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My school principal seetha mam episode 4 the rape of shweta

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My finger penetrated her virgin pussy and her hymen tore off.

After fucking seetha in her every possible hole, we heard  the calling bell ringing. Probably her daughter had returned from the supermarket. She saw my face and waited for my permission to open the door. I shook my head allowing her. She stood up and walked in a staggering manner. She was  trying to wear her nightie. But I did not want her to dress up. I ordered her not to wear any dress. 

I threw a pink towel towards her. Using the towel she wiped her face with tears and my semen, then wiped her boobs and covered her nude body with the same pink towel. she looked more sexy in that view… She went near the door wearing only the towel.

she opened the door. Yes. My guess was correct. It was her daughter. she looked more sexy even in that young age of 14. As her mother, she had a big sexy boobs. She was wearing a red T shirt and jeans. Her boobs was seen clearly in the tight t-shirt. She had a perfect round ass which was bulging out of the tight jeans. My limp cock even after fucking seetha, stood erect on seeing her daughter’s sexy body. I couldn’t’t resist anymore.

I decided to fuck her daughter badly.

Her daughter entered the home with the bag containing the goods, she had purchased from the supermarket. She kept the bag on the table in the living room and started enquiring her mother.” Why you are wearing only towel? “mom. she asked.” Go and dress up mom “she instructed.

Before seetha started to answer about the things happened. I closed her daughter’s mouth with my hand. and grabbed her 34 c tits from her backside. Seetha pleaded “please don’t harm my daughter. I will do anything” she cried. Her daughter tried to get freedom from me. But her effort was in vain. 

I ordered Seetha to remove the towel from her body. She did the same. “Now explain your daughter bitch” I shouted. She explained everything that was happened. Her daughter started to sob on hearing this story.  

“If you make any noise, I will release your private images and your mom’s fucking video in the internet. You must do whatever I want. Just obey my orders” I told her daughter. she nodded her head Now I released her mouth and boobs. She couldn’t stop crying. 

 I sat on the sofa. The two bitches stood in front of me. I was like a king. I ordered Seetha to suck my cock. She came near me and knelt down and started sucking my cock. Her daughter couldn’t see that and she was crying. Aaagh. but I was enjoying the blowjob’s pleasure. Aaagh…. 

I asked her daughter”what is your name?”

She didn’t say anything. I grabbed and pulled cocksucking Seetha’s hair and slapped her.” If you don’t obey me I will kill your fucking mom. is that clear?” I groaned.” “Now tell me what is your name? you daughter of a whore” I ordered. She answered “Shweta”. “Call me daddy “I told. she again stood silent. This time  I slapped seetha again and started pinching her nipples. aaaaaaah…. aah. she cried and screamed in pain. With fear her daughter told”My name is Shweta daddy”.  “That’s a good girl. Now tell me how old are you?” I asked Shweta. She answered”14 years old , daddy”. “Mmmm. Are you a virgin? babe” I asked. She cried..”yes, daddy”.

“Now remove all your dresses” I ordered. By that time, Seetha stood up and begged me not to do anything to her daughter. I couldn’t stand up against her begging. Shweta stared at me.” Don’t you hear my words? ” I asked her.yes daddy she answered. She lifted her red T shirt up and a vest giving relief to her sexy tits. then she removed her jeans and panties. and stood completely nude in front of me. One last time she tried. she begged”please leave me” But I declined her request. and decided to fuck her in every hole.

I knew that seetha might disturb me by begging and screaming while fucking her daughter. So I grabbed her hair and dragged her to the bedroom and tied her in the chair. I shoved Shweta’s panties into seetha’s mouth.
she couldn’t move or scream.

Now, I grabbed Shweta’s hair and dragged her to the same bedroom where I tied her mother. I threw her on the bed and pulled her to the corner of the bed with her head hanging out of the bed. I shoved my cock into her mouth and pushed in and out of her mouth. My glans  almost reached her throat. she slurped… slurped…. Within  minutes, My cock exploded the hot cum in her mouth. After confirming she had swallowed all my cum, I took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed over her bitchy face.  

After fucking her in the mouth, I caressed her breasts and sucking her nipples. The young girl was helpless and couldn’t do anything but only sobbed. Seetha’s screams on seeing these, were only muffled sounds. They could only cry that they were being raped. 

I bit her nipples and played with them. Aaaagh ..she yelled in pain. I enjoyed her muffled moans and sounds. I spread her legs and started licking her virgin cunt. Her painful cries became moaning sound. She started enjoying my work in the center of her legs. mmmmm… mmmm…  she moaned. I inserted my middle finger into her cunt. It was very tight as she was a virgin. With a single forcible thrust, My finger penetrated her virgin pussy and her hymen tore off.she started bleeding.  Seetha screamed on seeing this. I dragged her to the washroom and and ordered her to wash her bloody cunt. She did the same. After washing, we returned to the bed and I continued my fingering play. I inserted the finger one after another and my other hand was rubbing her clit. She was moaning mmmmmm. aaaggh…with pain and pleasure. Her body was shivering. She was about to cum. Her moaning sound increased and she experienced her first huge orgasm. My fingers were damped with her pussy juice.

I inserted my wet hand into her mouth and ordered her to lick my fingers and taste her juice. 

Now I started rubbing her cunt with my dick. Her hole was ready to receive my cock. I inserted my cock into her pussy and started thrusting. Gradually , I increased my speed. aaaaaaaagh…. aaagh.. I was wondering that I too undergoing multiple orgasm. She was screaming of pain and pleasure with my speed. She begged me not to cum inside her. But I spilled my hot seeds deep in her cunt. At the same time , she reached her second climax. 

Then I turned her and decided to fuck her ass. Noo… noob please she begged. I had no mercy. But my cock being used many times was very tired. I didn’t want to disturb it. I went to the living room and searched the bag she brought from supermarket. Oh my God .. There was a  bunch of bananas 🍌 each of which was almost an inch larger than my dick. 

I peeled off the banana and inserted near her anal sphincter. I was very tight. I ordered her to get up and sit over the banana.aaaaaaah..  she screamed as the banana entered her anus… Shweta can’t bear the pain. Almost 90 pecent of the banana was inside her body. aaaagh she screamed.

Now I watched  tied seetha. Oh my goodness… Her juices were leaking from her cunt on seeing her daughter abused. I I took the banana out of her anus. and there was her shit sticking on the edge. I removed panties from seetha’s mouth and inserted the banana into her mouth. I ordered to eat the banana with her daughter’s shit. She couldn’t do anything. She ate the entire banana. Her daughter was very tired and fainted on the bed. Seetha could not believe that she and her daughter had been raped by her own student in her own house.

I took revenge on my principal. My mission was accomplished. 

I noticed the time. It was only noon 12. I planned to go home after 4 in the evening. 

I wanted to fuck them many times. But I and my cock were also very tired. But I had other idea

I tied them both. I ordered food for me and gave seetha’s address. Food was delivered and I had my lunch. I wanted to use both of them till I leave their home.


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