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Simone Part 17 – Ursula’s destruction continued

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I asked Lena if she had watched me brutally rape and torture her sister on the video camera. She said yes as my cock entered her virgin pussy.

Author’s note* I know this is only very tenuously a rape story, but what happens to Ursula in this part, qualifies 😉 if you want to fully understand what is going on, read the other parts.

As my hard cock slid deep into Lena’s virgin cunt, tearing her hymen and claiming my prize, I asked her if she had watched me brutally rape and torture her sister on the video camera. She had, and now just a short time after, my cock was in her cunt for the first time.

As I entered Lena’s warm, soft folds with my cock, I was gentle. My intention was to make love to her whilst taking her virginity, not to hurt her. I have had virgins before, and frankly, it is not such a big deal or that special for the man. Perhaps in his head, with the thought of being the first guy, but I was more interested in being the last to enter a woman’s body rather than the first. However, for the girl it can be a big deal. It can be many things. Everything or nothing. Some girls barely notice it, some tear and bleed for days, and some fail to gain any pleasure the first time. I wanted Lena to gain pleasure the first time. I wanted her to remember her first time submitting herself to me fully. From this day on, all her holes were there to pleasure me. Not just her ass and mouth.

I slid easily into her cunt, despite being quite large. She was soaking wet, already turned on by the anticipation of me fucking her. Or perhaps by watching me sodomize and throat-fuck her sister. Whatever it was, she was ready and willing to engulf my entire cock.

Once buried balls deep in her sweet pussy, her beautiful toffee-caramel fuck-hole, I paused, keeping still inside her. I kissed her mouth then moved to her cheek and then her ear. She shuddered with each kiss, and as I nibbled at the lobe of her left ear, she was physically melting beneath me. She had asked me, her master, to fuck her, and that was what I was now going to do.

“I am going to fuck you Lena.” I whispered into her ear. “I am going to fuck you in every way you can imagine and maybe in some you can’t. You are my fuck-toy. Only my fuck-toy and must never let any other man enter your body unless I tell you to, is that clear?” I asked, and she responded.

“Yes, master. I understand.” She answered, and I felt her slender hands slide down my back to my buttocks. She pulled at my hips, urging me to start fucking her, and told me so again. “Please fuck me master.” However, I wanted to hear one more thing from her pretty mouth before I got to work on her gorgeous cunt.

“Tell me where my cock is, Lena. Let me hear you say it.” I whispered, and even dared to move my lips down to her left breast. I was kind enough not to touch her damaged nipple, but just going near it made her shiver.

“Your cock is in my cunt, master.” She whispered. “You are deep inside my pussy. Your pussy. It belongs to you. All my holes belong to you.” She added, and I started to fuck her.

I was pulling slowly to the very tip of my cock, and then pushing back in. The first two or three thrusts were full depth, but gentle. However, she still winced a couple of times, but by the fourth or fifth thrust, she groaned and pushed back against my cock with her pubic bone, whilst pulling me into her with her hands on my ass-cheeks.

I now started to increase my speed, going full depth for a few minutes, and then as I was at full speed, just going shallow, making sure I was rubbing her clit with my engorged shaft.

“Give me your hand.” I commanded as I continued to fuck her dripping pussy. She complied immediately, allowing me to take her right hand in mine. I guided her slender fingers down between our bodies and moved them to her cunt. “Rub your clit.” I said, and Lena gasped has her fingers touched her now swollen and sensitive clitoris.

Lena started eagerly massaging her sensitive organ in a circular motion and I pumped my cock deeper into her pussy, once again maxing out up to my balls. I was getting very close to reaching orgasm, but so was she. I moved my mouth to her right breast and started kissing its firm skin, avoiding her nipple by just millimetres. Then, my tongue darted from between my lips and circled threateningly close to her nipple, but not touching it. Lena gasped and then groaned, and the near I got to her nipple, the louder she was. Her fingers were moving faster now, and I was about bring her to the top of her climax.

