Simone Part 8 – The doctor’s call and Part 9 – Guess who’s back

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Lena was going to suffer a brutal ass-fuck today, but first I had some other things to do, and that’s when I saw Simone again.

Simone Part 8 – The doctor’s call

It was just before 8.00 a.m. as I left Lena’s flat to go see my doctor. Lena had protested at my tying her up, binding her legs at the ankles and knees and her arms at the wrists and elbows, which were in turn, bound to the foot and headboards of the bed. She had insisted there was no need. She swore she would be there when I returned and that she would let me back into the flat, but I could not take the risk.

“But you’re going to help me take care of my father.” She pleaded. “Why would I go to the police or not let you back into the flat? You can fuck me, use me, and do anything you want to me. I am your fuck-toy now. Just do what you promised to my father.”

I gagged her, and taking her keys with me, left the flat to go get copies cut as I had with Simone, and to keep my doctor’s appointment. I was short on cameras, but could still collect two or three from my place on the way back, too. Just the thought of having two fuck-whores in the same house, separated by only one floor, made my cock start to harden as I regretfully closed Lena’s door behind me. What I wanted to do was go back inside and fuck the hell out of her beautiful body, but that would have to wait. I strode along the hall towards the stairs, moving quickly.

Strangely, I had not even thought about Simone’s door being right in front of me until suddenly it was right in in front of me, and it was open. I stopped, and took a step backwards so I could observe without being seen easily, and there she was. She came out into the hall, and pulled her flat door closed behind her. My heart pounded as I observed her tiny, beautiful body. Pert and slender, a tight pair of black leggings displaying her hips and firm buttocks and a grey “Yankee’s” sweater hid her small firm breasts, but I knew they were there. She had tied her long black hair into a ponytail, and she wore grey jogging shoes. Was she going jogging? Jesus, she could barely walk after the brutal fucking and sodomisation I had subjected her to, let alone jog. As she left the building and turned left, I decided to follow her a little to see if I could figure out what she was doing. Perhaps she was finally going to the police, the station being just round the corner and the way she had turned. I hurried down the stairs and out the front door, also turning left. Simone was not jogging, but walking quite slowly, poor girl, a few paces ahead of me.

The route Simone was taking was the same route I needed to take, so it was fine for me to follow her for now. I was also relieved when she turned left again at the next corner, meaning she was not going to the police station, which would have seen her go straight on. She had actually turned into my street now, and within a few meters we she would pass my building. Did I imagine it, or did she just slow down and glance at my windows as she passed my place? I could swear that she did, but why would she do that? There was surely no way for her to know who I was. Could she know where I lived? No way, I put the thought out of my head as I also passed my building.

We walked for a while, Simone moving slowly and me following about 15 meters behind. I did not want it to seem like I was following her, so I stopped now and then, just to check my phone. Just to make it obvious to any onlookers that I was not following her. What I did do was observe her arse in those tight leggings as she walked in front of me. She had such a wonderful butt and I could clearly see the lines of a thong through the material of her leggings. Herr ass-cheeks were bare and smooth under the fabric; I knew exactly how smooth, and could not wait until I once again got the chance to touch them. My cock was throbbing just at the thought of Simone’s sweet, firm ass.

We reached the entrance to the park and just the thought of that place made my dick twitch again. However, Simone did not even glance over towards it; she seemed to physically turn her head away and pick up the pace a little more, but perhaps I imagined that, too. Once at the main road, she turned right, meaning she could have realistically taken the shortcut through the park the way she was heading, clearly into town. She had obviously avoided entering the park, which was understandable, although at eight in the morning there was little to no danger in there. My mind raced back to that night, just a few days ago, when I had found this beautiful, irresistible woman passed out drunk in that very same park. I had taken her home and fucked her brutally in every fuck-hole she had. I had abused and molested sweet Simone and subjected her to my own pleasure, spunking in her holes, fucking her throat and pissing into her mouth. I had made her my cum-piss-whore, and whilst she still needed some time to heal, I had keys to her flat, and would be back to fuck her again.

