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Simone Part 18 – Teddy bear’s picnic – Part 1

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Lena’s warm mouth suckled on my now soft cock as I drifted into a sleepy memory from my childhood. A memory of rape and torment.

Author’s note* to fully understand this dream sequence, you might want to read part 15 (again) where things are explained.

It was scorching hot, perhaps even hotter than the day before. The day before. The day I had had my cock sucked for the first time in my life. The day I had seen my first real pussy that did not belong to one of my sisters, and then I had even fucked that pussy. Patricia was older than I was. She had thought she was in charge. Things had changed. I made them change. I had dominated her and made her do my bidding. I had raped her and filled her cunt and mouth with my boy-seed. You see, I was just eight years old, but my cock had learned quickly the purpose of that tight little pussy-hole and that sweet little mouth. However, today I was going to learn much more. I was going to experience things that would change the course of my life forever.

As I ran across the playing field away from my family home, I knew I would be in trouble if my grandmother or anyone who might tell on me saw me leave the field. However, I would often sneak of the field and go into the woods, so it was nothing new and the anticipation of getting my hands on Patricia again made me even braver. Just the thought of Patricia doing exactly what I told her, made me feel good. I crossed the field at record speed, and after checking that my grandmother was not in the back garden or watching from the kitchen window, I slipped under the fence. I checked for cars then crossed the lane to the woods. Without hesitation, I disappeared into the trees.

Just like the day before, I was only wearing a pair of shorts, my black plimsolls and no shirt, and as the trees cut out the scorching sun, it chilled a little. I thought that maybe I should have brought a shirt. However, there was no way I was going back for one now. It was almost eleven and that was the time I had ordered, blackmailed, Patricia into meeting me. I had told her exactly where we would meet, down by the pond, and there was no way I was going to be late for that. I had checked the clock in the kitchen at home, and left the house in order to get to Patricia on time. The last thing I wanted to do was to give her an excuse to leave before I got there.

It was the school holidays, so the rule for being home was easy, before six in the evening. Every kid in the village could sense the time, and even if we could not use the sun and shadows to tell the time, we could hear the church bells. They were chiming now, the eighth of what would be eleven chimes rang out, as I slid down the grassy bank on my backside and dropped of a small ledge to land right next to Patricia, who was standing cross-legged chewing her thumbnail.

“Hi.” I said, dropping beside her, making her jump a little. She had been watching along the path, expecting me to come that way, but I knew all the shortcuts in these woods.

“Hello Kurt.” She said softly. “You’re just on time. I was afraid standing here on my own. And you made me jump”

“Well I’m here now.” I said, and took her hand to turn her left and right to get a good look at her. She blushed. “Next time we can meet up top near the lane if you prefer.” I added letting her know there was going to be a next time. In fact, I intended to make her meet me many, many more times. I had her where I wanted her. She knew that if I told others that she had made me show her my penis, they would believe me, especially because she had tried to make Michael, my best friend, do it, too. It would be our word against hers. I was just eight and she was fourteen or fifteen, she would be ruined, and she knew it.

She was wearing a light blue dress that came down to her thighs. It was without shoulders, held up by two thin straps. She was brown from the summer holiday sun and the blue complimented her skin wonderfully. Evan at such a young age, the aesthetics were not lost on me and my cock was already hardening in my shorts. I continued to hold her hand as I turned and started to lead her around the small pond, tugging on her arm to urge her to follow me. There was a thicker area of bushes on the other side of the water, and I wanted to get her in there, out of sight of prying eyes so I could get her pretty dress off and get my hands, tongue and cock on and into her body.

“Kurt, please listen.” She started as I led her. “You must not put anymore baby-batter inside me. Not in my pussy like you did yesterday. Please! I had to hand wash my panties so my mother would not find the stains it left. More importantly, I do not want a baby. If you keep spurting into me like that, I will eventually get pregnant and we will be in all kinds of trouble. Please, Kurt, promise me now you are not going to do that anymore.”

“Well as long as you let me spray it in your mouth, I will promise to at least try not to put any inside your front-bum.” I stated simply.

“Oh Kurt,” she sighed, “but I don’t like that either. It tastes so funny. Can’t you just cum on the ground?”

“No!” I said flatly, “Unless you want to turn round now and go tell the whole village what you did to Michael and then to me. Shall we do that?” ‘Cum.’ I thought. That was good word for it.

“No, Kurt. I do not want to do that. You promised not to tell anyone.” She cried, and stopped following me. She stood staring at me as I turned to face her. A tear ran down her right cheek. “Promise me you will never tell anyone what we did together, please.” She added and actually stamped her right foot to stress the point.