Finally, I flicked at her nipple with the tip of my tongue and then took it into my mouth. Her left hand moved from my butt up to the back of my head, and she pushed my face into her firm breast. As I took the extended piece of flesh into my mouth and began to suck and nibble on it, I pulled my cock completely out of Lena’s vagina for just a second, before ramming it back in up to the hilt. I did this three or four times, then went back to deep thrusts. Lena’s back arched, her hips thrust up, her nails dug into my scalp and she groaned from deep within her body. She came to a massive climax over my cock, and with one last thrust, I pushed into her soaking hole as deeply as possible, and started to fill her with my spunk.

Lena’s orgasm caused her vagina to convulse and squeeze my swollen cock buried deep inside her. With each convulsion, I sent another wave of cum into her slender body, crushed beneath me. We both shuddered and shook with our excitement and pleasure, and what was probably just a matter of seconds, seemed like an eternity. My mouth left her breast in search of her beautiful lips, and as we embraced, we kissed passionately, our tongues swirling and snaking between mouths. Finally fully spent, I collapsed onto Lena’s chest. I felt her fingers return to my head, and she began to stroke my hair and the back of my neck, sending tingles down my spine. Finally, I spoke.

“You need to go to the doctor tomorrow.” I said flatly. “You need the morning-after pill and you need to go on the pill. I do not want to get you pregnant.” As I spoke, I rolled off Lena’s prone body onto my back. “Now clean my cock fuck-whore.” Said, and taking her hair in my hand, pushed her face towards my crotch. “Yes master.” She replied and as a wave of flaming red hair spilled over my belly, I felt her warm mouth on my soft cum-covered cock.

“Did you bleed?” I asked, and Lena took my cock from her mouth to answer. “Yes master, I bled. I can taste it, too. But I don’t think it was much.” She added. “And did it hurt?” I continued with my questions. “Yes sir, it hurt. Just a little and just at the beginning, but then it was wonderful. Thank you master, for giving me such pleasure.” As her mouth engulfed my limp prick again, I let the first small squirt of piss leave the end of my cock. “Drink bitch.” I said.

Lena gulped at my cock as I emptied the content of my bladder directly into her throat. She was getting god at this and did not spill a single drop, despite me letting a higher flow than before into her mouth. As the final drops of piss entered her throat, she gulped one more time, and my cock twitched and started to grow. Lena knew her duty and started to suck and caress my penis with her mouth and tongue, teasing me back to life until I was hard enough to enter her throat. She clearly expected me to want a blowjob or to face-fuck her, but I had another plan.

Once fully erect, I pushed Lena from my body and got out of bed. She started to speak.”

“Where are you going, mas….” The master never left her lips, because I barked at her to “Shut the fuck up, bitch.” as I grabbed her ankles and pulled her roughly to the edge of the bed, where I flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her lower half completely from the bed.

Now she was kneeling on the floor with her upper body flat on the bed. I sank behind her and taking my cock in my right hand, aimed it as her gaping pussy. I could see the lips were still swollen and a trickle of sperm ran from her hole, and was about to drip to the floor. I used the tip of my cock to catch it and rammed my entire length deep into Lena’s waiting cunt. She gasped as my whole strength crushed her into the bed. This time, I did not pause, but started fucking her as deep and hard as I could. Now I was trying to hurt her, and it worked. Her hands clenched into fists, tugging at the sheets, and she bit into a clump of sheets as I hammered into her freshly opened twat. Now she was my fuck-toy, and I told her so.

“That’s it fuck-toy, take daddy’s cock in your spunk filled cunt, you filthy whore. I am going to fuck you like a bitch.” As I said this, I slapped her right ass cheek with my right hand, and then the left. I then took her hips in both hands and pushed even deeper. Any woman will tell you, that no matter how deep you push into her vagina in missionary, you can get much deeper in doggy. It is easy to hurt and bruise a woman, especially a small one like Lena, in this position, and Lena felt it now. My cock was hitting home, battering into her cervix with each thrust and I was doing it deliberately. It was about to get worse for poor Lena.

After about three or four minutes of piston-fucking Lena’s cunt, I pulled out and using my hand to guide my slippery, cum-covered cock, I brutally pushed into her asshole. I had fucked Lena in the ass before, so she opened more easily now, but there was still resistance, and I ignored it. Taking a handful of her beautiful red hair in my left hand, I started fucking her tiny butthole as hard and as deep as I possibly could. Lena grunted and groaned into the bed sheets. Yet, I wanted to fill her even more.

