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Though I like incest BUT fucking /raping sisters of 12/13 years ..means that you are a pedophile

Though I had a crush on my 14 years old sister Lydia who had a body of a 17/18 years old,I NEVER MADE a sexual move on her.I ONLY thought of her body ,sometimes when I was jacking my cock.
.But things changed when she was 17.5 years and ne 19..I started to hug her more often, more tightly. .I even kissed her on her lips, ,She looked somewhat confused but when she started to walk around in the house with only a top and satin panties on her..and ALWAYS when our parents were out,I then knew that the desire was reciprocal.Once we were looking at a movie,the parents had gone to bed..At a certain moment,we looked at each other and our lips magically came together.We kissed and kissed sweetly.We undressec each other.I started to finger her wet pussy slowly.,then quickly and when I touched her clitoris ,she started to moan loudly that I had to put one of my hands oh her mouth..She then sucked my cockand we made a 69 position, sucking each other sex.but we did not have sex .We orgasmed together about two times and I filled her mouth with my cum. We then went each other in our room.Our first time came one month afterwards when the parents went to the movie…It was a fabulous moment. .We have been lovers during 5 years and stopped with regret when we had to go to different universities. We met from time to time during the holidays. .we then made love the often possible. .Later on,we both got married separately. .but 20 years afterwards,when we meet, we always seek time to be alone together and make love which is as sweet as the first time.No one has suspected up to now out taboo relation. .

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    Hmmmm what a mother 🤔😕

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    Heyyy, are you a girl ?

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    Umm sorry how old are you and when did this happen