“Okay.” I said. “I promise not to tell anyone else what we are doing together as long as you always eat my cream.” I emphasised the doing in order to remind her that this would be an ongoing thing, now. “So let’s get over in those bushes where you will suck me and swallow my ‘cum’ first. Then I want to put it in your front-bum again. I will take it out before I cum and you can swallow it again. I want you to swallow it as much as you can today and as much as I can make come out.” The look on her face was amazing as I said this. One of complete disbelief. Yet she was resigned to her fate at the same time. She simply took my hand and signalled with her look that I could continue leading her. I happily obliged.

“Please stop calling it my front-bum.” She said as we slipped into the bushed and entered a small clearing. There was even a little sunshine here, and I welcomed the warmth on my skin. I knew the clearing well; I would often build a camp there and play games. Usually games involving me taking out my cock and playing with it. Now I had someone else to do that for me, and I did not want to waste any time in getting Patricia’s warm, wet mouth on my hard prick. We were completely concealed from the usual paths and tracks used by dog-walkers, tramps, and other people wandering through the woods. This was perfect.

“What should I call it, then?” I asked, and span her round to face me.

“I like pussy. Or it’s my vagina, Kurt.” She said, and then blushing again. “Or some people call it fanny. There is also a really bad word for it called cunt.”

“Ok!” I said. “I want you to play with my penis, stroke it and stroke my balls until I am really, really hard. Then I want you to get on your knees and suck me until I cum in your mouth. I want you to swallow every drop that comes out until my balls are empty. Then I am going to put my fingers, my tongue, and then my thing in your cunt.” I chose the cunt-word because I had seen it made her blush. As I explained to Patricia in detail what I was going to do to her, I pulled down my shorts. Today I had not bothered with any underwear and my cock stood to attention, ready for her sweet fingers and mouth. I let my shorts fall to my ankles, and then stepped out of them, completely naked except for my black plimsolls. Patricia stared at my erect penis, which pointed directly at her chest, but she made no move.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked her. “Touch it. You were no so shy yesterday, Patricia.”

“Okay.” She whispered and reached out with her small delicate hand. She took my cock in her right hand and began massaging it. “I like the way it feels, Kurt. I do actually like touching your cock. It’s so hot and hard in my hand. I also like how it throbs and how I make it do that. Do you like how I touch you, Kurt? Is it good?” She asked, and I sensed she genuinely did enjoy playing with my cock. ‘Cock’ I like that word, too.

“Yes.” I replied. “I love it when you play with my cock, Patricia. Your hand feels wonderful.” I added, and then I caught my breath, shivering at the softness of her hand gliding back and forth along the length of my penis.

I reached out and began massaging her breasts through the thin material of her dress, and was pleasantly surprised as I felt her small nipples harden against the fabric under my touch. I hooked a finger of each hand under the thin straps and pulled them off her shoulders. The dress was quite loose fitting and I tugged it down easily to reveal her pretty tits. They were white compared to the rest of her body, and I could trace the shape of a bikini with my fingers, before moving to her hard nipples, too which I gave a little pinch. Patricia let out a tiny gasp, clearly excited by the sensation. Instinctively I leaned forward and kissed her right breast, and felt her body respond. Her grasp on my penis increased in pressure and her hand moved a little faster. I flicked at her nipple with my tongue and her left hand went to the back of my head. She pushed a little and I took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking and licking at the same time. Patricia was audibly groaning and breathing heavily.

“Oh, Kurt! That feels good.” She whispered. “Please do it some more.” I did. I moved to her left nipple and pleasured that side whilst my left hand continued to play with her right breast and nipple. Her left hand was firm on my head, pushing me into the warm soft flesh of her teenage breasts, and the feel and taste of her salty skin excited me. Her right hand continued to tug and stroke my penis, and I became aware of the pressure building in my balls. This was not how I wanted to release that pressure; I wanted more than just her hand. I pulled my face away from her body and looked into her disappointed face.

“Now suck me.” I commanded and moved my hands to her shoulders to push her down. She did not resist, but simply dropped slowly to her knees, taking care not to kneel on anything that might hurt. The ground here was quite mossy and soft, but I kicked my shorts under her knees to offer her a little protection, anyway.

“Thank you.” She said smiling up at me, and then moved her pretty mouth to my throbbing cock. She engulfed the head in the warm wet depth of her mouth and I was once again in heaven. My hands moved instinctively to her head, and I urged her to start slipping back and forth with her face. The feeling of my glans slipping over her wet tongue was amazing, and I wondered if grown men and women did this every day. Why would they not do it every day? I wondered. I would if I could.