The thought went through my head to do to Lena what I had done to Simone. A vibrator lay on the bedside table and all I had to do was take it and ram it into poor Lena’s cunt whilst fucking her asshole. I resisted the temptation however. I had hurt Simone so seriously that she was no longer fuckable. I had done genuine harm to both her holes. She was torn and even bleeding by the time, I was done, and I had to refrain from fucking her any more until she heals. I decided not to destroy Lena in the same way and so instead only inserted two fingers into her cunt as I fucked her in the ass. Still she groaned at being filled even more and the pressure on my cock increased.

As I fingered Lena’s cunt, I could feel my own spunk squelching around my knuckles. ‘Feed it to the bitch.’ I thought. So I yanked so hard on her hair that she had to spit out the bedsheets and lift her upper body from the bed until she knelt up straight. I then began scooping sperm out of her cunt with my index and middle finger and reaching round to feed it to her. “Open your mouth, bitch.” I hissed into her right ear. “Eat my fucking spunk from your cunt.” I fed her two or three finger-scoops and then told her to feed herself.

“Ok, Lena. Now get your fucking fingers into your own cunt, and start scooping it clean. I want you to eat all your own juice and my cream from your fucking cunt with your fingers. Do you understand?” I commanded.

“Yes, daddy. I understand,” She whispered through her tears and put her right hand between her own legs. I could feel them scooping as I continued to fuck her butthole. Now she was kneeling up straight, I could no longer get as deep into her bowels, but the sensation was still fantastic, and as her pain lessened, Lena relaxed more. I sodomized her while she ate pussy juice and spunk from her own fingers out of her own cunt, but I was about to cum again and needed to decide where. In her ass, in her cunt, or should I just cum in her mouth? So I asked her.

“Bitch, I need to cum again. Where do you want my spunk, cum-slut? Where should I empty my balls?” I asked, and she answered. “Please spray your seed into my mouth, daddy. I want to eat it.” So I popped my cock out of Lena’s butthole, stood up and turned her round. I shoved my cock balls-deep into her throat, which opened willingly to take my full girth and length. Lena’s right hand instinctively took my balls and as I sprayed into her mouth and throat, she gulped down my spunk like the perfect, cum-guzzling whore I had taught her to be.

“That’s it, slut. Eat my fucking jizz. Eat it all, bitch.” I said as I emptied my load into her face. Lena obeyed and did not let my cock out of her mouth until she was sure I had nothing more to feed her. Then she popped me from her pretty mouth and glanced up at me with those emerald green eyes, and smiled.

“Thank you daddy.” She whispered and my heart melted. “Master, may I go pee please?” She then asked. “You can pee under the shower, with me.” I replied and held out my hand to help her to her feet. We went together into the bathroom and together under the shower, where I asked Lena about the security camera on which she had watched me ass and throat rape her sister.

She told me that she had continued to watch the screen even after I had left the house. I had left Ursula bound and gagged knelt over the couch with her golden retriever, Marlow fucking her cunt with his whole dog-knot lodged inside her. Lena asked if I would like to watch the recording to see how Marlow had continued to rape his mistress for the full two hours before the pool boy came in. I said no.

“I want you to tell me about it, Lena. I want you to finger your newly penetrated pussy and tell me about what happened after I left Ursula.” She did. She told me every single detail.

It did not take long to tell and was actually not very exciting at first. As I had expected, Marlow’s knot was stuck in Ursula’s fat cunt. He could not decouple from her destroyed hole, and being stuck agitated him more. Each time he would then climb back onto his mistress’s hips and jack-fuck her cunt full with dog cum. His tongue was hanging a foot out of his snout and he was dripping dog salvia all over Ursula’s back.

Marlow was still docked onto Ursula’s cunt with his knot as the pool boy finally entered the room two hours later. Fuck knows what must have gone through that poor boy’s head at first. Imagine walking in on that; seeing his rich sugar-bitch, who was fucking him behind her husband’s back, being nailed by her own dog. She was also bloody and bruised. The skin on her arse was torn and bright red. Her pussy was burned and laid waste. Her sphincter was gaping and dripping with spunk. What a fucking mess he must have seen.

