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I had just got in from Michigan and sat at my older sister’s dining table it was pretty hot in Cali but I was happy to be in the new state.

We chatted about how we been my 2 nephews and niece until I saw my niece her name is Samaya but by choice, she goes by slim.

You could tell she took after her dad a lot she was light-skinned but slightly darker her hair was ginger-like on my side of the family but curry and bouncy like her dad’s.

She wore basketball shorts and a wife-beater that seemed to be cut up to the middle of her stomach she sat at the table and begin typing away on her phone.

I cleared my throat hoping to get her attention she didn’t even look up until my sister said something she still looked down at her home muttering hey uncle j.

I chuckled and rubbed the back of my neck I was no doubt getting hard she wasn’t the same flat-chested little girl and fell asleep to mulan every night.

She had hips and come shaped body with an ass and boobs that sat up nicely her face was defined and mature her lips looked soft and the perfect size.

I contained myself and kept chatting with my sister eventually I was seated in my room.

Unfortunately, I shared a connected bathroom with slim and in the morning I got to see her on the toilet only in a sports bra her panties on her ankles.

She insisted I do what I have to do telling me the shower has blurred glass this girl as no shame she does and got up pulling her panties up.

She placed a kiss on my cheek and smiled at me welcome home uncle j I took notice of her boobs pressed against my arm and her hand twirling my thick chest hair.

I nodded and kept brushing my teeth I took a shower and almost dropped my towel seeing her leaning close to the mirror in nothing but a t-shirt.

Her shaved pussy lips peeking out I turned and held my towel tight my print was showing I tried to think until she spoke telling me it was fine and I was family so she didn’t care.

I avoided looking at her and walked to my room closing the door.

I got dressed and managed to hide my boner when I got downstairs my sister was nowhere to be seen but slim told me she would be working overtime.

I sat on the couch and smelled cooking I ignored it and kept watching tv until she sat on my thigh facing me with a plate.

I let her feed me food and she giggled after telling me she forgot to put panties on she grinded on my thigh

She kissed my neck and raked her nails over my cock telling me I was always her favorite uncle she asked if I remembered playing house with her at 10 and I nodded nervously knowing what went on in that game.

She asked if I could be the daddy and she could be the mommy and if I could fuck her in her bed while she holds her teddy bear like.okd times.

I told her yes and we did it it felt better than when she was younger

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    Great story! I really liked it!