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im in love with my brother

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I won’t be breaking down much but I just wanted to share whats been happening to me currently, its been eating me up and I can’t go a day without thinking about it so by the end of this hopefully I feel less stress.

I am 14 years old and you can just call me UP I have a brother he’s not my only siblings but our rooms are next to each other and we’ve been somewhat close.

when I was about 6 and he was 7 we had our first sexual awakening in our shared room closet which was basically showing off our privates.

this stopped due to us feeling as if it was wrong cut forward to me being 10 and him being 11 he shared a room again and when everyone was asleep we get in the same bed and dry up with our bottoms down.

and from there on we both grew a strong love for each other that went beyond family and siblings love we were aware and kept it hidden.

now we’re gonna just skip to me being 14 and him being 16 his birthday was recent so that’s why it isn’t the usual one year ahead.

we don’t share a room but I go to his room to play the game but were usually home alone seeing as everyone has a job.

ill put it into detail because I’m not a stranger to this sight I’ve read some stories.

it was yesterday and we hadn’t done it in a while but this year and before I have gave him plenty of blow job’s.

back to the story it was early so I was only in a shirt and panties and I crawled into his bed he cuddles the typical spooning position.

his morning wood pressed against me and we just hunped for a bit.

before eventually we began making out for a good 20 minutes.

we started with oral sex and it was my first time getting head his tongue seemed to know what to do kicking my clit and wiggling inside of me.

I came on his tongue and he came in my mouth I f
swallowed because I had become familiar with his cum loving the taste.

this time he grabbed a condom from his shoe box of weed and other things.

I was scared of course I was gonna lose my virginity to my brother but we were in love and it had come to far.

i felt like it had to happen.

im not sure my brothers dick size but I’d say about 6inches and very thick and when he managed to get all the way it stung back from the stretch but it felt like heaven feeling him move inside me.

I moaned and whimpered in his ear and my legs wrapped around his waist he worked inside of me and I felt somethings quickly slide out.

the condom as slipped somehow but I encouraged him to keep going knowing my sister had a plan b in her bathroom

his hips moved fast and the bed was squeaking I couldn’t explain the feeling I couldn’t even moan my mouth was stuck open while he trusted more harder.

I came hard early and squirted a little and there it was a warm feeling deep inside me.

I felt butterflies when my brother pulled out and his cum leaked out.

we cuddle for a bit more him putting his soft dick back inside of me before we showered and it was awkward after that but when we had a chance alone in his room even when my mom was hear I was bending over his door taking a pounding.

luckily his pull out came is okay but im.still ordering birth control.

I know its wrong n shit but I just can’t stop im in love with him and i wish we weren’t siblings because I would be alrdy bearing his children but we can’t and soon I know I gotta get over it but for now I’m gonna enjoy being filled with dick

sorry for errors I don’t really care

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    Keep making storys

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    If you love each other and can make things work there is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy each other.

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    You already know who it is so open up

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    Let him breed you


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    Would definitely love to see what you look like

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    Nice story
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