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family molester

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When I was a kid before I become one of many victims of my perverted uncle whenever we had family reunions, my uncle was never really allowed near the children everyone was hushed about him and his name was never brought up.

But on my 13th birthday and so you can understand more I had hit puberty early so I had the body of a 16-year-old which caused me to be cat-called A lot but back to the story.

It was about 9 am and I was eating my birthday breakfast when my mom walked in with my uncle he eyed me up and down because I was wearing spandex shorts and a tank top.

My mom pushed me to the stairs and told me to be presentable I did and I took my time and got into my birthday outfit which I had planning and my mom-approved.

I checked myself out in the mirror it was simply a white tennis shirt that went to my mid-thigh and a crop top it was simple and my party would be all white.

When I went downstairs my uncle was on the couch and he said my mom went to get more supplies.

I felt uncomfy because of his staring but my face was red as I walked to the kitchen.

My uncle was tall light-skinned With blonde dreads he was 32 but looked like he ass in college and idk at the time I was gullible and sought male validation mainly older attractive ones.

And at that time it didn’t matter if he was little my mom’s younger brother.

I know I was dumb and honestly, it’s my fault and my mom’s for letting a pedophile in her house with her pre-teen daughter.

Back to the story, I finished my breakfast and I sat on the couch his eyes were glaring into my temple.

I looked at him and he scooted next to me and I couldn’t remember the conversation but I do remember him rubbing my inner thigh while stuttered about how school was going.

We broke apart when my mom’s car door shut I got up to the door and I couldn’t miss the feeling of myself being pulled into his lap

He told me we had time before she came and I was in panic mode but his lips were on my neck and he groped my boobs I broke away quickly running to my room locking the door.

It took a few minutes not even a minute, an hour before I came back down I walked last to the bathroom and I was pulled in the door was closed and locked.

My uncle had said something about how pretty I was and I blushed and there it happened my first kiss was my uncle his hands fondled with my ass and I let him dominate the kiss when we pulled away my face was pushed against the door and my skirt was lifted but we heard the stairs creak and he pushed me out and I fixed myself quickly.

Everything else was a blur the next thing I remember was after the party my mom was drunk with most of the adults and while everyone was in the basement well the kids playing the game and everything.

But I was upstairs in my room on top of my uncle tasting beer of his tongue.

My hips were moving so my clothed pussy could feel my very first dick and it felt better than riding my pillow.

No one could interrupt us at that moment and he also took my mouth virginity.

I was on my knees taking him down my throat all by myself like a dumb slut honestly.

My mom called me so I had to quickly gargle mouth wash and fix myself,

I don’t remember anything else or when he took my Virginity.

But I do remember the countless times I was taking his dick

Sorry that’s all I remember from the situation but my mom ended up finding out when I turned 15 and he’s in jail and now I have to take anger management and go to therapy

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    Feeling really sad for you 🙁

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    damm. i know it’s probably fake, but still fucked up. hope she gets better.


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