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I was a spoiled racist until…

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White racist wife discovers sexual bliss with black lodger

I am quite certain that many of you will call bullshit on my story, but I don’t really care. It is true and I am trying to tell it exactly like it happened. It really is a wonderful adventure for me.
My husband and I live in a hard working middle class neighborhood. One with a very diverse variety of ethnicity’s, cultures, and from different walks of life. It is quiet, respectful, kind, and loving community.
You will understand why I put this here as I go on because I didn’t always feel this way about it. I used to be a spoiled little bigot, and resented what I felt was the deterioration of our neighborhood and social status.
When we first moved here, it was an upper class totally white area. Then the area gradually changed. First the Korean’s, then the Latino’s, then the Italians, and they were Catholic to boot ! Then came the nigger’s ! My family was furious about them.
I was raised in a vert strict home in Iowa. Social distancing back then was you stayed in your class and stayed away from those that were not white, financially prosperous, or Protestant. You NEVER mixed with Niggers except to have them work for you. You NEVER socialized or spoke to them unless it was absolutely necessary under any circumstances.
When the housing market fell so did our small business. It was all we could do to stay afloat and put our son through collage. He graduated two years ago and it was a really satisfying time for us. He got a job out of state is is doing well on his own.
In the meantime our situation at home was getting much harder. Business way taking a hit and then the virus hit. We had a few dollars in the bank, but it went quickly. We did apply for the PPP, but it was slow and we had to make a decision on how to make ends meet until the PPP came through.
We had a nice 4 bedroom home and decided we would rent out a room temporarily to help get us by. We posted an ad on a few sights and were soon inundated with people interested. The problem was that there weren’t any willing, or able, to pay our asking price.
Then finally a gentleman called and spoke with my husband, saying he would like to look at our home and if it was satisfactory he would take it. He made an appointment to come and see it two days later.
When he arrived it was a tossup of me dropping over from shock, and bouncing off the celling. He was a Nigger !!!
My first reaction was to shut the door in his face. But my husband quickly stepped in and invited him in MUCH to my dismay.
We sat in the living room and started to chat. Well I should say he and my husband talked. I wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence.
My husband showed him the home and he was quite impressed. He had come with a bank statement, background check, identification, references, and a cashier’s check in hand for 6 months rent plus security deposit being prepared to take the room if he wanted to.
He was out of work and was hoping to be able to find a job in our area, but having the time to search for one and not worry about expenses.
My husband agreed and a lease was signed with him to move in the following week. I was furious ! I asked my husband how in the hell he could rent our home to a Nigger !?! He looked at me and told me we had NO choice. That this man gave him a cashiers check for $4,200.00 and that would hopefully get us through our wait for our PPP. I didn’t speak to him for 3 days after.
When the time came for Jeremy, (that is his name ), to move in, Mark, my husband, told me I would have to at least be civil to him. I agreed, but held the reservation that contact with him would be minimal and chilly at best. To describe the first week as uncomfortable would be a gross understatement. It was torture. Especially for him I think.
Whenever he saw me, he would say, ” Hello Lynn. How are you today ? “.
I would curtly say, ” I am well thank you. “, and go about my day.
The second week was a bit better. I noticed that he was impeccably neat and tidy. Always cleaning up after himself in the kitchen. Plus he would vacuum, sweep the kitchen floor, dust, things like that without being asked to. His personal hygiene was evident as well. Always dressed fresh and neatly, clean shaven and bathed.
Somewhere between week 3 and 4, my attitude towards him changed. Everything he did made an impression, and the ever present, ” Hello Lynn. How are you today ? “, took it’s toll.
I started to answer him in a softer tone and actually carry on a light conversation. Eventually we became friendly. Or I should say that I became friendly.
Jeremy was not a handsome man neither was he ugly. He was…..ordinary. About 5′ 10, perhaps 180 lb.’s., a bit of a paunch, and black as coal ! But he did have that killer smile. Warm and he always smiled with his eyes. Dark brown and twinkly.
His personality was by far his best attribute. Kind, polite, always smiled and had a wonderful laugh. The kind that comes from deep inside.
He had come here from Jamaica as a child, never losing his accent. He was well educated and articulate.
I am a woman in my early 40’s. Not drop dead gorgeous, but attractive. 5′ 7 ” tall, 155 lb.’s, deep auburn hair, with a more than decent figure. I take pride in my appearance having my silly exercise regiment that I perform 4 times a week and I walk about 2 miles every morning rain, snow, or shine.
