My brother took me one night

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This all happened one night me and my 2 years older brothers went out drinking when my boyfriend was at a tournament for the weekend.

That’s all took place many years ago but I’ll never forget it my name is Mary I have an older brother who I think is infatuated with me I don’t think I know that he was. When we were younger I knew he was sneaking my dirty panties and do whatever men do with them jack off I guess ain’t never bothered me that much kind of turned me on but he was doing such a thing we never really had bone blown sex when we were going out when I was like 14 and he was 16 we did one night fool around a little bit touching show and Tell kind of thing.

Well we both screw up and went our own ways when I was 28 th my brother was 30 my boyfriend and I lived in a house he went away on a long weekend tournament golf. I called my brother and told them and asked if he wanted to go drinking Saturday night and you can spend the night at my house .
He agreed he came to my house around 5:30 we had a couple beers and took a cab to a bar that we both liked we had a great time I had on a tight. Then I’m shorts and a kind of tightly fit which I noticed him checking me out here and there through the night couple guys were hitting on me at the bar but my brother stepped in and they thought to myself almost like he was jealous so we got rather drunk we went back to my house had a couple more beers.

I told him I was really really drunk and I pretended that I couldn’t walk that great stumbling he asked if I needed help I said I’ll be okay I went in my bedroom and I really wasn’t that drunk but I thought if he really likes me this is his chance sexually I took all my clothes off got in bed and put a thin blanket over me cuz it was rather warm almost fell asleep it was about a half an hour when I heard my door opening so I shut my eyes and pretend I was snoring a little bit he came in and I know he wasn’t there to say good night..
He went to the bottom of my bed got on his knees and slid his hands underneath and grab my naked thigh and shook me call my name to see if I would respond and I just pretended I was passed out. Then he had both hands rubbing my inner thighs and I could hear him breathing nervously is he freaks I have vagina he was rubbing it playing with my foot and it felt good I couldn’t believe I was letting it happen then he stuck I think one of two fingers in me and started fingering me rubbing the inner walls of my p**** going in and out it started feeling really good then he stuck his head and my blanket kept his mouth kissing my thighs all the way till we hit my pussy.

He started eating me out like no one ever has in my life and he was moaning he was loving it I was really getting into it my breathing was getting hard it was hard to pretend I was passed out and I did let out a couple moans but I mentioned my boyfriend’s name and he stopped oh keep going I said and then he went back at it he must have been doing that for 20 minutes felt so good and I did have an orgasm but I kind of hit it next thing I know he worked his way to my breasts and my nap kissing me and that sent me into us he made his way to my lips and her tongues best in and out of each other’s mouth next thing I know who I felt the pressure on my vagina he shoved his cock about halfway inside of me he was rather big I was surprised then he started pumping in and out while I wasn’t on birth control because my boyfriend had a vasectomy then he started sucking on my ears and he was moaning and breathing real heavy and then I was really getting into it I said yes calling my boyfriend’s name yes fuck me. As he slid his cock all the way to my cervix he was huge and immediately started having an orgasm and he knew I was coming it was about 3 minutes into our success and then he was coming to he pumped and pumped and pumped I could feel this driving back release all this firm deep into my vagina never have I had sex with such a horse of a man shooting his c** like that before I could actually feel it shooting out.
As he must have came for 40 seconds or so a long time I thought when he was done shooting he slowly pulled out and I thought it was over 3 minutes while at least I came next thing he did surprise me he turned me over and I just pretended I was still snoring and sleeping and I was wondering if he wants to take me from behind is he still hurt I thought well the next thing he did was something I never had time you spread my ass cheeks and started licking my butthole and sucking on it and he was mowing like crazy.
oh you’re ass is so tasty he said in a a soft voice. You had two fingers in my vagina and his thumb on my clit working my vagina cut and sucking on my butthole sent me over the edge you’re going to make me come honey I said if I came he stuck his tongue what seem like a couple inches in my ass hole. When I came in 10th I usually come when people eat me out but I never had my ass laid out that was remarkable the next thing he got up on top of me again guys just talked back in my vagina and started slowly fucking me . Then when I thought it was all over he got back on top of me so let his cock back in my vagina and started fucking me slowly. This time he lasted for about 10 minutes and I came twice and when he was about to come he really gave it to me and shot another load in my vagina. I thought to myself with all that sperm my brother is going to get me pregnant I’ll just get the day after pill I thought wasn’t going to stop a good thing and the reason I need for we pulled out and couldn’t believe what he did he rolled me on my back I figured it was it and went down on me instead of sucking on my vagina never had a man c** in me and then eat me out afterwards that was kind of a turn on for about 10 minutes and then he was done he snuck quietly back out the door. Oh my God I can’t believe what I just did I thought let my brother actually raped me kind of but it wasn’t cuz I knew everything but in his mind he thought it probably was I lay waiting for about 15 minutes and then I started falling asleep I must have fallen asleep for about a half an hour when I heard the door creaky again he came in and it happened again two more times that was one incredible night with my brother now it’s been 4 years I never told him any different but one time about a year ago we went out and got drunk again and this time I got totally wasted my boyfriend of course was out of town.
And I don’t remember even coming home I woke up hearing birds chirping in the morning 6:00 with no clothes on and wondered if he had had sex with me I put my hand between my legs and my p**** was a little sore and it was dripping wet in my sheets were soaking wet where my vagina was I thought to myself now this thing he actually did great me until the next time we go out drinking this is totally a true story do I feel ashamed about it no. I think of it is a little fun I mean I had the best time in my life sexual that night with my brother I just wish I didn’t pass out. So I could enjoy myself but oh well I hope you like this story

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  • Reply Robert ID:2vfi8f7ev99

    Veryhot story!I think that she must have realised that the fucking would be much more exciting if she let her brother know that she was aware of her brother’s fucking her and was enjoying it

  • Reply Kimberley 33 ID:pvw1pjoii

    Nice one

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  • Reply Ken m ID:pvw1pjoii

    Very interested Mary I like the story as it never going to happen again why don’t you confront him about it if you liked it do it when you’re both sober