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The dirty teen next door

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I find out my next door neighbor teen is a little slut

I live in a middle class area. I have families on either side of me. All two story homes with a large back yard. I have a good size pool and a great outside entertainment area. A few weeks ago I was going to bed and noticed the next door neighbor’s teenage daughter had left her curtains open as they normally closed by now, but it was a very hot night.
She was dressed sitting in front of her laptop. The way she was sitting I could see most of the screen. It looked like a porno from what I could see. I went downstairs and found my binoculars.
She was watching a porno, it was of a guy and a girl. Both over exaggerated bodies. Big cock and boobs. I could see she was leaning back and presumed she had her hand in her pussy. She watched a couple more and could see she cum a few times because she crunched over as she cum. It was hot to see.

The next night she was back at it again, but looking at bondage and spanking movies
The next night she was watching older men and young ladies
The next night older men again and teenage girls. Anal. Deep throating, more the guy fucking the giel hard

The next night she watched fetish movies. The last one was a young girl in a pool being pissed on by 20+ guys and then they all cum over her face and tits. Bukkake. Then they pissed on her again. 

She was playing with her tits and pussy hard and cum several times. I even seen a little bit of her tits as she fell onto the floor when she cum at the end.
I knew I was going to use this for my gain

The next day the local kids and teens were using my pool. Which I didn’t mind as long as they were careful and cleaned any mess they make

Tash was there and I offered them all a drink, I asked Tash if she could help me with my computer around Facebook. Something I actually hate but have it for my work.

She didn’t mind at all as she was always the good girl. She was wearing a modest two piece suit. She put a towel around her and had a look at my laptop on the kitchen breakfast bar. 

She helped me then I said one more thing. A video I wanted to show her. I put up a video from my phone of her in her bedroom looking at the worst movie she had watched.
She gasped and said “that’s not me…..
“Yes it is”
“But what?”
“Please don’t tell anyone please please?”
“I won’t because your parents would ground you for life” They were a very religious family
“But” I say next
She is  nearly in  tears, shaking and very red. She asks me what I am going to do?
I grin and say “Clearly you like the videos of older guys and being pissed on and cum over”
She nearly faints at my words and tears form in her eyes.

I suggest we move from here to upstairs so no one can see her like this. I take her to the bathroom and lock the door. She then starts to cry. Something I was not expecting. She explains that her friends told her about porn and masturbating and she wanted to try it, so she would fit in with the other girls in her class.
Okay, clearly you liked some of the more extreme fetishes. She tells me it felt real dirty and made her real horny knowing people do that to each other. I ask her if she had done anything with a boy, she tells me some kissing and they have played with her tits through her shirt. I touched a guy’s crotch once and he came in his pants. We both laughed at that one
I ask why older guys? Because they know how to make it feel good for the girl. Her friends said that when they give a guy a blow job or hand job they cum in under a minute or so and never make the girl cum. None of her friends have gone all the way though. 

I smile and look at her face and give her a quick kiss on the lips and suggest we get back downstairs.
She agrees and gives me a hug and says. Are you hard because of me? I nod,
“But why?”
Have you seen how beautiful you are, how your tits are small but perky, you have a bum that is not big or not small. Plus I have seen you get out of the pool and seen your slit in the togs.

She smiled and said “A Camel toe?” She went red again, and said I will have to watch that at the school pool.
She asked “Can you tell me more about boys and sex?”
“Yes but not now as we will be missed soon”

The next week she kept the blinds open and I stood closer to the window and she could see me watching. She made sure I could see her screen and she even flashed her sexy little tits at me. I pulled my cock out and showed her. She was shocked but smiled.

The next weekend we did the same thing, We went into the master bathroom. She wanted to know what next. I smiled and suggested she take off her swimsuit. I had to go first, she insisted. I do and she then removes her top and they are perfect breasts with a small very hard nipple.

She watches my cock get bigger when I see her tits. Then I kneel in front of her and remove her swimsuit, She has a little amount of fine hair around her pussy. Trimmed i am sure. She has some small lips poking out and I can just see her clit. Plus she is wet. I study it for a few seconds and then lick her from the bottom to the top.
She gasps and grabs my head and says “Make me cum”

I sat her on the edge of the toilet seat and started licking her pussy and probing her slit with my tongue. She moans a lot and grabs my head harder as I lick and suck. She wants me to suck on her clit as she tries moving my face to it. I start flicking her clit and she pushes forward when I do this. I know she is not far away from cuming so I go hard on her clit.
She moans “please please”

When she came she pulls my head into her pussy so hard and she lifts from the seat. She is swearing now, fuck fuck suck me suck my clit. Then she collapsed under me and fell to the floor.
She is smiling, she then says “That was best ever, Fuck I didn’t know you could cum so hard”.

She looks at my cock and says please cum over my face, I want you to wank over my face. I grab some lotion and straddle her body on the floor and start stroking my cock.

She plays with my balls with one hand and with the other she grabs the bottom of my cock and squeezes it every time I stroke the top of my cock.

This makes me want to cum quickly and when the first squirt I get her chin, mouth and nose. She smiles, licks and opens her mouth fully. I get the next lot in her mouth and eye. She flinches but doesn’t move away. The third one hits her chin and onto her neck. Then the last l grab her head and lean forward so she has the end of my cock in her mouth. She sucks hard and then swallows it all.

She rests back on her left elbow and using her finger finds the cum and eats it all.
She smiles and say “That was fuckin fun. You taste good” 

I then grin and piss on her tits. her eyes went wide open as she wasn’t expecting that. She watches me aim my cock and piss on each nipple. It was incredibly hard to pee but just had to.
Tash grins like no other and rubs it over herself and then licks the palm of her hand and says not too bad either.
I am shocked but not. I get off her and stand up. She watches my cock smiling.
“Nice cock”
Your her pussy isn’t too bad either”
I suggest we need to get back. She puts on her swimsuit but then pulls her bottom half down and sits on the toilet, and has a pee while I watch. She gets up, doesn’t wipe, and leaves the room. I watch her bum leave and get hard again.

I go to the window and watch her run up to the pool and dive in, swim to the other end and then look up to the windows knowing I am looking and smile

I think I have found a uninhibited little slut

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    Great story!
    You should write many more parts!

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    Grls like these are the best! I’m an older man and I can tell you I love these girls since they are eager to learn and will do anything you want and will let you do anythng you want to them to make each othher feel good.


    Great story do part 2

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