My boobs are a firm 36C, 31 in. waist, and 37 in. hips, with no tummy. Not a 6 pack, but no tummy LOL.
My legs and my butt are my best physical attributes. I have been told that all my life and I used to like to flaunt them every now and then.
My sex life had been more than adequate I think. At first, Mark and I went at it like rabbit’s as all newly married couple’s do, but as all other couples it wains after a few years to about about once a week. Then to once a month if that. Mark is several years my senior, and works every day about 10/12 hours and he is usually tired when he gets home.
As the weeks turned into months, I was feeling quite comfortable with Jeremy. We would sit and have coffee in the mornings and just chat. Never once did he ever do or say anything out of line or suggestive to me.
One morning after I had had my run and a shower, Jeremy and I had our morning coffee. I told him I was going to run errands and asked if he needed anything while I was out.
He asked if I would pick up some toothpaste and mouthwash for him while I was out. I of course told him yes and off I went.
I came back home about 3 hours later. I unloaded my groceries and then took Jeremy’s things to his bathroom not knowing that he was in there.
I walked in and there he was in all his slender. I was so embarrassed and SHOCKED ! He was just about to get into the shower and I had barged right in on him. He was shocked as well and grabbed a towel to cover himself. I stammer something and scurried out of the bathroom.
What I was shocked about was not only was he naked, but he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It wasn’t big, it was monstrous !!
Like almost any other woman my age, I had watched a bit of porn if for no other reason than curiosity. I had as well watched an interracial one that was titled, ” 12 inch black dick fucks white wife “. I must say that it was impressive, but a total turnoff for me. I had absolutely NO interest in a Nigger fucking me and had thought at the time that it was a sin against mankind, unnatural, and completely disgusting.
About 20 min.’s later Jeremy came into the kitchen. I was blushing in shame and just mumbling something incoherent. He just smiled and said, ” It’s no big deal Lynn. It’s just one of those things that happened and no harm was done. at least on my part. ”
All I could do was sit there and be embarrassed not knowing what to do or say. He sat down and asked me why I was so upset. I told him that I wasn’t upset, but totally and completely embarrassed and shamed that I had intruded on him.
He then asked me if it was that, or that he was black. I told that was part of it as well. He then asked a question that took me by surprise. ” Do I have anything different that Mark ? ”
I answered back no. Then he said, ” Well imagine that. I have the same parts that a white man has. ” . Then laughed long and hard.
I looked at him and told him, ” Yes the exact same parts, but far different. “.
“Yes I am. ” he answered with a rare somber look on his face, ” I have had this curse my entire life. “.
I looked at him questioningly and asked how it could be a curse.
He answered me that he did have an amazing sex life. Very little if any at all. That women would take one look at his dick and that would end everything. That he couldn’t even get a professional to pleasure him. Once in a while he would pleasured by a woman using her hands, but that was it and that was rare. He had to leave then to go job hunting and nothing more was said of it.
The next few days, I had thought and thought about his dick and what he said. It did make sense to me. He was well over a foot long soft, my goodness what would he be if he got hard !?!
Then I would think of this man that I so wrongly thought terrible things of when we first met, and how difficult it must be for him to have a sexless life. The phycological and emotional strain must be unbearable. But here he was. Always with a smile and wonderful attitude toward everyone and everything. What an amazing man !
I kept thinking about his dick and was horrified ! Here I was, a MARRIED white woman and constantly thinking about a black man’s dick ! It went against EVERYTHING I had thought and believed my entire life. I was totally confused about this.
A few days later I heard Jeremy go into his bathroom and turn on the shower. Once he was in it I quietly slipped into his bathroom and sat on the toilet and waited for him to get out.
HAH ! Now it was my turn to shock him. And boy did I !!! When he opened the shower door and saw me, the look on his face was funny. He didn’t know what to do except reach for his towel. I snatched it and just went over taking his dick in my hand and started to jerk him off with both hands.
It was so thick ! And very heavy, but so soft and warm. I was in total awe of it. I got this driving urge to suck it
That wasn’t going to happen I couldn’t even get the head in my mouth. He was as thick, if not thicker than a beer can. So I just started to lick the underside and all around the head. Then BOOM ! He came. Now it was his turn to shock me again.
He came all over the place. I had never even begun to think anyone could cum that much. He covered my face, my hair, my boob’s, and I got a mouth full and ended up swallowing that ! This was a first because I had rarely sucked my husbands cock and NEVER allowed him to cum in it.
