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Mercury – 028 (Blade Storm)

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The Queen raises one of Elma’s arms and smells her armpit, and She starts kissing it, overcome by the softness and aroma of Elma.

Episode 28 – BLADE STORM

On board the Mercury Temple Galaxy Carrier Beth-gal’ilee of the 4th Congregation, Patriarch Fraser Bighul sets a bottle down in front of Elder Christenia Hirst. The 4th Congregation is one of three congregations patrolling the space around Nabu. Elder Hirst is sitting in a meeting room looking over reports, and she picks up the bottle reading it, and she says:

“Jameson, Irish Whiskey? This is from Earth. Where did you get it Fraser?”

“Observants on Nabu took it from some kids peddling it for street credits. They gave it to a temple Prelate, and he gave it to one of our Corsair Anchorites visiting the temple for recruits.”

“Well, either one of our merchant, mining, or cargo ships is stopping off at Earth and buying this stuff, or someone from Earth is bringing it here. What is it for anyway,” asks Elder Hirst?

“Drinking, I guess,” answers Mr. Bighul.

Elder Hirst opens the half empty bottle and smells it and says:

“Unusual smell but I would not want to drink it, and if they took the bottle and it was being sold, why is it half empty,” asks Elder Hirst?

“I suppose it was sampled. The Anchoret that gave it to me said that if you don’t want it when you are done, that he would be glad to dispose of it. I think he must have drunk most of it because he was acting kind of stupid,” answers Mr. Bighul.

“So, it is a poison from Earth to make you stupid. I guess I better tell the Chief Elder and we need to start trying to figure out where this stuff is coming from,” remarks Elder Hirst.

Elder Hirst notifies Chief Elder Glacan Shirandicol on Mercury about finding Earth intoxicants after she observed the Anchoret who was drunk. She also had some Anchorites investigate Nabu more, and they found other Earth items. The Chief Elder ordered two more congregation fleets to Nabu suspecting the products were being smuggled in.

Anjali Ray was helping the Black Marketeer navigate using her navigation sense ability, but getting close to Nabu was a little scary, even if they were cloaked. They were using their ZPE-RC propulsion which is hard to see because the Black Marketeer has an elaborate suppression system, but there is still a faint ionized trial.

To limit the trail, they were drifting, and using thrusters as they got close, and trying to follow commercial traffic. To avoid Mercurian cloaked vessels, they were using the Mercury fleet transponder codes supplied by the Queen’s technokinesis hacking of Mercury’s database.

Anjali and Galina were going to teleport to the warehouse, and Ivett told them to teleport near the warehouse and check it out first. The increased fleet presence had Ivett paranoid. When they arrive near the warehouse, Anjali says she cannot sense anything, at all from the warehouse, like there is no one there. They approach the doors and open them, and there are kids inside, with Ṛddhi and an Occlude, and they apprehend Anjali and Galina. Paula Nocy tells Ivett:

“Something is wrong, I just lost my telepathic link with Anjali.”

“Come on, teleport us there now,” orders Ivett.

Ivett has Paula teleport transport link her and 12 Vipers to the warehouse. Ivett sees the problem and shouts:


Ivett orders the Vipers to kill the Ṛddhi, and the Scorpion armor parts from the Vipers form into multiple zagaglia and razes the Ṛddhi, shredding them apart in a cyclone as the kids scream. Ivett grabs Anjali and says:

“Why you not able to teleport?”

“That girl, over there on the ground, she is an Occlude, she can block our powers,” answers Anjali.

Ivett orders a Viper to kill the Occlude and Paula shouts:

“STOP! [the Vipers stop]. Ivett, TT will pay you ten bags of gold for that girl.”

“If we not get out of here now more will come. I hear them radio for help. If Occlude can block power, she can block power on ship. Is too risky,” remarks Ivett.

“Have two of the Vipers take her. Then we will just fold space immediately, they already know we are here. There are only six known Occludes, and TT has two of them. This will hurt Mercury’s Elders,” informs Paula.

“Okay, okay…you two, take Occlude back to ship in Scorpion mode,” orders Ivett, and two Vipers transform into a Scorpion and take the Occlude.

“You, A2, you come with us, get up and come here,” orders Ivett.

They teleport back to the Black Marketeer using a transponder signal locater, and as soon as the cloaked Scorpion lands, they fold space. The wormhole event damaged a nearby Mercury Corvette patrolling, so there was no doubt that a ship folded space and left Nabu in violation of jump protocols. Ivett grabs Anjali and embraces her and says:

“Was scared, I thought I lose you Anjali.”

“What about me cousin, you not worried about me too,” asks Galina?

