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My sister taught me everything I know

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My big sister came to visit after not seeing her for months. We were cuddling in bed and I got my first proper boner then we had sex.

I was woken up in the middle of the night by my sister, who was climbing in to my bed with me.

Last year our parents got a divorce, I lived with dad and my sister lived with mom, dad and I moved to another state and although I saw my sister a few times in the first couple of months after the divorce, I hadn’t seen her in almost a year.

She came over to spend the week with me and dad and we had a brilliant week, the first few days we just hung out and went to a theme park and had loads of fun, it was great seeing Kailey again after so long.

We didn’t have a spare room so she slept on the couch while she was here, until on her last night with us, she came in to my room, crawled under the sheets and laid beside me in my bed, we were facing each other and she was hugging me tightly.

Oh, I’m 12 and my sister is 16, in case it’s relevant.

“You alright?” I asked her, she was lightly kissing my forehead and stroking my hair and she smiled at me.

“I’m okay. I’ve missed you so much, baby brother.” She replied.

“Me too.” I said.

I really loved my big sister, she’s always been there for me and talked to me on the phone a lot, she really helped get me through our parents’ divorce, we were hugging so tight I could barely breath, I liked the way her boobs felt being pressed against me, but it gave me a boner and I got a little scared.

She saw worry in my eyes as I pulled my butt away from her so she wouldn’t feel my boner against her legs, “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Nowt.” I replied, fidgeting and shuffling my lower half back across the bed.

She lifted the covers and look between us, she saw the front of my pyjamas sticking out, she gasped and looked really shocked, almost horrified, I knew I’d done something bad, but it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t control my cock, I didn’t mean to get a boner, “I’m sorry.” I said, starting to cry because I was so embarrassed.

She went in to full big sister mode and began to comfort me, the way she always has, “Oh sweetie, that’s okay, don’t cry.” She said.

“Please don’t hate me.” I blubbered.

“Never…” she replied, sternly, then she held my face and moved my head to look deeply in to my eyes, “…I will never hate you. Never.” She said, then she kissed me on the lips.

She looked at me mischievously, “Can I see it?” she asked.

“Why?” I replied, I didn’t understand about sex at that time, I had no idea, I was just shy of her seeing my privates.

“Just let me see.” She said.

“Ok.” I said, I rolled over on to my back and pushed my pyjama bottoms down and showed her my privates, my cock was big, hard and pointing up my stomach towards me.

Her eyebrows raised and her eyes got big, “That’s – pretty big.” She said, then she chuckled briefly, “Wow. Way to go baby brother.” She added.

Her positive comments made me smile widely, then she sent my body in to shock when she quickly grabbed my cock and rubbed her closed hand up and down my shaft, it felt really good, “K-K-Kailey – what- ?” I gasped.

“Sshh. Relax.” She whispered to me.

I did what she asked and laid back, placing my head down on the pillow and I enjoyed the sensations her rubbing was giving me, then she vanished underneath the covers, I thought that was weird and I didn’t like not knowing what she was doing, especially as she had my boy parts in her hand, so I lifted the covers up a little, just enough to see down them, she laid her head on my stomach facing towards my cock and then it felt wet and warm when she slid my cock in to her mouth.

I immediately dropped the covers and threw my head back, I had never felt so good, and I watched a lump under my covers bopping up and down as she sucked me off, then I got a sudden overwhelming urge to pee and my hips suddenly thrust upwards, I think I heard her mouth because she said “Ouch”, and then I pee’d, but it wasn’t pee, my cock squirted in to her mouth and I felt her slurping at the tip of my cock.

A moment later her head came out of the top of the covers, she smiled at me, “Was that good?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied, nodding my head and smiling like crazy, “Good.” I said.

Then she sat up, she was straddled over me, the covers lifted along with her, fell down her back and bunched up on the end of my feet, then she took off her nighty and revealed her body to me, it was odd that she wasn’t wearing any underwear what-so-ever, but I liked seeing her big bouncy boobs.

“Do you want to touch them?” she asked, lightly swaying her chest to make her boobs wiggle.

“Yes please.” I replied.

She giggled, “You are so cute.” She said, then she took my hands and placed one on each boob, they were very soft and totally awesome.

Her pussy was squashed on top of my cock as I began to get another boner, it grew underneath her pussy and poked out between her flaps, she rubbed her wet pussy along my shaft, “You like that?” she asked.

I nodded wildly again.

She lifted herself up a little then picked up my cock with her fingertips, holding it up pointed up, then she pressed my tip between her flaps and very gently lowered herself down, feeling my cock enter her pussy was too much for my prepubescent body and it drove me crazy, my cock was so sensitive, her pussy being so tight, warm, wet and lumpy made my entire body shake.

“Ugh – Ooh.” I groaned.

She held my face, “Look at me.” She said, turning my head to face hers, “Look at me. Look in to my eyes, sweetie.” She said.

So I did, I managed to keep my eyes open and stare back in to hers as she began to ride me, she moved up and down and swayed her hips around in circles, it kind of hurt a little but I liked it.

“Ungh – Oh – K-K-Kailey – I’m going to pee again – ungh.” I moaned.

For some reason that made her bounce on my cock even faster, “Good. Yes, pee. Pee for me.” She said, as my hips thrust forward again, she slammed herself down on me, forcing my entire cock inside her, even my ass dipped in to the bed and my cock squirted again, she moaned and almost burst in to celebration, “Wahoo” she said, “Oh, I felt that one.” She added.

She leaned down and kissed me, “How was that one?” she asked, “Better than the last?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I replied, wiping the sweat off my brow.

That was two months ago, she left to go back to mom’s the next morning and I know she is my sister and what she did was bad, but I love my sister and I’m happy she did it.

I feel really confident now and I enjoy sex, I have a girlfriend at school now and I’m hoping I can show her what I leaned from my sister one day, one say soon I hope.

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    At the age of 9 I was in the bathroom bathing. Being small kid the door was kept open and my cousin sister aged 3 years came into bathroom and was watching me bathing nude. When I was drying with the towel she came too close and just touch my small unerect penis and spoke in her own language saying dirty shame and started to pull and shake. To my surprise I had an erection and astonished to see it growing with much tingling in the loins. Feeling good I did not stop her and she played with my erect penis and was laughing. Later hearing someone noise I shooed her away and got dressed left the bath. In the night I thought such and event and could not sleep. I slowly touched my penis while under the bed sheet and immediately I could see my penis growing with that same tingling and I started to shake it. After some enjoyment somewhere I fell asleep. Since then onwards I have been masturbating regularly. But I could dare not touch my little cousin.