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The Nymphomaniac – P2

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She came to my house the next morning with a plate of brownies her mom had made for me and my wife. She did it again, this time she got me in to bed.

I spent the whole night laying awake in bed thinking about Abigail’s inappropriate actions in the Jacuzzi, it was so out of character I’d never in a million years think she’d ever do anything like that, I was thinking about whether or not to tell her my wife and her parents about what happened, but it scared because I was worried they’d think I led her on or somehow instigated it.

In the morning I was quite tired but put on a front and pretended everything was fine, we had breakfast, got dressed, and then while my wife headed in to town to do some shopping I just relax, maybe mow the lawn or something.

I stood at the front door waving my wife off as she got in to the car, once she pulled out of the driveway I closed the door, I turned and took a couple of steps when I stopped in my tracks, I heard Abigail’s voice outside, “Morning, Mrs Pullman.”, then I got a shiver down my spine hearing a knock on the door, I slowly turned and walked back to the door and opened it, sure enough, there she was, dressed in her sports bra and shorts, white running shoes and she was holding a plate wrapped in cling film.

“Morning.” She said, with a devilishly cute smile.

“Morning.” I replied, swallowing a nervous lump in my throat.

She held out the place in front of her, “Mom made you some healthy brownies.” She said, I took the plate from her, “Oh, tell her thank you.” I said.

“Can I – use your bathroom.” She asked.

That was a strange thing to ask because she only lived next door, “What’s wrong with yours?” I asked.

“Mom is having a shower.” She replied.

“You have a downstairs toilet as well, don’t you?” I asked.

“Dad is in there.” She replied, I knew she was probably just making excuses so she could come inside, but on the other hand if she genuinely needed the toilet I couldn’t very well leave her standing there, “Okay, fine.” I said, then I stepped aside and she walked through the door, she gave me a flirtatious look as she walked by me and went in to the downstairs toilet.

I closed the front door and went in to the kitchen and put the plate of brownies down on the counter, I sat at the breakfast bar waiting nervously for her to finish and leave, I must have drifted in to a daydream or something because I didn’t hear or notice her come out of the toilet and she startled me, “All done.” She said, making me jump to my feet, “Oh – okay…” I said, then she just stared at me and she freaked me out, “..Well, I guess you’ll want to carry on with your jog.” I said.

As I headed towards her ready to escort her out of my house she put her arms out against the doorframe and blocked me, “Can I hang around here for a little while?” she asked, I didn’t think that was a good idea, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m pretty tired anyway, I really need to go to bed for a while. So, if you don’t mind…” I said.

“Mmm – that’s just what I was thinking.” She said, stepping up to me, putting her arms around my back and sliding her hands in to the back pockets of my jeans before standing on her toes and kissing me briefly on the lips, “…”Lets go to bed.” She added.

I really don’t know why but I let her hold me hand and walk me the stairs to my bedroom, I swear she had me under some sort of hypnotic spell, “Lets get you undressed.” She whispered seductively in to my ear, and she removed my clothes and got me to lay down on the bed wearing only my boxers, she straddled me, still wearing all her clothes, and she leaned down and kissed me over and over.

“Abigail…” I said, feeling her soft lips against my skin as she kissed my body, I was losing control and she was turning me on, “…stop!” I said.

“Never.” She replied, in a wicked and tormenting tone.

She removed her sports bra and then leaned down and pressed her D-Cup breasts in to my face, I knew this was so very wrong, but I couldn’t prevent my male instincts from kicking in and giving me an erection, which was hard and throbbing when she sat back up and began to rub it with burning desire.

We heard a car pull up and then the front door opening, “It’s just me, forgot my purse.” Shouted my wife, I could have very easily had a heart attack at that very moment, Abigail just smiled at me and continued to rub my cock, I started to think she wouldn’t even care if we got caught, “Off gain.” My wife shouted, then she left and we heard the car pull away.

“Abigail, you have to stop this.” I said.

She ignored my plea and preceded to take off her trainers and her shorts, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, then she turned around, still straddling me and then she pushed my cock up her pussy and rode me slowly, “Please stop.” I said, why couldn’t I stop her, I watched her with her back to me bouncing up and down on my cock, it was very unsettling but at the same time extremely satisfying.

Then she did something amazing, she leaned all the way back and rested the back of her head on my shoulder, she was somehow riding me while laying on me on her back, Abigail was a very flexible girl, she made me fondle her breasts while she continued to skilfully ride my cock and lick my face like an excited puppy.

She rode my cock hard, bouncing her tight little ass cheeks on my skin, my balls were bouncing up and down it was that rough, but fuck me she could ride, “Punish me with your seed, Mr Pullman.” She commanded, “I’m a bad, bad girl. Fill me up.” She added

And so I did just that, moments after she said it I squirted every drop of my seed into her pussy, she sat up, rode me a little more and then got off my cock before finishing me off my sucking every last drop of come out of me.

Then she got dressed and pulled the covers over me, she gave me a kiss, “Now, you get your sleep, Mr Pullman. You do look very tired. I’ll see you again soon.” She said, kissing me one last time before rushing down the stairs and out of my house.

This girl was going to be the death of me, and certainly cause problems between me my wife and her parents at some point in the future. I just didn’t know what to do.

She wouldn’t leave me alone.

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  • Reply the dude ID:3zxjs3yeqrkj

    Good story short and to the point!

  • Reply rui ID:7qdal2a4ql4

    Nice Story man.

  • Reply 6924cm ID:2y9d2a4k0do

    Nice continuation. Cant wait for part 3. I love nymphos

  • Reply Joanne ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    That’s the problem with nympho girls, they are very pushy, they love taking risks, with people close by,
    I know because I became one when I was 14.
    I had sex numerous times with my neighbor when his wife was around, or my dad was close by. I even gave him a bj I was under the table and my neighbor was drinking coffee with his wife.

    • 6924cm ID:2y9d2a4k0do

      I can understand that, had some issues with one years ago… Even during a new years party, house full and she was literally ridding me in the next room from where her parents were

    • [email protected] ID:2kyee16vm14

      Can you tell me all about your sexcapades ,?

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qiq