“You? You I go to funeral and cry. If lose Anjali would kill myself,” answers Ivett.

Anjali starts crying and holds to Ivett. TT (soul possessed by the Queen) teleports to the Black Marketeer after Paula told her they were back. TT says:

“So, they are on to us. A2, do they know you are behind this?”

“I don’t know for sure. They showed up an hour before your delivery and were holding us. Leytenant and the other girl walked in, and they arrested them. They were id scanning for names when that happened, but they hadn’t got to me yet,” answers A2.

“They were determined. To risk such a valuable game piece as you My Occlude friend, what is your name,” asks TT?

“Elma Kerry. I don’t have anything to do with whatever is going on. They just stick me in a transport and shuttle me around,” answers Elma.

“Well, you won’t be doing that anymore. You are going to be My guest, and we will find something you like to do for fun. If you want to stay that is, do you,” asks the Queen/TT?

“If it means I am free, then yes, I will stay. I am so tired of being a hostage for having the ability to cause others not to have abilities,” answers Elma.

“Okay, I will take you with Me. Ivett, you did good rescuing them and bringing A2 with you. I can teleport A2 back in a few days and he can scope things out. How about it A2, has this made you wiser? Can you continue to sale this stuff but be more careful, and pick some loyal followers that are not as stupid as the kids selling this stuff on the street,” asks TT?

“Yes Boss. I have another hideout that only two people know about. It is not as big, but it can hold a shipment. The white dwarf star matter and the Le’sânac radio are there already. We were afraid of getting caught with it, so we were keeping it at that location,” answers A2.

“Damn, I am impressed you figured that out A2. Maybe you can get a handle on this business. I will keep you for a few days then we will check out your hideout,” says TT.

The Queen/TT, Paula, A2, and the Occlude Elma teleport back to the castle. Elma cannot believe TT can use Her powers around her. Mira finds A2 a room and afterwards she enters the Queen’s chambers where She is talking to Elma. Paula and TT went to their room. Aries I’tuhot comes in dressed in her sexy maid outfit and says:

“My Queen, I see You have another ebony princess. If she has not told You yet, she was very sexually active, even bisexual, until they found her three months ago.”

“Is that true Elma,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, My Queen. I was working in a market district on Nabu, and a Congregation Patriarch was buying some goods and he tried to read my mind. I didn’t know what he was frustrated about until he told me what he was trying to do. They took me away and tested me. Ever since then I have been dragged around on ships and to Mercury, for whatever they needed me for. As far as sex goes, I have had sex many times, and sometimes including my girlfriend,” answers Elma.

“I guess that means you have a contraceptive shield,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, My Queen, that is like the underground first rule. There are a lot of younger people on Nabu having sex now. I miss it. I hope this place is not that strict,” answers Elma.

“Take off those clothes Elma, you won’t need them anymore. We will give you a mantas module bracelet,” directs the Queen.

Elma is naked, and she is 25, and 5’ 11” and has shoulder length black hair. She has a medium light complexion for a black girl and her measurements are 36DD-27-37. She is busty with nipples that are a pinkish brown. She is curvy with nice thighs and pretty feet and toes. The Queen walks over and rubs her and rubs her smooth hairless pussy. The Queen asks:

“You are so soft, and your pussy is smooth and soft, how do you shave it, and how is your skin so soft?”

“I have a chemical hair remover that moisturizes, but I guess I don’t have it now. I also have a nice lotion I like, or did,” answers Elma.

The Queen raises one of Elma’s arms and smells her armpit, and She starts kissing it, overcome by the softness and aroma of Elma. Aries says:

“Stop Queen, You are getting excited!”

The Queen turns and grabs Aries by her hair and slings her onto the bed, and screams:


Elma covers up with her arms, scared and not understanding the dynamics of the Queen’s relationship with the woman Aries. The Queen straddles Aries as she lies on her back and holds her by her hair. The Queen says:

“Mira, clean Elma and analyze the chemical components of the products on her skin,” and Mira does so.

The Queen leans down and kisses Aries and says:

“I am going to possess you now, you fucking hot slut monster, but it is not the same as My body, bitch. Then I am going to fuck Elma and listen to you moan trapped in your mind.”

“Queen, I want You to use me to fuck Elma, but You have to fuck that boy too. His cock is perfect to reverse cowgirl, and it will make me squirt,” remarks Aries.

“Okay Chambermaid, let’s get to fucking,” and the Queen soul possesses Aries.

“Damn, you girls are fucking sex crazy. I am going to love it here,” remarks Elma.

