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alone with my older brother

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I was sitting in the basement on my brother’s beanbag playing on his ps4 when he got out of the shower I turned and didn’t expect to see my brother’s soft cock it was thick and about 6 inches and I turned blushing when he looked at me.

When he came over he was in boxers and he lifted me and sat where I was at putting me in his lap I’m 5’2 and he’s 6’1 he runs track and plays basketball so he’s taller and stronger than me.

He was 17 and I was 15 years old that had been my first time seeing a cock and my brother kisses my head and asked me if I liked it.

I told him yes and he swiftly turned off the game turning me he asked if I wanted to touch it and play with it I nodded looking at his bulge.

We moved to the bed and he sat against the headboard I laid down with my head on his thigh playing with his now hard cock.

I stroked it and squeezed his balls while he casually played the game.

My mom soon came home so I had to stop and it was awkward for a few days before I had woke up to the pain of being stretched.

My brother was pressed against me and his cock was now deep inside me it hurt because his tip kept pressing against my cervix.

After he was done he came on my butt I had understood playing with cock but he had raped me in my sleep.

This happened a lot until he had come in me I got pregnant and my mom bashed him and kicked him out.

I had an abortion a week later..

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  • Reply smart gurl

    It wasn’t rape, it was actually your duty to serve. Seek out your Brother and apologize properly by bearing his child again

    • [email protected]

      You are totally right

    • Bitch

      You’re completely right

    • Ddx

      Um no


    Now days she can’t get enough dick fucking hoe

    • author

      thats actually not true I suffer from depression and ptsd those moments in my life scarred me now I have nightmares and I barely even want to see my family because my mom has accepted in the family again I see a therapist and i think about death alot so no now and days I can’t get enough difk because I don’t want it

  • Reply jackyboy

    start good, but end very awful

    • wyf

      the whole story is she was molested you dumbass