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Party went way too good at my friend place. Part 1

I was at a party at my friend steves place. It was a great party. There were so many people other there. I have been friend with steve since my childhood. While drinking some cocktail, someone accidentally dropped juice on my clothes. Steve told me not to worry, he told me to go to his bedroom to grab a new clothes in his cupboard and a towel to change me up. Unluckily in his room, his bath tap was not repaired. In his parents and living room, it was occupied. I went to his sisters room.

While i was cleaning myself, she entered and was shocked to see me naked. As far as i know, she had a crush on me since school and never told me. I was feeling quite weird too coz my friend sister saw me naked. I grabbed the towel to hide. She closed the door and came closer to me. She sat on her knees , held my dick and started to give me a blowjob. It was feeling amazing. I started to hold her blonde hair. She was sucking my balls too. To be honest my big was big it was 8 inches long. I was trying to deep throat my dick into her. Her saliva was all over my dick. I undressed her quickly and she lied on her bed. I started to kiss her lips…neck…ears…i was telling her that i am going to make her cum a lot. She had big boobs. I was kissing her boobs…teased her nipples. Kissing her stomach then i was kissing her legs..luckily her pussy were well shaved. I spit on her pussy and licked her.. she was grabbing my hair and told me more. It was very juicy. I then inserted my 2 fingers in her and started fingering her quickly. She was screaming and telling me to stop

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  • Reply Lucifer1902 ID:2vfi8ueq20im

    In my experience the girl did not get pregnant
    Part 2 will be posted soon

  • Reply Linda ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    I let alcohol get to me . I was 13 at a party, drinking, I started dancing with this black guy
    We started kissing and he took me to a bedroom. We were making out a lot that I don’t remember how I ended up naked. I remember telling him I was a virgin, him saying not for long and I felt a sharp pain. I remember saying ya you were right and he continued to have sex with me. Then he said here it comes baby and came in me.

    We laid there a bit soon he was hard again and had me on top riding him until he came again
    Well few months later I broke the news to my parents I was pregnant

    • Deadson.com ID:3zaqo67lfia1

      Damn girl what did your mum and dad say?