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I was raped while hiking

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I was hiking i wont say the location but I was hiking and I stopped to rest by a small pound i laid on the blanket I packed in my backpack and took a short nap

but when I woke up and I immediately help down by the arms I panicked there were 5 guys guy number we’ll call beard had ripped my clothes off another guy we’ll call crusty was pushing his dick between my lips.

he told.me.to open up and I did once I saw a knife in his other hand I busy with trying to take his thick.cock and my body was betraying me by getting me wet beard was pushing in me no condom and I felt ashamed for moaning they chuckled how I was enjoying it another guy ill call mouth immediately kissed me his saliva tasted like mint gum and I kissed back.

they all took turns dumping there loads in me and left me with cum and piss all over me and it was that say I realized rape is okay with me now I’m my towns rape bait

and I’m fine with it i feel happy inside knowing I’m helping men who can’t control there urges get off instead of taking it on other women.

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    bella_quinn123 is my kik. Text me for some sexting

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    I’m interested in this!

    • Dave

      I’d love to do this to you. Where do you live?

    • Yasmin

      montgomery il

    • Dave

      Wow that’s pretty near me. Next time you go hiking email me [email protected]

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    I want that!


      How old are you Emmy?


    Rape bait do you have kik or snapchat I would like to chat with you

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    rape bait, i want to text you!

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    Rape bait where do you live