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Three way with my sister

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Hello as chosen here is story 4!

This took place 2 years after my sister and I’s first interaction in the shower. We had gone pretty steady every day since we shared a room together so there’s was rarely a night where I wasn’t in her bed or she was in my bed. Things changed though when she got a boyfriend she would hang out with him almost every day and be home late so we barely got to do anything.

A few months into her having her boyfriend she came home late one night and snuck her boyfriend in through our bedroom window. Her and her boyfriend began to make out. I couldn’t take it anymore so I jumped out of bed and said you include me or I tell mom and dad. They both happily agreed. Her boyfriend came over began to undress me as we made out while my sister rubbed her self on her bed. He laid me down at the edge of my bed on my back and began to spread my legs and eat me out. This is when my sister come over straddled my face and began riding m face with her juices flowing all down mine. That’s when her boyfriend stopped stood up and began to gently slide his cock inside of me. This went on for 15 mines my sister riding my face as i literally drowned in pussy and her boyfriend fucked me ever so roughly as the made out above me. That’s when my sister got off my face and roofer her boyfriend to cum inside of me so he did. She got down and began to suck his semen right out of me. I’ve never had an orgasm like I did when she did it and I ended up squirting a powerful squirt on her face. Once this was over her boyfriend left the way he came in and my sister and I proceeded to have a shower together to clean up and have a little more fun. Unfortunately this was the only time this happened as her boyfriend broke up with her a week after.

As always for my new comers I am leaving my snap here if you’d like to get in contact with me.

Hope you all enjoy adventure four! There are plenty more to come from my overly sexual life!

Ps my snap is natr2115

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