His cum had a very distinct flavor that I found to be intoxicating. Not slimy at all, but thick, rich, very creamy, and tangy.
I looked up at him and he was crying. He was so surprised and pleased that I did that for him that it brought him to tears. He looked down at me and asked, ” Now what ? I don’t know what to do. ” ” Do I have to move now ! “.
I smiled at him and told he was silly. No he didn’t have to move and we would just accept it for what it was. A spontaneous moment . He smiled that big smile at me and I left the room.
The next few days went normally. Mark went to work, I did my exercises and my runs, Jeremy his job hunting, we would have our morning coffee and all was well. Nothing was mentioned between Jeremy and I.
But I had not forgotten it and I had a craving to do it again. So a few days later, Jeremy went in the shower, I slipped into the bathroom, he opened the shower door, and I licked his dick. Except this time I was ready and swallowed almost all of his cum.
Afterwards I told that I really enjoyed it and thought that he did as well. He readily agreed and we then decide that this was going to be my morning protein drink from then on.
Jeremy’s only reservation was Mark. He and Mark had become friends and he wasn’t keen on betraying him in any way. I hole heartedly agreed, but felt that this was something that I NEEDED and it could be our little secret. Mark would never have to know.
Besides, Mark and I had become distant physically in the past few months. I was in my so called prime, and he was in his late 50’s. He honestly didn’t have the time or I think the desire any more.
We had become MUCH better friends though and got much closer in that respect. Strange ?!
Every day I would lick Jeremy’s dick and swallow his cum. I once took a baggy and just when he started to cum, I put it over his dick and got it all. I just wanted to see how much it really was. Just over a quarter cup every time !!
Then after the measuring, I gave him a wicked smile and drank it from the cup. This got him hard again. I just shrugged my shoulders and licked him again. Just as quick and just as much cum.
This went on for about 3 weeks. Usually I went to his room with just my robe on. One morning he was laying there waiting for me and I told him today was going to be a little different.
That today I wanted to give him my pussy. Or at least try to. To at least try to see if I could take any of it and if so how much. Kind of a challenge for me. And to be honest I was getting a bit randy by this time with drinking his cum every morning.
His eyes got big and he asked if I was sure. I told him yep, but I will get on top and control it all.
I had brought lube and GENEROULY applied it to his dick and inside myself even though I was as wet as I had ever been. He was hard as a rock and I stood over him and lower my pussy to the head of his dick. I was honestly frightened as to what it would feel like and if I could do it.
I lowered myself and my pussy touched the head of his dick. BOOM ! He shot his load. He got all flustered and started to apologize and I couldn’t help but laugh which hurt his feelings.
I told him I was sorry, but talk about being ready !! And that I was so flattered by him doing that. He smiled at that.
He was still hard and I thought, wonderful. Just more lube. So up I went again and lowered myself. This time the head started to go in and I had the most incredible full feeling from it. And the whole head wasn’t even in me yet.
I slowly lowered myself more taking the entire head of his dick. This was quite a chore as I had to balance and hold myself up at the same time. But I did it. I would take an inch. Stop and relax, then take another inch. Stop and relax. In 10 min.’s, I had only taken about 6 inches and that was all I thought I could take this way.
I told him I didn’t know if I could take any more because I couldn’t keep my balance and hold myself up any longer.
So I got off and onto my back telling him he could take over but to go slowly and if said stop he would stop.
He got on top of me and put his dick in me getting to about the 6 inch mark. Then he stopped relaxed and went in another 2 inches I guess. All was good but I was a bit nervous. He went in another inch or so and told him that was all I could take. He told me okay and then he started to fuck me. No pain, but the fulness was almost surreal. I had at least 9 inches of thick, black dick inside of me and it was incredible.
He started fucking me a bit harder and then I started climaxing. I do mean STARTED, because it was continuous until he stopped. Not just the fucking was in play here. But having a black man fuck my married white pussy and filling it with his cum is just so damn hot !
He asked me if I was on the pill or anything and I told him no. He the told me he was going to cum and was going to pull out. He didn’t want to take the change of getting me pregnant.
I told him don’t you dare !! I want every drop of your cum inside of me.
And cum he did ! I felt as though a dam had just burst inside of me and loved every second of it. I knew how much cum he was putting deep in my MARRIED white pussy and the idea that I may get pregnant was just so erotic He pulled out of me and I instinctively licked his dick clean with his cum pouring out of me.