The Queen (in Aries body) teleports Her, Mira, and Elma into the room A2 is in. The Queen says:

“Mira, get rid of his clothes too and clean him. If you finished analyzing what you examined on Elma, remove that spit patch of hair on the middle of A2’s chest and all his pubic and leg hair,” and Mira envelops A2.

“What the fuck are you woman,” exclaims A2!

“She is an alien, now shut the fuck up,” orders Aries/the Queen.

Aries pushes Elma down on the bed and kisses her, and down to her double D’s and moving lower until She sinks Her mouth into Elma’s sweet smooth ebony pussy, and She goes to town tonguing. Aries turns in a 69 over Elma, and Elma muff dives into Aries’s hairy pussy like a pro. Mira swallows them both up in her fuck room, and Elma has never felt such pleasure and orgasms in a few minutes. Mira changes back into her perfect female form and Aries pushes Mira down and kisses her. A2 says of Aries and Mira:

“Fuck, I have never seen two bitches as hot as you two, and I have been fucking pussy left and right on Nabu.”

The Queen pushes A2 down on his back, and She can see what Aries wants in Her mind. She reverse cowgirls A2’s hard 8.25” cock, supported on Her hands and feet (and by A2), and She tells A2 to fuck Her fast. She stops every now and then, and Elma sucks A2’s cock and licks Aries’s clit. Elma guides A2’s cock back into Aries’s pussy, and the Queen is excited, and A2’s cock is hitting the right spot. After a few, stop and goes, with Elma providing oral stimulation in between, the Queen orgasms and squirts all over Elma’s face. Elma buries her mouth in Aries’s pussy and drinks as much as she can. What she missed Mira captured. It was the nectar of the gods, and Elma said:

“Holy shit, I want to learn to do that. It tastes good!”

The Queen lays Elma down again and eats her pussy while A2 fucks Her doggystyle, and A2 fills Aries with his cum. Mira cleans Aries and She dresses in Her maid outfit, and Her and Mira leave. Elma spent the night with A2, and when he got hard again, he pounded her pussy. Elma was glad to be away from the Mercurians.

Elder Christenia Hirst teleported to Mercury to meet with Chief Elder Glacan Shirandicol. Chief Elder Shirandicol angrily says:

“What happened Christenia? I let you use that Occlude to make it easier to apprehend what you said amounted to children carrying out illegal activities. How could you lose our Occlude? Now we only have three.”

“We apprehended the kids, 110 of them. I lost five Prelates and 15 Anchorites before help could arrive. The kids we interviewed said the people who have been supplying them the goods showed up. At first it was just two of them, and our people arrested them. Then the kids said two more women showed up with 10 to 12 men in red battle armor. They said these men were probably not men, but robots or something.

The ‘robots’ manifested what the kids called a blade storm of blades that shredded our people from the knees up as the kids cried with their faces buried in the floor. You should see them, they are literally hacked to pieces, and the kids were covered in blood. The kids say two of the ‘robots’ enclosed around the Occlude and transformed into a ship and flew off, then the rest just disappeared, which I took to mean, they teleported away. Their ship was in a high orbit, and they folded space right there damaging one of our Corvettes. Whoever it is, they can match our tech and Ṛddhi powers, ‘Glacan,’” answers Elder Hirst.

“Are the kids isolated now,” asks Elder Shirandicol?

“Yes, we have not let anyone talk to them,” answers Elder Hirst.

“Move all of them to FC7, and keep them together in one camp,” orders Elder Shirandicol.

“What, no trial, their parents are going to want to know where their kids are, and they will be furious,” says Elder Hirst.

“Christenia, we are losing control. Every time we confront Earth it is ending in a defeat of some kind. If these kids talk, they are going to say how some group of people killed our people and got away with it. The last thing our people need is to believe that there is someone out there who can not only overthrow our authority, but they are supplying pleasures of the flesh. Our faith is crumbling before our eyes. A trial will only expose all of this. Soon, our people will want a new form of government, where they can enjoy the sins these pirates are supplying,” explains Elder Shirandicol.

“Okay Glacan, I will move them all to FC7, but I am not a supporter of this decision,” replies Elder Hirst.

The Queen, Mira, and Dr. Nayfel watched this meeting through the Queen’s mirror divination. The Doctor had Mira remove A2 and Elma’s IIId chips and he forged them new ones. A few days later, the Queen (in TT’s body) teleport transport linked with A2 to his secret hideout, and no one had discovered it. The Queen apported the next load from the Black Marketeer to the hideout, and apported three cubes of white dwarf star matter back to the Marketeer’s containment units.