I had often heard moans and whispers coming from my parent’s bedroom late at night, and I now imagined this was what they were doing. Thanks to Patricia, I now knew how the baby had gotten into my mother’s belly; my father had clearly sprayed baby-batter into her cunt. However, I was now also sure that my mother was sucking my father’s cock all the time. I had heard similar muffled throaty sounds to the ones Patricia was now making with my penis in her mouth. I decided to make Patricia suck me every day, if I could.

“Yesterday you wanted my balls.” I said. “So touch them now, Patricia. Touch my balls as you suck me.” She obeyed. I would usually do the same thing when I got myself hard. I would stroke with my left hand and cup my balls with my right. I loved the feeling, and it was fantastic when I sprayed my cream and could feel my balls tighten. However, that was always into nothing, or just onto a piece of toilet paper. From this day on it would be into Patricia’s mouth. I shivered in anticipation, my excitement rising.

Patricia’s right hand was still holding my penis. Not really stroking me anymore, just holding me straight for her mouth. Her left hand went up to my sack and started stroking it and squeezing my balls. She was taking me fully into her mouth, my balls hitting her chin, yet I was frustrated. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to hit home. To go so deep that I could go no further, but at only eight years old, I was simply not yet big enough to push into Patricia’s throat. Nonetheless, I was getting past the back of her tongue, and it felt amazing. I needed more.

I started moving my hips, taking over control of the speed with which my cock went in and out of her teen mouth. I was pulling her head onto me as hard as I could and thrusting forward, desperately trying to reach her throat with my cock. Did I somehow grow larger? Did I gain the length through my excitement? Or did I simply use brute force to get deeper? Whatever it was, I felt just the tip of my cock touch something in the back of Patricia’s throat. Just a little, but I wanted more and so I started pumping in and out of her face as deeply and as hard as I possibly could. She balked, and I did not care. I pushed harder.

I could feel a tingle starting at the base of my spine and I knew what was about to happen. Patricia’s hands were no longer on my cock or balls; they were on my thighs, desperately trying to control the depth of my thrusts, but despite me being around five or six years younger than Patricia, I was a big lad and I was stronger. I fucked her face as quickly and as deeply as I possibly could, feeling the burning in my groin, the tremble in my legs and the tingle in my spine, and then I exploded. Pushing deep into her mouth and holding her there, I started to pulse a stream of cum into Patricia’s mouth, and something inside me changed. It made me let out a loud groan.

“Ohhhhgodddd! Yes, swallow it. Eat all my cum, Patricia. That feels so good.” She did. I was deep in her mouth and I could feel her swallowing. She had no real choice but to swallow. I do not know how many waves of cum I gave her or how long it took. Probably just a few seconds, but for me it was as though time stood still. My whole body tingled and shuddered and my knees went weak, so much so, that I feared I would not be able to stay standing. I supported myself by holding onto Patricia’s head, and again, I knew that I wanted to do this every day of my life for the rest of my life. I also knew that with seven whole hours before we had to be home, Patricia was going to be eating a lot more cum that day. As much as I could give her. What I did not know, was that things were about to change.

I wish I could have given her more right then, but the final wave left my body and I was spent of cream. My penis started to soften but Patricia continued to suck and swirl it around in her mouth. It actually seemed like she was enjoying it, and even when I let go of her head, she kept me in her mouth, making sure all my cream was gone. Finally, she slipped me from her mouth and looked up at me, smiling.

“Did you like that, Kurt?” She asked. “You tasted nice today. I didn’t mind eating your sperm at all.” ‘Sperm’ I thought. As she spoke, she continued to stroke my soft cock with her right hand. Her left hand returned to my balls, and she started playing with me. Even though I was soft, it still felt good.

“Yes, I liked it.” I replied, and smiled back at her. “I like to be in your mouth.” I added.

“Good.” She said. “It makes me happy when you’re happy, Kurt. We are like a real mammy and daddy. I can be your pretend wife if you like, and we can do the things grownups do.” As she said this, she started to kiss my soft penis in her hand. With little delicate movements, she kissed along the length of it towards my tummy. Her lips found my stomach. She kissed my belly once before lifting up my penis to expose my balls. “I hope you like this, Kurt.” She said, and then moved her face to my balls.

“Oh my God!” I groaned as her mouth touched the delicate skin of my ball-sack. Fist a delicate little kiss, then her tongue came out between her lips and she began licking around my balls. My mind went blank with pleasure and my penis twitched in her hand. She started to stroke it again as her tongue and mouth worked on my balls. My penis began to grow once more, and my hands once again moved instinctively to Patricia’s head. Then the world fell apart, and I almost peed with fear, suddenly realising we were no longer alone in the bushes.

