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I sat on the couch peacefully until my older brother came and snatched the remote changing the channel “Derrick knock it off I’m watching tv” I groaned and reaches for it only for him to pull it away.

“Shhhhh my shows on” I jumped on him and snatched the remote laying on my stomach holding it under me while he leaned against me and tried to grab it.

“Don’t be-Don’t be a dickhead mars” he groaned and lifting my hips making my back arch and my ass push against him as he grabbed the remote I struggled while he changed the channel and held me there laughing.

“Your fucking pathetic” I brushed and squirmed only to feel his fucking cock twitched “derrick move your a pervert j swear I’ll go in my room just mo-DERRICK” I panicked while his hands pushed under my shirt I squirmed helplessly and blushed while he groaned and humped me.

He let go and I quickly darted off the couch smacking him and storming to my room. “Fuck why am I wet….it felt so big and thick tho” I sat on my bed and spread my legs.

I toyed with my clit and moaned gripping my boob I quickly stopped when I heard a knock at my door I fixed myself muttering come in.

Derrick walked in and crawled up sitting next to me “I’m sorry about what I did, it’s just you’re my little sister, and for a 14 year older your way to developed” I blushed and looked away “is that gives you permission to humor and grope me” he chuckled and kissed my cheek.

“Next time don’t look so cute” I glared “you’re 19 you fucking weirdo” he closed my door and rolled his eyes.

The next day I got up and took a shower I skipped downstairs in a pair of briefs and a crop top looking in the fridge.

I had slept so well I forgot about my brother but I remembered when he pressed against me I froze and let him grope me grinding his evident morning wood “I see you more accepted, I guess you won’t mind if I pop your teen cherry” I elbowed him and continued making my cereal.

Until I felt my ass being smacked hard and I screamed and jumped on his pulling at his hair we both fell and I sat on top punching his chest which didn’t hurt because he only moved me so my core was right on his hard..very thick cock

“Y-ahh derrick s-mm shit” his cock was now out and his tip peeking in the kiss my core rubbing up and now my pussy “not so bad isn’t it why can’t you accept your big brother special love” I quickly got up and stormed away only for him to follow me and push me on the couch ripping my clothes off.

I struggled until he kissed me my first kiss was lost to my brother…I kissed bad as wrong as it is and felt I’m gonna get molested by him anyways.

He pulled away to kiss my neck and push his tip-in it didn’t hurt for me like they always said it was, the first time having it fully in made me feel so full and in bliss.

I was sitting here moaning while my brother molested me on the couch, mom and dad could walk in anybody could.

His bare cock stretched its way deep his tip playing tag with my cervix as he rammed into me. His index and pointer fingers pushed into my mouth so I sucked on them trying to take him all.

He moaned and I just knew he was smirking “this is better than our game when you were 6….you loved your big brother’s cock in your little pussy, now look at you all grown up loving it again” I squirmed and moaned disgusted, and turned on.

We went on for a bit before I sat on the couch looking at all his cream leaking from me.”y-your disgusting” he kissed my head “you’ve always loved your big brothers cock I still have the picture on your first day of kindergarten the way you sucked and eagerly licked all my cum up on that lovely morning.

I got up and went to my room I scooped out of his cum and there was a lot I thought about it and I looked down no wonder I’m.so hypersexual.

Maybe it’s meant to be.

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  • Reply AP ID:h81bi17qk0

    Fun story, well done lil sis.
    Psiberzerker, maybe (as a challenge) the board owner will add #ALL.
    : )

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

    Huh, one of those stories where you run out of Story Codes. Sometimes it’s hard to pick Abuse, BDSM, or Reluctant, when you still have to fit Incest, and Teen in there. I know the struggle…