The Queen remote viewed FC7 and found the camp where the kids were being held. The Queen (using TT’s body), Tildy, Mira, and Anjali, and 20 Vipers teleport transport linked to the camp with the kids on FC7. The kids knew who was delivering them, because they recognized the Vipers. Mira, Tildy and the Vipers killed the guards. After they gathered the 110 kids together, the Queen teleport transport linked them back to an empty launch bay in the castle. The Doctor spent the next two days removing their IIId chips and forging new ones. Tildy and Anjali returned them to Nabu in small groups by teleport transport linking.

The Elders feared a trial of the kids that could expose the Elders’ weakness. The Queen gave them something worse. A deliverer from the injustice the kids received from the Elders. Now the kids were going to spread the word even more; and say there was an army who could defeat the Elders. Soon, an outright war would be hard to sell to the Mercurian populace, if the people were already willing to surrender to Earth for a happier life.

A2 learned to keep a tight group close and form a top-down chain to distribute, so that if the guy on the street got caught, he only knew of a guy three of four levels lower than A2. A week later:

“Bethany, I am going to drop your ass in the pool again if you do not get up and go swim with Me,” states The Queen.

“Please let me sleep Dianne, You want to swim almost every day,” replies Dr. Bethany Hylton.

“No,” and the Queen teleport transport links Herself and Bethany naked to the pool.

Bethany plays dead man floating with her face down in the water. The Queen grabs her ankles and drags her around until she turns over and says:

“Okay, I will swim. Damn bitch, You are a fucking slave driver,” remarks Bethany.

The Queen kisses Bethany and says:

“I know sexy momma, but you will thank Me later when you still look hot in a mini skirt.”

They swim for about 30 minutes and Dr. Nayfel shows up again. The Queen says:

“Doctor, you are watching us swim naked again. I think you have a thing for naked pregnant women.”

“Maybe, but probably not, you two are beautiful to look at regardless. I pick this time when You have already completed Your laps because Your cognitive abilities are high, and You are more receptive. The nanite net is ready to deploy around Earth,” informs the Doctor.

“Do it! You’re right, that was an easy decision, but I would have said it regardless of My exercise habits. I am not buying your reason for coming to the pool,” answers the Queen.

“When I was programming the net for the teleportation events and the Le’sânac communications, I realized that I could program the wormhole generators too, to redirect to a different point than the origin point. I feel the Elders on Mercury will get desperate enough to actually use the bombs to start a war; since You have responded in a way they did not predict, instead of attacking them directly. They are going to reason that they need to attack You. Why don’t we program the generators to reroute the bombs to their security frontier? We could destroy their minefields using their bombs,” explains the Doctor.

“Let’s do it,” says the Queen, and Mira walks up and notifies of some intruders:

“My Queen, we have seven guests that arrived in a supply shipment to the Teppanyaki Restaurant, but they did not use proper clearance to stay, one of them is asking for TT.”

“What’s his name,” asks the Queen?

“Yamada Tarou,” answers Mira.

“Never heard of him,” remarks the Queen as She back strokes around with Her 34DD tits sticking out of the water.

“I suspected as much; that name is the equivalent of John Smith in English My Queen. I think he has a forged chip…”

[Mira causes a monitor to appear, and the Queen sees the man sitting at a secluded table in the restaurant. Mira continues]:

“…Here is what he looks like,” informs Mira.

“Oh yeah, I know this guy. I have to go talk to him,” and the Queen gets out and walks to the towel cabinet.

Aries walks in and gets the towel and says:

“Use me to meet with him My Queen.”

“Why, he knows TT,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, but TT operates outside the castle, and the two Japanese girls will like me, and they are his contact, trust me Queen,” insists Aries.

The Queen, Mira, Aries, and Bethany return to the Queen’s bed chambers. The Queen soul possesses Aries and prepares to go and meet with Yamada Tarou…


A2 (AKA) Gustavo Therine Waif, (INTRO) 19 yrs. old, Black Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Black Medium Length Cropped, (PUBIC) Shaved, (PENIS) Above Avg. Thickness 8.25 in Length Uncircumcised, (BODY) Athletic Muscular Not Bulky, (ORIENTATION) Straight, (COMMENTS) Real Cute Teen with a Thick Big Black Cock

Anjali Ray (AKA) Prelate Anjali Ray, (INTRO) 37 yrs. old, 32-25-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Brunette Short Over Ears Half-Way Down Neck in Back, (CUP) 32DD Natural Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Trimmed Tight Triangular, (BODY) Light Tan Complexion Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Emily Addison w/ Short Hair, (COMMENTS) Small Features from Face to Feet and Toes, Nice Round Shape Ass, DD Breasts Firm/Supple Look Hot on Her Small Body, Legs are Very Sexy, A Total Fuck Dream to Hold in Your Arms, Short Hair Makes Her Look Erotic