“What the….? Jesus fucking Christ! What the fuck are you two dirty little cunts up to?” A male voice suddenly hissed from behind me. “Hey, Nico, Danny, get the fuck in here and see what I just found.” The same voice shouted, and I glanced over my shoulder to see a man or at least much older boy had entered the clearing behind me, his penis out of his pants and a beer bottle in his right hand. Suddenly two more youths pushed into the bushes. The three of them much bigger than I was, and perhaps two or three years older than Patricia. All three of them were shirtless and drinking beer, they stood staring at us with smirks on their faces, and I knew somehow that not only my day was about to change, but with it the rest of my life. However, not as much as for poor Patricia.

Patricia spat out my cock and stood as quickly as she could. She turned her back to the intruders to hide her naked breasts, and started to pull her dress back up.

“Woha there, sweetheart.” The first man said, and stepped towards Patricia, pushing me aside so hard that I almost fell. “Hold him!” he barked at his companions, and one of the guys grabbed me by the arm, twisting it behind my back.

“Not so fast gorgeous.” The first youth continued. “I didn’t get a good look at those pretty little tits of yours, did I?” He said as he grabbed Patricia by the arm. He span her round to face him, and instead of slipping her shoulder straps off as I had done, he simply grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it downwards. The delicate straps just ripped away at the stitching, and then with one more violent tug, Patricia’s cotton dress was down below her belly button, hanging on her hips by an elasticated waistband. Patricia started to let out a scream, but the youth cuffed her hard across her left ear with his open right hand; so hard that she buckled over, and fell to her knees before him, grabbing her right ear.

“You fucking play nicely, bitch, or I will beat the living crap out of you and your dandy little fuck-boy here.” His word were slurred, and I presumed he was not drinking his first beer. My father was a heavy drinker and I knew the signs. I also knew that when my father was drunk he would take my mother into the bedroom and the noises I would often hear were louder and somehow more ‘angry’ is the word I would use.

Poor Patricia knelt on her haunches in front of the stranger. With her head lowered down towards her knees, she began to sob. She had clenched her left hand and arm across her chest in an attempt to hide her exposed breasts, and her right hand rubbed her right ear, which was bright red. He had hit her extremely hard and her head must have been ringing from the blow.

The youth stood above her with his penis still hanging out of his trousers and started to laugh. As he laughed, he tipped the beer bottle in his left hand to send a trickle of liquid down onto Patricia’s naked back. At the same time, he took hold of his penis in his right hand. Patricia tried to scant away on her knees, and he kicked her hard in the right thigh. She let out a squeal of pain, but stopped moving.

“Stay put bitch.” He growled, and his tone was enough to make my heart stop and to make Patricia stay still. The vicious kick had really hurt her and I could already see a bruise starting to come up on her thigh. Now she was really crying, not just sobbing, and her body shook with fear. She surely could at least imagine in part her fate that day. I know I could.

“I came in here for a piss, so may as well get that out of the way first.” The youth said, and stopped pouring beer onto Patricia. Instead, he started to pee on her. As he peed on her, he took a few swigs of beer from his bottle. He was laughing between swigs and burping. Twice he even farted. He turned to face his two companions with a massive grin on his face, and even then, at just eight, I could see it was an evil grin. I could see that he was evil. Patricia covered her face with her hands and pushed her head into her lap. The youth peed over her back and buttocks, soaking her dress, turning round her body so his mates could see what he was doing. They laughed.

Even as a child, I could see he was controlling the flow. Not emptying his bladder too soon. What I could not imagine was why and what he was going to do next. How could I? Today I know exactly what it feels like to piss into a female’s mouth and throat. Back then, as a child, I had not even thought of it, but that was about to change.

“Come here fuck-bitch.” He suddenly said, and flung his now empty bottle onto the ground. He reached down and grasped a handful of Patricia’s hair, pulling her up until her face was level with his penis. Patricia opened her mouth in pain and he started to pee over her face and into her mouth. She immediately clenched her lips closed again, but he slapped her hard and commanded her to open her mouth again.

“Open that fucking piss-hole.” He said with a slap, and using his fingers forced Patricia’s lips apart. This time he put his penis in her mouth and started to ‘piss’ again. “Drink it, fuck-whore.” He said. “Swallow my piss or I will cut your throat, put my cock in the hole I cut, and piss into your neck as you bleed to death. Do you fucking understand?” He demanded, with another slap. Patricia started to swallow, but did not answer. He screamed at her and slapped her again.

“Do you fucking understand, bitch? Answer me or die.” and something in his words and his tone made me feel that Patricia and I might actually both die that day. Patricia clearly had the same feeling, and as she swallowed his pee, she nodded frantically to tell him she was answering.

