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What’s Good For One Sister Is Good For Another (part 1 of 2)

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Annabelle, the sister of Elizabeth Kennedy had failed her final exams at the Harrow Finishing School for Young Ladies, a crime in the Boards eyes.

Sitting in the chair by the window doing my sewing I looked up as my husband Henry came into the sitting room, he strode over ,bent down and kissed me . ” Good evening husband ” I said and smiled ,it was good to have him home.
“Maybe not for you ” he said and dropped an open envelope into my lap. Looking down at the envelope I did not need to take the letter out to know what the contents were ,the green writing on the outside of the envelope said it all, Harrow Finishing School for Young Ladies, was all I needed to read, it could only mean one thing, my 16 year old sister Annabelle was to be called up before the Headmaster, Mr Clifton Peters and the Board of Directors .
“Well” said my husband rather angrily, “read the damn thing Elizabeth, read the damn thing “. I could see my hands trembling as I took the letter from the envelope , and started to read. It was a simple letter stating that I , as my sister guardian, since our parents had gone to Africa on missionary work, was required to be at the Headmasters office the following Saturday evening at 7 pm for a discussion on my sisters failure to put the effort into learning ” The Social Graces Required For A Young Lady To Acquire A Husband “.
“You know what this means don’t you Elizabeth” asked my husband pouring himself a glass of port. I tried to answer ,my mouth moved but no words came out. Banging the decanter on the table frightened me so much I started to cry. My husband looked at me and laughed, “don’t waste those tears now my dear ” he said with malice in his voice, ” you will need those for our visit to Harrow”.
He came over and stood in front of me, his left hand dropped to the front of his trousers and he rubbed himself , the bulge in his pants showed me the letter had excited him, and I knew what I was expected to do.
Putting my sewing and the letter on the table by my chair I slowly got up before slowly going to my knees and rubbing my cheek on the bulge in my husband trousers. ” I am sorry Henry ,I have let you and Annabelle down , I have failed as a guardian ” I said as I started to undo the buttons on his flys. His braces held his trousers up and I reached into his open fly and started undoing the buttons on his unionsuite ,pulling his semi hard cock out I kissed the huge purple tip softly.
God he was big, as much as I loved my husband our sex life had always been painful for me, but it was my duty to please him. I had been told by several friends at afternoon tea parties her Majesty Queen Victoria had said that no matter what, and how disagreeable it was it was a wife’s duty to please her husband ,and if we had to we should lay there and think of England while our husbands satisfied themselves using our body’s.
When Henry used his tongue on my clitty I would moan in pleasue and when he made me climax I would see the moon and stars flashing through my head, and as he laid next to after I had climaxed he would whisper how much he loved me before telling me it was my time to please him. He would pull me close, tell me he was going to use me like a cheap street whore and then tell me to take his cock in my mouth and make him shoot his blow down my throat or else he would have to punish me .
I would try so hard licking and sucking the big purple head of his cock ,but he would tell me to take it all ,but I couldn’t ,he would take delight in making me gag and choke ,laughing when I tried to push him away .
After failing to please him with my mouth he would ring the bell by the side of the bed, and our maid Sara would come from her bedroom naked to help my husband humiliate me. She was chubby with huge breast , and a lot of black hair around her vagina. She would take great delight in asking my husband which of my two special places he was going to explore and I would pray not my back passage as the pain when he inserted his weapon into my bottom would make me feel faint and I would cry the whole time with my face buried in the pillow.
The night the letter had arrived my husband was in a hurry to empty his balls,he didn’t want to wait for me to have the enema I always got when he was going to push his cock in my bottom. Henry sat in the chair gently rubbing his cock as Sara took the horse hair rope from the trunk in the corner of the bedroom . She tied the rough rope around my wrists and pulled the ropes tightly to the headboard of the bed before tying them tightly to the bed frame.
“Legs” said Sara laughing, ” rope her ankles but don’t tie them, I think I want to feel her riding her bicycle tonight “said Henry guffawing out loud, as Sara tied the rough rope around each of my ankles while he watched .
She got off the bed and dropped to her knees in front of Henry,taking hold of his cock she whispered ” your going soft Mr Henry , may I “. Lowering her mouth onto my husbands cock I heard him let out a groan, “God your a good cock sucker Sara ” he said as he threw back his hand grabbing her hair he forced her mouth onto his cock and shouted” suck it cunt ,suck it”
He burst out laughing, ” lift up” he said gently,” I have a job to do “. Sara laughed as she let go of his cock ,she watched as he climbed onto the bed and knelt between my legs legs, slapping my cunny with his hard wet cock he made me beg to get fucked.
Sara climbed onto the bed ,grabbing hold of the end of the ropes that were tied to my ankles she roughly pulled my feet and ankles into the air, making me scream. ” OH GOD OH GOD” it hurt so much.
Sara held the ropes as far apart as she could, my husbandsscock found the entrance to my cunt and he fell forward pushing four of five inches into my love canal, making me scream, before pulling back out and then driving forward making me scream again in agony again.
By the time Henry shot his seed into my belly I laid silently , legs wide apart trying to blot out the pain from my body . Slowly Henry got off the bed and fell into the bedside chair. Sara who had let go of the ropes a lot earlier after watching my ankles wave about in the air had just vacated the chair , and I watched as she climbed onto the bed and laid between my legs legs, he tongue probing far into my poor sore battered and bruised cunny trying to find Henry’s seed.
I felt her nip my cunt lips and she said “get up”. Still tied to the bed I slowly rolled onto my belly and got up onto my knees, my arms were crossed under my chin as I laid my head on the pillow. I could feel Sara slide her head under my still gaping cunny, and it was not long before I could feel and hear her licking and slurping the sperm dripping into her mouth from inside me..
Finally climbing slowly off the bed she knelt in front of Henry, ” is there anything else you need tonight Sir ” she said, bending her head down to kiss his cock. “No Sara” said Henry,” were done for tonight thank you ” he said horsley. ” By the way I know Saturday night is your night off ,but can you work next Saturday” he asked. “Of course “said Sara, “doing what” ?
“We have to go and see Miss Annabelle at The Harrow School “he said ,” I think you will find it amusing,”. ” My silly wife is the guardian of her even sillier sister, and the contract signed at the school states that any punishment handed out to any girl must be shared by her Mother, or in this case her guardian, there should be quiet a crowd there Saturday night to watch my dear wife receive her share of the blame for her sisters failings,” and he burst out laughing.
” I wouldn’t miss it for the world “said Sara standing up and slapping my bottom, “Oh God Ma’m she said laughing , ” I bet pretty little things like you and your sister will have wised you had never been born by the time they have finished with you, ” and she turned and left the room laughing.

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