up her expression, trying to say “stop” but my third shot went straight into her open mouth, making her choke and turn her head. My forth and fifth shot hit her on her cheek and into her hair.
Finally, it turned into just a few dribbles and stopped. I sat back breathing hard while Claudette spat and tried to rub the cum off her nose and mouth and cheeks.
“What?” Claudette tried to say but ended up spitting again. “Did you just pee?”
I couldn’t answer, as I had absolutely no idea but the answer came from elsewhere before I even had time to think.
“No,” Shirley said, making all of us look over at her as she continued stroking Damien off. “That’s cum, I think. “
“Cum?” both Claudette and I asked at the same time.
“Yeah,” Shirley continued. “I saw my dad do the same when my mom sucked his cock. She called it cum.”
“Oh,” Claudette and I couldn’t think if anything more to say to that.
“Yeah, my dad sprayed it on my mom’s face but then mom licked it all off and swallowed it,” Shirley said which made Claudette and I stare. “She said good girls swallow it.”
Claudette looked down at her fingers which were coated in some of my cum that she’d tried to wipe off and brought them to her mouth and took a lick. She scrunched up her face.
“What’s it taste like?” we all asked her.
“Salty,” she answered thoughtfully and took another lick. “But not like tears, it kinda bitter..”
We all watched as Claudette continued to lick and swallow the cum but I wasn’t sure she liked it as she kept pulling a face, but when I asked her why she kept licking it then, her answer is something that has never left me memory.
“You heard,” she answered. “Girls are supposed to swallow it!”
Once Claudette had cleaned off and licked up as much of the cum off her face as she could she turned to Shirley.
“I want to see you do Damien now,” she told her best friend. “ Suck his cock!”
“Okay,” Shirley answered a bit shyly but didn’t hesitate and quickly took Damien’s cock into her mouth, sucking hard.
Damien lasted even shorter than me as it couldn’t have been more than twenty seconds before he was moaning out loud making Claudette and I shush him.
Giving Shirley her props, she really did try to hold on as Damien filled her mouth up with his cum but it was too much, especially for the first time and she ended up pulling away, spitting out the cum but, like me, Damien wasn’t finished and ended up hitting Shirley in the face with another two shots of semen.
Shirley sat back giggling while using the back of her hand to try and rub the cum off as we all watched her.
It was really fun and I really wanted to do more but just then we heard the call for all the children to return to the church for afternoon tea and so we were forced to climb down out the tree quickly, with the two girls still trying to wipe the cum off their faces before anybody saw.
They weren’t so lucky and one of the daycare workers saw them and asked “What’s that on your faces girls?”
“Bird poop,” I quickly yelled before any of the others spoke up.
“Oh,” the worker replied looking at me then back at the girls. “Well, you girls better get cleaned up before tea, head to the bathroom.”
“Yes miss,” the girls responded in unison and we all headed past, trying our utmost to keep straight faces but the moment we were out of sight, we all burst into laughter.
To this day I have no idea if that worker knew what was really covering the girls or not….

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