“When I ask you a question, bitch, you fucking answer me. When I tell you to do something, you fucking do it without hesitation.” He barked at Patricia, who mow got the message and understood the rules.

I understood more than just the rules. I understood the game. How I understood what I had just witnessed, I do not know. However, in my tiny little brain it all suddenly made some kind of insane sense. On that hot summer day in the woods, I learned something that would stay with me forever. I learned an important part of the game when you dominate another person. I learned that when you ask them a question, they must answer that question. You need to force them to answer. Never let them remain silent. If you have to, beat the answer out of them. The reason is that when they say yes or no, they accept their fate. You break their will. No part of them is secretly rebelling. Harbouring an alternative answer. You make them accept and confirm their lower position. You make them your dog, your fuck-bitch and they know it.

I watched the youth pissing into Patricia’s mouth, and it fascinated me. I would never have thought of that, but it excited me, and I hoped I would remain alive to do the same thing one day. Perhaps to Patricia. Just then, he appeared to have emptied his bladder because he moved both his hands to Patricia’s head, and started to make thrusting motions in and out of her mouth. He was getting hard in her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, cunt. Suck my cock.” He said and thrust even harder into Patricia’s face. I was learning new words and new ways to use a girl’s mouth. However, the fear I was feeling dampened my excitement. I remained soft, and genuinely thought I might be facing my last day on Earth. The youth holding my arm behind my back encouraged his friend to use Patricia’s mouth.

“Oh man Joey, go for it dude.” He said. “Fuck that little bitch in the face.” He encouraged, and then turned his attention to me. “Do you like watching your girlfriend sucking a real cock little boy?” He asked. “How do you like watching your little suck-bitch with a real piece of meat in her face?” I had learned my lesson through Patricia’s pain, so immediately answered his question, and was telling the truth.

“Yes. I like watching it.” I said. “She’s not my girlfriend. I was just using her mouth.”

“Wow, aren’t you the little mother-fucker.” He exclaimed. “Get a load of little big man here, Joey. Says he was ‘just using’ her mouth.” As he spoke, he pushed me towards Joey and Patricia. “Then let’s get a little closer pretty boy. Make sure you have a front row seat.” I did. He pushed me so close that my cock was also just a few centimetres from Patricia’s face.

Patricia was clearly struggling. Joey’s cock was much longer and thicker than mine was, and he was pushing deep into her throat. Her cheeks were puffing in and out, and her hands were on his thighs, desperately trying to control the depth. It was fruitless, and he was slowly going deeper and deeper until finally his balls were touching Patricia’s chin. She gagged, and I thought she would vomit, but she somehow held it down. Then Joey pushed into her throat again, and this time she puked. The greasy white puke forced its way out of the corners of her mouth and even came down her nose to run over Joey’s cock and balls and he just pushed deeper, laughing.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we will be putting plenty more sustenance back in your belly before we are finished. I promise, you will not be going hungry today.” He was still pushing into Patricia’s throat as he said this and I expected he would now pump into her mouth and throat until he came, but he did not go to the end. Instead, he now grabbed another handful of hair, and dragged Patricia to her feet.

“Stand up, bitch.” He commanded, and Patricia’s hands instinctively went to his wrists, desperately trying to do anything to ease the pain on her scalp. However, the only way to gain any relief was to obey his command and to stand, which she did. Finally, she stood bare-breasted in front of him, tears rolling down her face. Her hands went up to her chest and she cupped her breasts to conceal her nakedness.

“Drop those fucking hands, bitch.” He hissed, and a hard slap to her face made her drop her hands immediately. “I will tell you where to put your fucking hands and you will do it. Otherwise you will not move, you will not cover anything or resist. You are my fuck-toy and will obey me without question, do you understand?”

Patricia raised her sweet snot and tear-stained face to look at him but made the fatal error of not answering him. He slapped her again, not hard enough to knock her down this time, but he then grasped each of her nipples between thumb and finger and started to twist and squeeze them. Patricia squealed in pain.

“Dou you fucking understand, fuck-whore?” He barked into her face, leaning over so they were nose on nose.

“Yes, yes. Yes!” Patricia panted. “Please stop. Please, please stop.” He let go, and Patricia, not daring to move her hands to her bruised nipples, stood defeated and bent over before him.

“Strip!” He said. He did not threaten or touch her, he simply gave her that one-word command, and Patricia hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her dress and pulled it down over her hips. Once clear of her hips, she let go and the material fell to the ground around her ankles. Her panties were light blue today, without flowers or any pattern, I presume to prevent them from showing through her blue dress. She did not need another command or reminder; she simply repeated the process of hooking her thumbs into the elastic waistband and pulled them down, letting them fall to her ankles. She stood before her tormentor, naked, shaking and covered in her own vomit. Her head was down, her eyes closed. Joey simply looked at her for a few seconds. Admiring her young curves, her silky brown skin. Then he spoke to me.