Lena said he really struggled to pull Marlow off Ursula. The boy had to physically get hold of the dog’s cock and twist and pull until the massive knot finally tore its way out of Ursula’s cunt. After he locked Marlow out of the room, he had pulled and tugged at Ursula’s shackles for a while; finally realising he needed a key. I smiled as Lena recalled this part of the video. I had anticipated the boy looking for the tiny set of keys for the cuffs and shackles, and I had left him a little surprise. I had put the keys on the same table where I had tortured and whipped Ursula. I had written a short note and placed the keys on that small piece of paper.

Lena could not read what I had written on the paper over the camera, but she could see the boy read it, and then look at Ursula, and then back at the piece of paper in his hand. His gaze went from one to the other for a few moments before he finally put the paper and keys back onto the table, and removed his shorts. His cock was hard and he started to wank it with his right hand as he walked over to Ursula. ‘So Lena had now seen the third cock in her life.’ I thought.

“What was on that paper, master?” Lena asked me, an evil smile crossing her lips. I told her what I had written to the pool boy.

“Fuck her in the ass! She would never let you, and now you can and she can do fuck all about it.” I recited to Lena. I had written something else, too. “Take some pictures and make the bitch your toy.” but I did not tell Lena that.

I then explained what I had seen on the original video of Ursula and the pool boy. How he had tried to touch her butt and she had slapped his hand away.

Lena described how he had gone crazy on the bitch’s ass. He had hammer-fucked her as hard as he could until he finally shot even more spunk into her guts. ‘Sloppy seconds’ was all I thought. However, Lena’s story was not over yet. The boy had picked up a massive vibrator I had left on the floor and rammed it brutally into Ursula’s cunt. He needed a little time to get his penis back up again, but by playing with his cock and her ass, he finally got hard enough. He had then sodomized her again. He took his time, and he took what he wanted from Ursula’s torn anus before finally pulling on his shorts and taking several pictures of her destroyed body with his phone. He released her, and helped her to her feet.

Lena said Ursula did not show any anger or resentment towards the boy. Once on her feet, he had helped her remove the ring-gag, but she was not speaking. She could almost not stand or walk, and he had led her by the arm from the room. Lena had turned the camera off then. All I could think was that if that boy had any sense, he would now fuck that ass, cunt and mouth any time he wanted and on his terms.

Once showered and dry, I led Lena back into the bedroom, where we crawled under the sheets to sleep. I did not even need to tell Lena what to do this time. Once in bed, she lay her head on my tummy and took my cock into her mouth, cupping my balls with her right hand.

“Lena,” I said, if I grow hard in your throat again like last night, you have my permission to suck me off while I sleep.”

She took my penis out of her mouth and said “Thank you master.” She then returned my still limp member to her mouth and cuddled down to sleep. Lena would sleep with me in her mouth. It was her job as my sex-slave, and she knew it. If I came in my sleep, she would eat my spunk. If I pissed in my sleep, she would drink every drop. Lena knew her place.

I was already drifting into sleep, and though my thoughts went to Simone for just a second, I once again felt the August summer sun on my naked back as I ran across the playing field in my village towards the woods to meet Patricia as we had arranged. Or rather as I had ordered her to do.

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  • Reply 6924cm

    Dude nice touch regarding to Ursula, bet that pool boy has a nice cumdumpster to enjoy and its way more than she deserves… Still think you should have spray some refined salt over her bleeding ass and cunt, but was still perfect though.

    • Night Hawk

      Thanks dude 🙂 It makes me happy that people enjoy the stories. Next part is almost finished BTW and extremely brutal – Sadly still no salt. However, eventually I will probably put some salt on someone’s wounds just for you. The question is who?

  • Reply Lilli

    Isn’t Ursula her mom and not her sister?

    • Night Hawk

      No, this is explained in “Simone Part 14 – Lena’s lies” where Lena confesses that her family have been lying. Ursula only pretended to be the mother. She is in fact Lena’s sister.

    • 6924cm

      Read Simone part 14, you will understand better