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Grandpa wated to have a talk but he was silent for too long. He said it was something important so I had rush out of the shower with only a small towel wrapped around my waist. Water was running down my big tits and nipples. “I don’t know how to say this Lei” he broke the silence. “Just say it.” I yelled as I was restless.

“You remember that time when you said all men are Dogs?” Grandpa said. “Yeah?” I wanted to hear what he had to say. “Umm…so…how about you marry a Dog instead of man?” he asked without pausing.

I was shocked and surprised, “Grandpa how could say that?” “What? Bestiality is legal.” he shrugged. I was getting annoyed “That’s not the point! You were supposed to marry me! You always said you would. Every time you sneaked into my room, I would silently suck you off. I sucked your cum to the last drop. Sometimes you would even hold my head tight and piss in my mouth. Every fucking time you would promise to marry me! I even left the house and mom for us to be together and started selling myself out to provide for us so that you don’t have to work. I am the prettiest whore out there but I charge the least as you told me to so that I can take more customers. Grandpa I fuck all day! Sometimes I even have to sleep with two dicks in my pussy. How could you be so ungrateful?!!”

He was silent the entire time. Then he came to me and sat beside me. He slowly started rubbing my boobs and pinching my nipples. “Oh big tiddies! You have no idea how much Grandpa loves you! I would like to marry you too but this is once in a lifetime chance. After we get the money we can run away and marry each other.” After that he pulled away the towel from my waist and started fucking me and explaining his plans at the same time.

He told me that he met an old man at the bestiality sex show, who was looking for a wife for his son. It’s actually a dog. He knew he would die soon and wanted his dog to have someone take care of him. He was planning on leaving everything on his name.

I was sad that my wedding plans had to change but I wanted to make grandpa happy. He was overjoyed when I agreed. He wanted to celebrate with his friends and serve them his special dish. He laid me down naked on the table and spread the food all over my body. His friends ate out off me drank wine from my tits. They fucked me senseless, leaving a bucket of cum imside my pussy and all over my body. I was the special dish grandpa was talking about.

The next day we went to the mansion, grandpa talked about. He made me wear the sexiest outfit I had. The old man was sitting on his bed when we arrived. He called me near him. “Hurry up! I was waiting for you!” he said. He yanked me to him and suddenly shoved his dick inside throat. He signed to grandpa to hold my head tight and started piss in my mouth while roaring “Waa.. uggh…”. When he was done, he lecherously smiled at me and said “I heard you were a expert! Your grandpa told me he used to pass you around as an urinal, among the men at the oldage home he was temporarily living in. I was holding up since you were coming.”

I didn’t know what to say until I met his dog. It was a ferocious looking Dog. I knew it wasn’t a gentle dog since he was muzzled. I was scared of him. Grandpa wanted me to have sex with it right there but the old man wanted us to get married first. “I’m a traditional man. I don’t approve having sex before marriage.

So we had a wedding ceremony. The guests were mostly the old man’s friends. They were Animal lovers. Some brought their dogs, some brought pigs. Some even brought horses. Most of them were women and young. There was a young redhead girl, with big boobs and little waist, who came riding a horse. Everyone was gossiping that she had a 3 inches gapped pussy. She was a Nympho so she had to fuck all the time. My soon to be father-in-law knew about her condition and permitted her to have sex with her horse whenever she wanted. So she did. Everyone was taking pictures and filming the beautiful scene. She was a crazy woman.

The marriage was more fun than I had expected. I married in a tiny white lace bikini and had a diamond tiara on my head. The wine was expensive and the food was good. I was given a diamond encrusted Nipple rings during my engagement. Me and my Dog husband was given diamond collars on that day. It was a perfect day but hell soon fell upon me.

My father-in-law and grandpa made us have sex multiple times a day. They said they wanted grandchildren sooner. I was dumb and believed them. At some point we started having sex all day long. My father-in-law trained my dog-husband to piss on my boobs and face and poop on my belly. They played dirty games with my body.

They would watch us fuck and get knotted. Then they would forcefully pull out his knot out of my pussy. I cried and begged them not to as I had started enjoying the sex and didn’t want them to take out my husband’s dick. I would grip it tightly with my pussy but eventually they would pull it out. If I cried and said “Why did you pull it out? Give it back to me!” they would shove the dick back in. Sometimes they would attach strings to my nipple rings and hang them to the wall while my dog-husband fucked me. Sometimes they would offer him snacks and make his chase it while we’re knotted, so that he would drag my around the house, by my pussy. They even made me cheat on my Dog-husband with a Horse!

I started to hate my grandpa more and more and falling in love with my dog-husband. I used to say “Men are Dogs.” But actually Dogs are better than men.

After a few years, when my father-in-law died, my husband inherited his property. I attended my father-in-law’s funereal wearing only a black hat and black heels. Later I found out I was carrying his twins. I decided to keep the babies. My grandpa suggested we send away my husband to a shelter home but I refused and threatened to kick him out if her said that again. He died a few years later.

I’m now in my late 30’s. My husband died last year but I had long marriage with him and a happy family with him and the kids. One of my daughters turned out to be a pig whore and the other is a Horse slut. My youngest son whom I had with my grandpa, likes to fuck me and his sisters. He’s a dom just like his father.

I have started a Bestiality reverse brothel where customers can bring their pets and watch them fuck young, hot women. I’m expanding my business and planning to install a bestiality theater. I’m also planning to marry a horse nex year. Life has never been this good for me.

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