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I molested a 12 year old and she started to enjoy it

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School girl gets brutalized in her first sexual assault and likes it

(from my previous rape stories)


Now I’m gonna reach my 12th b’day. It’s on June and now it’s the month of April, my summer holidays are on the calendar and I’m still the sexual person I was. No change. It’s hot, as usual in Chennai. I’m, bare bodied under the fan, in the bedroom, a book that I’m reading has my attention. It’s a romantic one and I’m in the scene where the hero and the lady are about to make love. I squirm as I get a boner. As I proceed, I feel a hand on my dick. I look. It’s the servant boy again. He wants to suck me. I tell him I’ve no money now. He says it doesn’t matter. I’m astonished, but nevertheless interested and so I get up and lock the door.

The door to the balcony is the only thing that provides light. The boy watches as I undress my pants and my underwear. He sees my all-to-familiar dick. He looks surprised. He tells me that it looks bigger. I tell him to shut up and suck. I sit on the bed. He asks my permission to remove his clothes. I don’t mind and tell him to be fast. He pulls down his pants and underwear, along with his shirt. His dick is smaller than mine, but he manages to harden it. He kneels, before me. His smaller, but hard hands grip my cock, tightly. He bends and nibbles my cock. It throbs, increasing my sexual excitement. He pulls my foreskin back and licks on my pink, uncovered penis head, while I see him stroking himself in pleasure. I close my eyes and salivate, in pleasure.

I lick my fingers and pushing him away, gently, apply them on my wet cock and stroke it, holding the boy’s head as support, I make him suck my balls as I pleasure myself. All this too tough for me to handle, I cum on myself. Hard. I heave slowly as the white fluid streams, down my hands to my belly, my hairy pubic area. I let go of the boy’s head and he hurriedly licks it all. He continues licking my penis, now clean of my flowing cum, while he increases his own pace.

I warn him not to cum on the floor and control himself. I shiver and lie down, completely spent, when he resumes sucking on my cock. With no energy left to stop him, I pant as he gives me a blowjob again. I arch my back, my hips rising in a new pleasure. I feel free and good, ready for another orgasm. The boy doesn’t stop, but continues to suck, till I reach my edging point, after which there’s no turning point. I climax, screaming mutely in pleasure as he continues to suck, my cum, dripping from his mouth, his lips and falling down, his jawline, his throat, my crotch.

The bed gets a little wet, with all that fluid flowing around. I make him get up and tell him to leave the room. He grumbles and tells me that he too wants to cum. I tell him to go to the bathroom. He complainingly leaves. I sleep.

It’s evening, I decide to go outside. I take my bicycle, wearing a T-shirt and a half pant. I go out. I reach the tuition, the most nearest place to my house, where I’m very interested to go to. But Sasikala is not there, I only see Rukmini mam. I leave disappointed. I go for a while on the bike, till I reach the newly built apartments. I stand looking, when I see the new girl, whom I’d molested that day in the class (In The School), open the gate, take her cycle and leave for someplace. I follow her.

She stops at a certain place, a small apartment. A Hindi tuition, I see. I wait for her. I roam around then, a half hour later, I see her come out. She unlocks her cycle and is about to start, when I confront her. She stiffens seeing me and cowers in fear.

“What do you want?”, she asks me in Tamil, to which I respond in the same language.

“Let’s talk, get down from your cycle, now”, she obeys me, which is a good sign.

“Are you afraid of me?”


“Why? Because I’ll do this?”, leaving my bicycle on the ground, I push hers away, pinning her to the wall and closing the gap between us.

I couldn’t have chosen the timing and the place better. A deserted street, with only one house, till the next turning. No one would know we were here, unless she shouts, which she will, if I allow her to. I close her mouth and press closer to her.

Her eyes widen in fear and she becomes teary eyed. She pleads me with her eyes. I don’t speak. I enjoy the softness of her body, with mine, mingling, tingling sensations passing between us. I feel my hardness and I guess she feels it too. I lean into her mouth, going for a kiss. She turns her head and I lose slight control over her mouth. She’s breathing heavily, while I’m still closer to her. I slowly remove my hand from her mouth, pulling her lips, with my fingers as I graze them. Her brown eyes, flutter in panic.

I touch her chest, her breasts still developing, but big enough to cause her shame to be touched upon. I remove myself from her, she steadies her breathing, calming down, before I pull her neck towards me and look into her face, her hands, pushing against my chest. I tell her to look at me. She does, hesitatingly. I look into her and she into me. I place a hand behind her back, supporting her small frame and hold her close to me for a while, enjoying her softness. I pull away from her. I pick up my cycle. And as I’m about to leave, I tell her,

“Allow me to be your friend and this won’t happen again or else…”, warning her and enjoying the confused and worried look on her face, I depart.

The next day, I see her again. She whimpers on seeing me and I smile at her.