Aries I’tuhot (AKA Authorities), (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 36-24-36, Devil in Caucasian Human Flesh, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Hairy Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Hourglass Perfect, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lena Paul, (COMMENTS) A True Babe, Aries’ Thighs Curve into Her Sexy Hips Nicely and They are Ample and Soft, Plush Calves, Lovely Legs, Feet and Toes, Busty Breasts, Beautiful Nipples and Areola, Built to Fuck, Nice Creases, Defining Attraction is Her Hairy Pussy (a Work of Art) She Trims but Does Not Shave It, She has that Gap between Her Ample Thighs which Makes Her Pussy Totally Visible and Gives Her a Perky Ass

Dr. Bethany Hylton (AKA) (INTRO) 39 yrs. old, 34-26-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Complexion Fit Soft Milf, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Cherie DeVille, (COMMENTS) Very Hot Attractive Milf, Very Nice Body and Curves Just Right, Soft Round Ass, Nice Thighs, Legs, Sexy Feet and Toes

Dr. Nayfel (AKA) Dr. Peter Victor Franklin, (INTRO) 32 yrs. old, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Brown Medium Length Parted, (PUBIC) Trimmed Shaved Balls and Below, (PENIS) Avg. Thickness 8.5 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Average, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (COMMENTS) Handsome

Elma Kerry (INTRO) 25 yrs. old, 36-27-37, Black Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Black Medium Length, (CUP) 36DD Natural Pinkish Brown Nipples, (PUBIC) Chemically Shaved, (BODY) Medium Light Complexion Curvy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Aurora Jolie, (COMMENTS) Big Boned, Hot and Sexy Smooth Skin, Sweet Shaved Ebony Pussy is a Chocolate Delight, Can Take a 12” Cock All the Way in Her Pussy or Ass, Very Good Pussy Eater, Loves to Lick Asshole and Suck Toes

Galina Stoya (INTRO) 21 yrs. old, 32-24-34, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) Jet-Black Shoulder Length, (CUP) 32B Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Blackest Full Hair Coverage Trimmed to Perfection, (BODY) Slim Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Stoya, (COMMENTS) Her Complexion is Pale White, Her Jet-Black Hair, Black Eyebrows, and Long Black Eyelashes Stand Out Against Her Pale Soft White Skin, and Wearing Red Lipstick Provides an Eye-Catching Draw to Her Perfect Lips in an Otherwise Black and White Motif, Her Face is Very Pretty with Small Features, She has a Nice Round Ass and Sexy Legs, Feet, and Toes

Ivett Rota (INTRO) 29 yrs. old, 38-27-38, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 9 in, (HAIR) Black/Brown Shoulder Length, (CUP) 38DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Waxed, (BODY) Athletically Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Anna Polina, (COMMENTS) Beautiful Russian Babe, Light Tan Complexion

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Paula Holly Nocy (AKA) Butterfly, (INTRO) 35 yrs. old, 36-26-37, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36D Natural Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Hair Landing Strip, (BODY) Light Complexion Hourglass Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Natasha Nice, (COMMENTS) Shapely Pretty Brunette with Sexy Legs, Feet, and Toes, Nice Figure, Well Defined Creases between Thighs and Pussy, Small Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Next to Pussy Above the Crease of Left Thigh

Teagan Tessarossa (AKA) Prelate Teagan Tessarossa, TT (INTRO) 38 yrs. old, 44-27-43, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 9 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 48I Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Dark Tan Complexion Hourglass Big Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Eva Notty, (COMMENTS) Hot and Attractive with the Widest Curves, Monstrous Mammories, Looks Hot as Hell Lying Face Down on Her Knees with Her Big Thighs and Ass Spread and Smooth Pussy Showing, A Jumbo Pussy Meal for a Lesbian, When She Folds Her Calves Against Her Big Thighs and Points Her Sexy Toes and Spreads Her Legs on Her Back You Could Orgasm

Tildy Stargel Breeze (INTRO) 19 yrs. old, 30-23-30, Caucasian Human, 4 ft 10 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 30A Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Hair Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Petite Hourglass, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Jasmine Grey, (COMMENTS) Tildy is Real Cute Just Tiny, Little Titties Somewhat Smaller than a Tennis Ball (They are so Cute), Darling Little Shape and Almost a Peach Fuzz Black Hairy Area on Her Pussy, Sweet Curve to Hips and Round, Small Feet, Toes, Nice Legs, Precious Thighs, Bi-sexual Dynamo, Just Watching Her Eat Pussy Enhances Arousal

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