“I admire your taste little fella.” He said. “Does she just suck your cock, or have you been in that tight little pussy, too?” I answered without hesitation. I did not want to raise his anger towards me.

“Yes, yesterday.” I said. “I fucked her pussy, yesterday.”

“Holey damn, kid!” He laughed, “How the fuck old are you?”

“Eight, nearly nine.” I replied.

“Mother-fucker!” He exclaimed. “You really are a young starter, dude. Respect. R, e, s, p, e, c, t with a capital R. Well stick around, kid, because you are going to learn some fucked-up shit today. If we let you free, do you promise not to run?” He then asked. “Would you like to stay and watch your fuck-bitch get torn apart by my bros and me?”

“I promise.” I answered. “I won’t run and I do want to watch.” I meant it, too. His tone towards me was friendly now, and my fear that they would hurt or even kill me had almost gone. Though I knew poor Patricia was in for a different day, and though I did feel sorry for her in a way, it fascinated me as to what these older youths would do to her.

“Okay.” Joey said. “Sit down over there and enjoy the show, kid. By the way, what’s your name?”

“Kurt.” I replied.

“Okay, Nico. Let go of Kurt’s arm.” He said, and the youth holding me let my arm drop. I took three steps back and dropped to the ground to sit and watch as Joey had commanded me to do. Now my penis was starting to tingle again.

The third youth, who I now knew was Danny, walked over to his two friends. The three of them stood surrounding Patricia, and Joey made the first move. He grabbed Patricia by the hips and turned her round so her back was to him. He then put his right foot between Patricia’s feet and started lightly kicking from right to left. Kicking first one foot then the other.

“Spread those fucking legs bitch.” He hissed, and Patricia complied until he told her to stop. “Okay, that’s enough. Now bend over so I can get at that tight little cunt of yours.” As he said this, he pushed Patricia between the shoulder blades, urging her forward. “Hey Nico, take that nice little face for a ride while I fuck the little bitch in the cunt. Let’s get a nice spit roast going here fellas.” He said, and Nico moved round to Patricia’s face, unzipping his trousers. “Don’t worry, Danny-boy.” Joey added, you can get a wank for now but there will be plenty for you later.”

“My pleasure.” Danny said and undid his trousers. Both he and Nico let their trousers down completely, stepping out of them and taking off their underpants. Danny was massive. I could not even have imagined a cock being so thick. It was long, too, but it was as thick as my arm. Joey had sunk his fingers into Patricia’s vagina, and was finger fucking her the way I had the day before. He too was unbuckling his belt with his other hand, trying to remove his pants.

“Okay, suck-whore, open up for daddy.” Nico said and shoved his cock deep into Patricia’s mouth. He was not as big as Joey, so could go full depth without making her gag. He immediately started thrusting in and out of her face, holding her chin in his right hand and her head in his left. Patricia’s breasts were swinging with each thrust, and this was where Danny started, putting his right hand under her chest and grabbing her right breast. He started to squeeze and pull at it, mashing the soft skin quite violently, and Patricia was visually in some pain. He clearly liked that.

“Grab my cock and wank me bitch.” Danny hissed, and squeezed her breast even harder as he guided her hand to his massive erection. Patricia’s tiny fingers did not even meet with her thumb around his thick shaft, and I saw her move her eyes to the right to get a look at what she was feeling. It had clearly shocked her and she must have been worried that he too would want to push that ‘piece of meat’ up into her pussy, and she had good reason to worry. Yet she started to wank him as she sucked on Nico’s cock.

Joey had finally managed to free himself of his pants and underpants, and I saw him spit onto the fingers of his right hand. He then rubbed this over his cock, wanking himself a little, before pointing the tip at Patricia’s exposed pussy. His left hand grasped her at the hip, and he pushed forward.

“There we go little girl.” He said, and slid deep into Patricia from behind. “Wow, that is one tight little fuck-hole you got there, bitch.” I saw Patricia clench her eyes closed at the pain. She had only had my small cock in her once before today, and though Joey was small compared to Danny, he was much bigger than I was.

Once fully embedded inside her pussy, he moved his right hand to her right hip and started fucking her. Slowly at first, but with deep thrusts that made her rock forward onto Nico’s cock in her mouth. I could see that Nico and Joey started to set a rhythm. They grinned at each other and got in time, so every thrust was simultaneous. As Joey hit balls deep in Patricia’s cunt, Nico pushed into her throat, his balls slapping her chin.