“Did you talk to your parents?”, she stiffens on hearing her parents mentioned.

“No. Why and about what?”

“That day at school, when I.. . U know what I did”

Her eyes scream at me in shame, “No, I didn’t”, she looks down and as she’s about to leave, I tell her.

“Good. That means I’ll have to talk to your parents”, she turns to me scared

“But why, what did I do?”

“Nothing, you’ll know, soon”. She pleads with me to not talk to her parents, but I don’t give in and on reaching her home, ask her to point her house. She teary eyed does so and I ring the bell.

Her mom comes out, surprised on seeing a boy, with her daughter. She tell me to come in. I tell her that I’d once unknowingly taken her pencil and forgotten to return it back, for which I was admonished, but now we’re both friends.

She is too polite with me and falls for my sweet talk. She even tells her daughter to apologize, but I tell her it’s not necessary. After the mom went back in, I got out of my cycle to pull the girl by her hand close to me and giving her a kiss on her cheek, I tell her to be careful now of me, for even her mom supports me.

She cries and runs to her room and I happily go home. That day I remembered an event that had occurred to me when I was a kid, well after that only did I even begin to start my sexual explorations. It is a very vague memory. I remember two or three girls, about 16-17 years of age, tying me up naked to a wooden beams and doing whatever they wanted to me. They first themselves got naked, then kissing themselves, urinated, masturbated each other’s. Somehow seeing all this, instead of me crying, I supposedly got a hard on. Seeing my erect cock, they took turns jacking me off. I felt an insane pleasure, followed by pain. Then I was untied and my head immersed in cold water, for some fantasy that they had. I even recollect being sucked off by one of them and they all laughed as they did this. It may also be a dream, but frankly it’s one of the best dreams I know.

After one day, I call upon the girl. I learn her name is Sneha. I tell her to come to my home, alone and skip her tuition. I warn her of serious consequences if she doesn’t. That poor sexy fool obeys me and comes to my house at 6 pm. My parents are out, won’t return till 8. So I tell her the house is now ours.

Sneha looks sad and I pull her to an embrace. She doesn’t respond. I pull her in and lock the door. I take her to the hall. I tell her to raise her arms and remove her shirt. Then I tell her to remove her pants. She does. Then I tell her to remove her panties too. She hesitatingly does so and soon is completely naked. I remove my shorts and shirt. Then my underwear. I sit on the sofa, pull her towards me and making her sit, beside me, I pull her neck closer and kiss her mouth, deeply.

She is startled as I kiss her mouth soft, saliva flowing as I suck it in and breath into her. I touch her body all over. I place her hand on my dick. She winces. I look into her eyes. She is hesitating. I tell her to stroke my dick which has now become hard. She stares blankly at me. Then she lifts her hand and proceeds to do what I do to my dick. She seems reluctant. A squishy noise comes from my dick. My precum is in her fingers. She doesn’t know what to do. I force her down. She resists but I push her and tell her to open her mouth. She doesn’t. I keep brushing my dick against her sealed lips.

Then I squeeze her nipples on her small breasts. She whimpers leading her mouth to open an inch and I stuff it with my cock. She barely protests as I shove it up her mouth, my dick exploring her mouth. Splat, splat my balls hit her chin as I thrust into her mouth. After a while I relax and she suddenly starts to suck.

“You like this? You like sucking my penis?”

She nods her head and I lift myself, lying down, keeping her between my legs, her body on her legs, her hands now on my dick. I nod and she proceeds to suck my cock. She opens her mouth wide and it easily engulfs my growing cock.

I feel the heat of her mouth and thrust into her. She bites into my cock and I slow down. She removes herself and strokes it. Licking the sides of my dick, looking at me. I rise up and kiss her mouth. She is now tender, more forthcoming as I passionately lick her mouth.

I reach down and massage her clits. She withdraws and moans in pleasure. I pull her back to my cock. She sucks it, with slopping sounds. I tell her to hold herself and as she braces herself holding onto my ass, I move fervently inside her mouth, my balls slapping her chin and throat as I reach my release. I cum into her mouth.

After allowing a bit, she withdraws her mouth, appearing a bit disgusted by my fluid. She touches it and licking it, shivers in the taste. I push her back and bending down, suck on her vagina. She moans and I give a full tongue lick in her pussy walls, before entering her, with my tongue. She gasps as I move inside her, her breath out of control and as I insert a finger inside her she explodes, screaming and shouting. I cup her mouth and ferociously move inside her, once again.

I then pull up to her face and sitting on her chest, I thrust myself into her mouth. She remains quite as I quickly violate her mouth and ejaculate inside her once again. She cries out as I force my penis down her throat, followed by my semen. I wipe her tears away and take her to the washroom. I clean her mouth and vagina. She protests, but I insist. After that I allowed her to go home.

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