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Lemonade and Slim Jims Part 3

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I was left tied up, atleast the string was infront of me and not tied to the chair anymore. I didn’t know when the girls would be back but I needed to

Sorry it took so long to post again

I was left tied up, atleast the string was infront of me and not tied to the chair anymore. I didn’t know when the girls would be back but I needed to escape. I was able to stand up now but when I did my balls ached as I went to the bathroom, I had to pee before they got back, I wasnt going to be made to drink my own pee.

I looked in the mirror and saw the shoe string tieing my hands behind my back. I opened the vanity cabinet with my nose and saw some scissors. I grabbed them with my teeth and dropped them on the floor, I sat down and spent a few minutes trying to work the scissors and I finally cut the string, I was finally free. But I couldnt leave or get dressed, Bea had said they were going to have sex with me, so I needed a plan.

I found the duct tape and pulled off a strip of it and held it in my hand. I hid the rest of the tape in the bathroom, I just needed to be alone with one of the girls, hopefully Bea, I think I could jump her if she was alone.

I found another string and loosely tied up my hands behind my back, it wasnt easy to do. I went and sat back on the floor waiting for Katie and Bea to return. I almost forgot to put the panties back in my mouth as they returned.

Katie– we are back, hows the balls doing

I cant reply with panties in my mouth, but she gets on the floor and checks them.

Katie–we got you something fun

Bea comes inside with a switch. They was a bush in the back yard and they had grabbed some small branches off it.

Katie–open your legs, we wanna see if this hurts or not.

Fuck I wasnt going to get a switch to my balls, Im glad I untide myself.

Me– Katie, I really need to go pee. please before you do anything else

Katie– Okay, I dont want you to piss all over the carpet, Bea take him to the bathroom, Im going to get us something to drink.

Katie gives Bea the string thats still around my balls, I have to do this carefully, if it doesnt work I have a feeling my balls will never be same after Katie gets thru with them. My hands are free but that string on my balls can bring me to my knees in a second if Bea pulls it hard enough.

Bea walks me to the bathroom, string in her hand, Im glad she is infront of me and cant see my hands are barely tied and the tape in my hand

Me– Bea can you hold it for me, I cant aim it by myself and I dont want to piss all over the bathroom.

She grabs my dick with her hand, it felt damn nice to be touched my her soft hand.

Me– Im sorry Im kinda shy , do you mind not looking while I pee, can you close your eyes until I start to pee atleast.

Bea– Okay, I cant pee with people watching to.

I lift my hands from the loose string, grab the duct tape and put it over her mouth. She opens her yes and has this shocked looked on her face, I grab her throat, not to hard, but I tell her to be quiet.

Me– left go of the string and turn around Bea.

She does what I say and I duct tape her hands together, its loud tearing it so I hope Katie doesnt hear it. I have her sit on the toilet, I tape her ankles together and I slowly open the bathroom door and have her go to the bedroom beside the bathroom.

Me– now I am going to take the tape off your mouth and I want you to call Katie to the bedroom, dont mess it up, tell her I needed to take a shit and you didnt want to watch me shit.

Bea nods at me, I go back to the bathroom and leave the door slightly open, I grab the scissors and free my balls from the string.

Bea– Katie, can I get your help in the bedroom please, he needed to take a shit and I could not stand in there with him

Katie– Im coming, just pulling more leaves off the switches

I see Katie walk around the corner down the hallway, she walks in the bedroom looking for me and soon as she does, I pop out the bathroom slowly and go into the living room.

Katie–Bea what the hells going on, why you taped up, where is he.

Bea– He jumped me in the bathroom, he had untied his hands and had tape with him.

Katie comes out the bedroom and looks in the bathroom, see’s Im gone and walks to the living room.

I had found my clothes and put my boxers back on and hid behind the sofa. I had the tape with me as Katie comes in the room, she goes to the kitchen and comes back, yelling for me, saying Im going to pay for this, haha yeah right. She turns away and I jump out and attack her,push her on her stomach, I sit on top of her as she yells.

Me– its my turn now Katie

I pull her hands and tape them behind her, then I tape her mouth, she tries kicking my but I move and turn and sit on her back and tie up her feet really good.

I yell for Bea to come into the living room, I hear her hop down the hallway, I untie her hands as I hand her a switch. I grab Katie and pull down her shorts, she isnt wearing panties.

Me– Bea hit her with the switch

Bea– I cant do that to her

Me- its either you or her, so take your pick

Bea– I am sorry Katie

She hits Katie on the ass with the switch, I tell her harder and they both start to cry, I see red marks develop on Katie’s white ass.

Me- hand me the switch Bea and come here and suck on my dick.

She does as I say and starts to suck my dick, her sweet lips feel so damn good, and I listen to Katie still crying.

Me- I heard you want to fuck me, do you still want to? Im not going to rape you but If you still want to fuck we can.

Bea– I would like that, I still want it.

We go to the bedroom. I sit Katie in the chair, Bea sits on the edge of the bed, I tell her to lay back so I can lick her pussy.

Me- Katie if you so much as move I will switch you myself.

Katie just nods at me.

I go to lick Bea’s pussy, its completely hairless and already wet. She came which surprised me,

Me= are you ready?

Bea–I am, just be gentle Im a virgin

Me– Im not going to be gentle, you kicked me in the balls 8 times.

I rub my dick on her pussy and get it wet and start to shove it inside her. I had a virgin before, I took my time to let her pussy get use to my dick, with Bea I was balls deep within seconds, I could tell she was in pain, but damn her pussy was tight and I just cared about my dick. I put my weight on her, going as deep as I could, I bent over and kissed her, she kissed me back , then I started to pound her hard.

I loved her moans, she was crying but she was also smiling at me. I fuck her faster as she started t0 cum, I guess she did love it rough. I felt my cum build up and I start to fuck her as hard as I can, I came, my balls ached as I came. I just stand there with my cock buried in her pussy.

Me– how was that fuck

Bea– I loved it, I want to be your girl so we can fuck all the time.

Me– really? well first I have something else to take care of, do you mind helping me?

Bea– sure what is it?

I look over at Katie and smile, she knows Bea is on my side now.

Me– can you help me with Katie?

Bea– sure baby, do you want me to grab the switch?

part 4 soon

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