“Oh yeah, baby.” Joey exclaimed. “I just love that pussy, girl, but let’s spice this up a little.” He added, and my heart skipped a beat and my cock started to throb. What was he planning? “Hey, Nico. Let Danny have a go with that pretty face over there. You just have to sample this tight little cunt dude.” He smiled at his friend who immediately pulled out of Patricia’s mouth.

“Hey, let me at it bro.” Nico stated and started to walk round to switch with Joey. Joey had other plans, and stopped his friend.

“No, dude. Get down under her on your back. I want this bitch to ride your cock.” As he said this, he winked at his friend, who clearly got the message. I did not. What were they going to do?

“Oh, you wanna go full shit on her man!” Nico said with a smile, and quickly slipped beneath Patricia, sliding his legs between her open legs until his erect cock was pointing up at her groin. Only then did Joey pull his cock out of her pussy. “First thing I want to do dude is get medieval on her ass. Make her squeal a little.” Joey added. I had no idea what he meant.

“Sit, bitch.” Joey commanded and forced Patricia down towards his friend’s waiting cock. “Kneel down and sit on that cock, fuck-whore. My friend here is going to stuff your guts with his man-meat. Hey Danny, time for you to use that face man.” He then added, and Danny was already slipping his monstrous penis into Patricia’s face, her jaw extended to the maximum. As Nico had done, Danny held her jaw and head so he could fuck her throat. I was convinced he would tear her neck open. She started to gasp as Nico slid his cock into her pussy, but Danny pushed deeper and cut off her breath. Patricia was impaled on two cocks.

It was hard to tear my eyes away from the two youths fucking Patricia in the mouth and cunt at the same time, but I glanced over to see what Joey was doing. He had grabbed his discarded trousers, and was removing his leather belt. I was just eight, but instinctively knew what he was going to do with that belt. My father had taken his belt to my bottom and the bottoms of my brother and sisters often enough for me to recognise the look on Joey’s face, as he curled the buckle end of his belt around his right hand. I just did not understand what poor Patricia had done to make him want to punish her.

“Nico, Danny” Joey said as he walked over to the three naked bodies. “Hold her tight brothers. She is gonna squeal like a pig, dudes.” Then, as Nico wrapped his arms around Patricia’s waist, Danny tangled her hair in his hands and the first lash fell across Patricia’s naked bottom.

“Aghhhhh, Mfffff” She screamed onto Danny’s cock, but it was near to silent because the massive cock obstructed her entire mouth, and the next lash came down. Danny fell to his knees behind Nico’s head, taking Patricia down with him. Now she was flat across Nico’s body.”

Hey bro.” Nico said. “Keep those big balls of yours out of my face dude. I don’t wanna taste no man-junk.” He laughed. “Just fuck the bitch.” Danny replied, and thrust so deep into Patricia’s throat, that I thought it must surely tear now. The veins in her neck were purple and standing up. Her whole face was bright red and I could see her neck extend with each thrust of Danny’s cock. My own cock was throbbing and I could no longer resist. I grabbed it with my right hand and started stroking myself.

Danny was timing his thrusts with Joey’s lashes with the belt. Every time the leather came down on Patricia’s bottom, Danny embedded his cock deep into her throat, choking her screams. Much later in my life, I would also learn that these screams, coming from deep within her chest, were also vibrating over Danny’s cock, giving him added pleasure.

I do not know how many times Joey lashed Patricia’s bottom with his belt. I did not count. However, by the time he stopped, her cheeks were a mass of raised welts, criss-crossing across her damaged skin. Joey stared down at his work for a few seconds, and then glanced over at me. I immediately let go of my cock, afraid it would anger him.

“Hey little fella, go for it.” He said. “You bang one out as much as you want dude.” He actually smiled at me. He was sweating from the exertion of whipping Patricia, and his cock was erect and throbbing. “Now watch close my friend.” He smiled, “I am going to show you what these bitches are made for. What their position in life is. How we use them, and what we use them for. Come closer.”

As I scuttled over on my knees, he looped his belt around Patricia’s neck, threading it back through the buckle, and wrapped a single loop of the remaining leather round his left hand.

“You see that, Kurt?” He asked. “You see I have the bitch on her dog leash now, like the dog she is. Danny has her gagged and Nico is fucking her like the fuck-bitch she is. Our little fuck-dog. Never forget that they are bitches, little brother. Fuck-bitches, who fuck with us, fuck us over, fuck off with our money, fuck off with our kids and fuck with our minds. What do we do with them? We fuck them. That’s the deal, dude. You have to keep them in place and keep them well trained, or they will bite you and fuck you over. Now watch and learn little man.”

