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My sister and I caught by step dad’s girlfriend then caught by step dad

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Step dad’s gf walks in on sister and I turns into threesome The stepdad catches us and joins.

My sister Joyce mentioned in my last memoir but if you didn’t read it at this time she was 22, 5’9, 120lbs, large C cup perky little nipples, shaved pussy. I was 25, 6’1, 120lbs, I have a 8.5 cut cock. We lived with our stepdad married to our biological mother in Phoenix, AZ. She was in prison for drugs; and they had a open relationship. He was saying her friend Karen the coolest woman is ever met and insanely sexy. She has tan skin no bikini lines, around 5’10, perfect large DD titties large nipples, shaved pussy.
We were bored and decided to check out step dad’s computer see if any good pics to get horny to and oh boy did we. We found a few pics of him nude. For an older man in his late 50’s he was gifted with 8 inches huge nuts, still in great shape… Then found pics of Karen. By this time was had a raging hard on and Joyce was wet. Then we found video’s of them ducking and we couldn’t stand it anymore we began to make out and explore each other’s bodies I had just bought a sexy lace lingerie set and was CD again. It turned Joyce on even more and got naked but had me remain in the lingerie she straddled me and began to grind her muddy against my hard dock only partially in the panties I told her to suck me and she turned around shoving her pussy into my face and began suck my hard cock like there was no tomorrow while I kicked her clit and tongue fucked her pussy. Just as she started to orgasm and I reached down holding her head on my cock while I began to shoot load after load of cum into her mouth.
That’s when we heard her. “Damn I had my suspicion about you two.”
We began to panic tripping over our own words, “Karen how… How long were you watching and are you gonna eat us out?”
” No not at all I love incest and well your Son (stepdad) isn’t gonna be home for a while. And your both beautiful. ” with that began to undress and kiss Joyce and explore her body. I quickly began to get hard again watching these two make out; falling into the bed next to me Karen reached over and began to caress and rub my hard cock then leaned over and began to kiss me while her and Joyce rubbed pussies together. Joyce began to moan and so did I.
Karen got in the 69 position with Joyce and they finger fucked and tongue fucked each other after a few minutes enjoying the show I got behind Karen and decided since her muddy was getting licked I decided to tongue duck her ass. She looked up moaning and told me she was a virgin when it came to her ass. I told her she wouldn’t be in a couple minutes. And shoved her perfect firm ass towards my face and my tongue went further into her add hole which set her off and began to squirt pussy juice all over Joyce’s face and tits. Still licking Joyce I got on my knees and began to duck Joyce’s mouth getting my cock wet. Once I felt I had enough saliva for live on my shaft I aimed and slowly began to push into her virgin ass. Once my head was was in and began to slide further in she began to whimper and moan. I could tell it was hurting her and told her if she relaxes it won’t hurt she looked back tears in her eye’s and said she couldn’t it hurt but before she could ask me pull out I was all the way in she began to cry and screaming I remained still till she started shaking her ass and Joyce started licking her pussy again and occasionally sucking and licking my balls. Still in my lace panties. Her ass muscle began pulsating with orgasm I began to duck her ass hard gaping her she would scream as I did this till I slammed it in and felt the warning I was gonna cum. I asked if she was on birth control. She said no and that she was ovulating. I pulled out and slammed into herTury she screamed and a hit her cervix the put all my weight into a final thrust shooting another big load into her she smiled and the three of us kissed and touched each other.
I then realized it I wanted her pregnant or Joyce I need keep shooting my loads into their pussies; with that thought I straddled Karen’s face ducking her mouth till I was hard and began to duck Joyce’s pussy Karen still horny grabbed Joyce by the hair and forced her face to her pussy having Joyce clean the last of my cream pie out of her. We all were moaning and trembling in orgasm as Don walked in slack jawed. We just smiled at him Joyce and Karen motioned for him to get on the bed. He complied as he got naked along his way across the room.
I felt spent so was happy he wasn’t freaking out about Joyce and I fucking and fucking his girlfriend to boot. He ducked both of them so hard they both screamed as he pulled out and slammed to the hilt. Before long seemed he found he enjoyed Joyce’s muddy a bit more so I took care of Karen filling her womb several more times with my seed. Don did same to Joyce.
Eventually we all fell asleep together. And upon waking up Don was ducking Joyce again and judging by the fresh pool and streams of cu m flowing out of her must been going for quit sometime. I woke Karen by following Ron’s example we spent most the day ducking not switching partners. After few hours we went out for lunch Joyce ducked Don while he drove and Karen sat on my lap just contracting her muddy muscles. As we got to the Restaurant; Karen smiled and told me she knew I’d gotten her pregnant.
She later moved in with us and before long both Karen and Joyce were pregnant. Don and I were very happy. We both knew Karen was pregnant with my baby but Joyce we couldn’t tell but it didn’t matter.

If you like this let me know I’ll continue my memoirs also I might do a part 2 of this one.

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