Needless to say we had graduated to another level. I just can’t seem to get enough of his magnificent black dick and he can’t get enough of my married white pussy. We continued for about 3 weeks, with me ending up taking most of his dick but not all. I still can’t. He is 16 inches long and the very best I can take is about 13. There just isn’t any more room inside of me. He has already entered my uterus. That is a whole different story. It can be painful, but in the most wonderful way.
He told me that he had been fantasizing about my ass. About fucking it. I replied that I would put some thought into it, but don’t get his hopes up. I had never had anyone fuck my ass before and he was so big.
But I did research it. I read how you can train your ass for fucking buy using a butt plug. You just insert into your ass and keep it there. So off to the adult store I went. They had some of the most interesting things you ever saw.
The clerk was a very nice younger gal and I explained to her what I was trying to do. When I told her the size of Jeremy’s dick her eyes just got big. She took me to the butt plug isle and handed me the biggest one they had, and to keep it inside of me for as long as I can.
I went home and with great difficulty I got it in my ass. It hurt like hell ! But I was determined to at least try. The first day all I could do was about 10 min.’s at a time several times. After a few days, I could keep it in me for about 4 hours and got used to walking, sitting and everything with it in me. I never wore it while with Jeremy. I wanted it to be a surprise.
The day came when I told myself this is the day Jeremy takes my ass. I had worn the plug through the night while in bed. When I went to his room that morning I took off my robe and turned my ass towards him. He asked what in the hell that was. I told him about it, then pulled it out and told him to hurry and try to fuck my ass while it was still loose.
I got on all fours and offered my ass to him. He put the head against my hole and pushed. In he went. Some pain, but not really that much. I told him the same rules apply as when he first fucked my pussy and to go VERY slow.
He did just that. About 15 min.’s later he had about 7/8 inches in my ass and I told him was the limit. It was starting to hurt. Then he started to fuck my ass slow and steady. It was heavenly. I started playing with my pussy and cumming over and over.
I could look in his mirror and see his huge black dick going in and out of my white ass. It was SOOOOOO sexy !
It didn’t take him long to cum and he filled my ass with it. When he pulled out I looked at his dick and it was clean. So I bent over and lick his cum and my ass juice off of it.
He now fucks my ass 3 to 4 times a week but I can’t take any more than 10 inches.
I decide that I would have to have a talk with Mark. I told Jeremy and he agreed we would have to. I told him no. That it was going to be between Mark and myself.
He didn’t not like that idea, but I stood firm. The next day when Mark came home, I told that I would like to talk something over with him after dinner.
When dinner was over and the dishes cleared we sat down and I told him the entire story. He sat there expressionless and listened intently through the whole thing.
When I was finished, he sat there for a moment, then finally spoke telling me that he knew he should be angry, even furious, but he wasn’t. He acknowledged that we were not what we used to be sexually, and that in all honesty he wasn’t all that motivated any more about sex.
He also told me that I had become his very best friend and that he loved me more than any other living creature. He asked me if I was in love with Jeremy. I told him not in that way. I was in love with him sexually and as a person, but completely different that the way I loved him.
He told me that he just wanted me to be happy and satisfied with my life. That if Jeremy made my life better it was all good.
Now that we didn’t have to hide what we were doing anymore, we were fucking at least two times a day. I had also become more open in public. Jeremy and I would go out somewhere and I would just hold on to his arm. Then he would put his arm around me with his hand resting on my ass for all who wanted to could see.
We went to a lounge one evening and while I was in the ladies room, Jeremy had struck a conversation with another couple.
When I returned he introduced me. ” Larry, Judy, this is my wife Lynn “. I smiled then I kissed him deeply.
On the way home he asked me if I was upset about the introduction. I told him no it was actually really sexy. From then on we would introduce each other as my husband or his wife.
A few days passed and I had another talk with Mark. I told him that perhaps Jeremy should move into our room with me, and he into Jeremy’s room. We would still be married in name, but Jeremy would now be my true husband. He had no objections and that evening Jeremy and I consummated our new relationship level. I his wife and he my real husband
So here we are. I have two husbands. One that is my husband in name and my best friend, the other that is the lust of my life and my true husband now.
Of course I am pregnant with Jeremy’s baby. I will take great pride in the fact that everyone will KNOW that I have a black man fucking me. When I told him, he just smiled and fucked me right there on the spot.

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    But you didn’t fuck with your husband at least once, by all this time while was having an affair? He didn’t notice anything?