I was right behind Patricia now, and I could see Nico’s cock going in and out of her vagina. He was thrusting up into her, going fully inside her until he bottomed out. I also saw her tiny puckered poo-hole, and it excited me. My cock was burning. I started to stroke it again as Joey turned to kneel behind Patricia, his belt in his left hand and his erect cock in his right.
“Hey, Nico. Stop moving for a second my man.” Joey said, and Nico rested back onto the grass and stopped moving. I had no idea what was about to happen, but Joey spat onto his fingers again and started to stroke his cock. Then he roasted my mind, because with a little struggle and jiggling, he pulled on his belt to start and choke Patricia, and as he did this, he slowly started to push his hard penis into her bottom. Her back-bottom. Not her pussy, not her front-bottom, but her poo-hole.

Patricia bucked backwards and a deep groaning scream vibrated past Danny’s cock in her throat, but Danny held her tight by the hair and Nico held her tightly around her ribs. She could not escape. She was helpless as Joey’s cock disappeared centimetre after centimetre into her bottom. He pushed into her backside until his balls met with Nico’s cock. My mind was racing. Patricia knelt before me with three cocks buried inside her teen body. It was more than my tiny brain could take, and I exploded over my hands and onto my own belly. It was the most intense cum I had ever had, and as the ripples of pleasure ran up my spine, Joey ordered the assault.

“Okay, dudes, let’s do this bitch.” He said, and started to fuck in and out of Patricia’s poo-hole. Nico waited a few strokes to catch the rhythm then joined in. I could not see Danny’s cock in Patricia’s mouth, but I could hear the gagging sounds of her choking on the massive piece of meat forced into her neck. Patricia was being fucked in all three holes at the same time, and my cock, despite having just emptying a load of cum, was still rock hard. I had to know what it felt like to put my cock into a bottom. The idea excited me tremendously. I was wanking again.

Poor Patricia was screaming! I could hear her screams and groans, but the cock in her mouth muffled them. It must have been painful beyond her worst imagination, and all three were slowly picking up the pace. Going faster and deeper. They were starting to grunt and groan and I sensed they were all getting close to filling her with seed. Danny released first.

“Yeah bitch. Swallow my spunk. Eat my fucking fuck seed you dirty little fuck-whore.” He hissed, and I could see him close his eyes and start to shudder as he emptied who know how much ‘spunk’ into Patricia’s throat. All I know is that it took him a long time, shuddering, shaking, and pulling her head into his groin. “Fuck me!” He exclaimed. “Fucking fuck me. You dirty little fucking, sucking, cum-whore. Eat my fucking load.” He growled. Then Joey thrust balls deep into her bottom and emptied deep inside her.

“Me, too, bro, me too!” He said buried deep in her back passage. “Oh you fucking bitch. You fucking fuck-toy.” He groaned, and I could see his buttocks clench as his seed shot deep into Patricia’s bottom. My seed also sprayed out of my cock and over the grass. I simply needed to get my cock into a back-bottom. A poo-hole. I needed to experience what Joey just experienced.

Only Nico remained silent, yet he had stopped moving. Then, as Patricia moved her hips up a little, I saw a trickle of cum leak out of her pussy and run down Nico’s cock. He had cum, but silently. Then he explained.

“I filled the bitches breeding hole twenty or thirty seconds ago my friends.” He chuckled. “I just didn’t want to spoil the romance. You guys are getting old. Now get this bitch off me because I need to piss.” He added.

Joey stood first, and with a violent pull on the belt around Patricia’s neck, he dragged her off his friends. Now, without a cock in her throat, I could hear that Patricia was crying. Joey kicked her in the ribs and spat on her. “Lay on your back fuck-bitch.” He commanded and dragged her onto her back. “Close your eyes and open your mouth, toilet.” He then added. Patricia quickly closed her eyes. She knew what was coming, and so did I. The three of them stood above her and started to ‘piss’ onto her face and into her mouth. Joey turned to look at me.

“Hey, little bro, don’t you need to piss, too?” He asked. I simply nodded. “Come on then.” He said, and I stood up, walked over to Patricia’s prone body and started to piss on her tits, then her belly and then her spunk-filled cunt. As my pee splashed of Patricia’s golden brown skin, Danny started to whistle a song I knew well, and the other two joined in.

“If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise.
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because
today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Every teddy bear who’s been good is sure of a treat today.
There’s lots of marvelous things to eat and wonderful games to play.
Beneath the trees where nobody sees they’ll hide and seek as long as they please.”

That’s the way the teddy bears have their picnic.”

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