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Impregnated Triplets

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Forced in to retirement I got my revenge by impregnating my boss’ three teenage daughters.

27 years I’ve been doing this job, counselling pregnant teenage girls, little sluts who couldn’t keep their legs closed.

Last year this big corporation takes over and hires a 30 year old woman as our new district manager, it wasn’t too bad at first, I guess they needed some new younger blood to sort the business out and start making more money.

She was a nice enough woman until last month when she called me in to her office and told me that I was no longer required, that I was too old to be doing this job, teenage pregnancies were dropping and the business was no longer viable, cuts had to be made, the bitch was forcing me out, I was here from the beginning, I helped build this business from nothing.

Well, that pissed me off no end, I went off the rails and decided to give some pay back.

For the last six months while she worked late, she had been asking me to pick up her three daughters from school and drop them off at home, which I was happy to do at the time because it was on my way home and I was a nice guy, at the time.

Her daughters were 12, and triplets, Chloe, Emma and Amy, if she wanted teenage pregnancies then that’s what she was going to get.

I picked the girls up from school and took them home, I went inside with them as I always did and had a cold glass of soda, and normally I’d head off once I finished the drink but this time I decided to stick around.

As a councillor I had access to powerful drugs, which I brought with me that afternoon and casually slipped them in to the girl’s drinks after taking them home.

When I finished my drink I told the girls I was leaving and then I went and just sat in my car for half an hour, parked outside their house, while I waited I took a Viagra pill, I was 52 years old so needed a little pick-up.

I went back in to the house and found all the girls in their bedrooms unconscious, I took all my clothes off as I made my way in to the first bedroom and I was naked by the time I reached the bed, Emma was laid on her back with her legs slightly hung over the side, so I repositioned her legs on to the bed, I unbuttoned her white shirt and removed her little pleated skirt, she was wearing a little training bra so I removed that and suckled on her tiny nips.

I took off her shoes and panties but left her knee high socks on, somehow the socks made her look cuter, I pushed my finger in to her pussy and felt her tight warm innards then I slid like a snake between her legs, climbed over her and with my cock fully erect I push it inside, I could feel her innocence stretching out and opening to accommodate my thick cock, she gasped unconsciously as her body reacted to the penetration.

With her pussy starting to gush clear fluids, I wasted no time and fucked her like a little love doll, when I finally came I made sure my cock was touching her cervix giving my sperm the best chance of impregnating her.

When I was done I went downstairs, still naked, and grabbed myself a cold beer from the fridge.
I gave my balls enough time to regenerate my sperm and then went back upstairs and in to the second bedroom.

Chloe was on top of her bed sleeping on her side, she must have got there before the drugs fully kicked in and she looked peaceful and comfortable.

I decided to leave her uniform on and just folder back her skirt and removed her panties, then I sat over her right leg and lifted her left leg up as high as it would go, like she was doing the splits, I saw the muscles and tendons stretch as I forced her leg up, then I took my cock and pushed it inside her already wet pussy and I just fucked her sideways.

Chloe’s little pussy felt tighter than Emma’s and it took a while for me to come, then I just lay beside her on her bed while I finished my beer.

Then I made my way to Amy’s bedroom, she was laying the wrong way across her bed on her front with her legs hanging over the side, I walked over and pulled on her legs, dragging her towards me, when her hips got the edge of the bed her legs folded and her knees hit the floor.

She was bent over the bed on her knees with her upper body, head and arms stretched out on the bed, so I left her in that position and took her skirt and panties off, I decided to mix it up a little and began by forcing my cock in to her ass hole, I fucked her anally from behind.

As I felt myself quickly reaching climax, I pulled out of her ass and swiftly penetrated her virgin pussy and I pumped her fast her hard, it felt amazing and I tried to desperately hold my sperm back for as long as I could, then I just exploded and flooded her innards with my seed.

It was getting late and I knew their bitch mother would be home soon, so I got dressed, redressed all the girls and laid them in their beds, after cleaning up any mess and evidence, I gave them all an injection to counteract the drugs I gave them, I had about 5 minutes to get out of the house before they woke up, so I ran downstairs, got in to my car and drove away.

I picked the girls up from school the next day and they were normal, they hadn’t suspected anything had happened to them, I continued to collect them from school for a couple more weeks and not once was anything mentioned by them or their mother.

My time at work had come to an end and I was forced in to early retirement.

About 4 months later I saw the bitch and her daughters in town, the bitch saw me and politely smiled as she walked by, but she didn’t look too happy with her girls, I noticed her girls all had a little bump in their bellies as they carried bags from the local maternity store.

All three of them were pregnant, carrying my child, I found it odd that no one had questioned how it happened but later found out that they all had boyfriends and were sexually active a few weeks after I raped them all, and their boyfriends were the suspected fathers to their babies.

Was it possible that when rendering them unconscious and raping them, they had some sort of subconscious sexual awakening and developed a hunger for sex, perhaps that is why they became sexually active only weeks after I impregnated them?

Revenge was mine.

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    Rot with satan you pos

  • Reply Jism786

    Super hot and filthy sex. Loving it. Great work.


    Great story do part 2

  • Reply peter

    I can imagine the boner of seeing them carrying your kids.