We strode on for about 5 minutes and Simone crossed over the main road and took a left turn into the still sleeping town centre. I followed. I was curious as to what she was doing here at this time of the morning. The shops were all closed, except for a bakery or two, and nothing else would open until ten. There was as good as nothing else to do here, unless you were going to the doctor’s, as I was. There we had it; Simone was almost certainly going to the doctor. She had told her boss so on the phone and it was clear that that was the reason for her journey. This was confirmed just a few meters further down the street, when she turned and entered a building to her left. I approached and read the surgery sign outside. A gynaecologist. That hit me with a little wave of shock. Had I hurt her more than I thought? I hoped not. On the other hand, she had told me she was not on contraception, so perhaps she was here for the morning after pill. I hoped she was fine. I had wanted to hurt her, but not seriously. I had left a vibrating dildo in her ass for hours, turned on full. I had fucked her as deeply and as hard as I could in the ass, face and cunt. I had double penetrated her, my cock and the massive dildo tearing her ass and cunt apart and I knew she was bruised and damaged, but I hoped not too seriously. I still needed all three of those holes.

I had my own appointment to get to, so I strode on, heading the same way we had been going. My doctor was not far away, and I was still on time. Following Simone had only cost me the shortcut through the park, and so I would arrive at my doctor well in time. I wondered if I could catch up with Simone on her way home again, but then I remembered, I still needed to go get some keys cut.

Arriving at the doctor’s surgery, I introduced myself to a young pretty girl on reception. She was new to the surgery, or at least I had never seen her before. She was slim, not very tall and the white medical coat she wore tied above her hips, extenuated a tiny waist. She had dark hair, not quite as black as Simone, but long and tied at the nape of her neck with a hairband. She was not as pretty as either Simone or Lena, though pretty enough with a nice smile and dark brown eyes. I would certainly be up for fucking her tight holes, and I knew it would be easy to wait outside the surgery after she finished work. I could follow her, find out where she lives and make a plan to take what I wanted. However, that would be dangerous as she now knew me and might easily recognise my build and my voice. Nonetheless, I made a mental note to find out more about this pretty little thing at a later date. For now, I had my two fuck-whores to keep me occupied, and one of them was still tied up naked on her bed, waiting for my cock.

My doctor knows me well. He has been my doctor for years and it never takes long to get a sick note from him. I do that so seldom that he believes me every time. I claimed I was puking and shitting water and he could not write the sick note quickly enough to get me out of his surgery. He signed me off work for the full week and I left his building and turned back towards the surgery where I had left Simone. There was small chance of hooking up again, but I wanted to try. No luck. I lingered for a few minutes to see if she would come out, but she did not, and so I left and went to get the keys cut as planned, calling my boss on the way. She was not happy about me missing a whole week, but had to accept it.

Once I had the freshly cut keys to Lane’s flat, I spent a couple of hours shopping and hanging around town. I bought a few bits and pieces I needed at home and even popped into the local adult shop, where I bought a vibrator and a couple of butt-plugs. I had handcuffs at home, but still bought two more pairs just in case. In addition, I took two ball-gags and a leather mask that had a bite-ring in the mouthpiece that would force and keep the wearer’s mouth open. That way you could face-fuck the wearer without fear of them biting; not that either Simone or Lena had tried to bite me, but it was a nice toy to have and I was sure I could put it to good use.

Simone Part 9 – Guess who’s back

When I finally got back to Lena’s I was acutely aware of the fact that Simone might also already be back home or arrive any moment. After I had been shopping, I had popped back to my place and gathered the cameras and a few other items I needed for my plans. However, I still had no idea where Simone was. Whilst picking up the stuff from my place, I had quickly logged onto my PC and checked the live images from her flat, but at that point, she was clearly still not home. I needed to get back to Lena now. The poor girl had been tied up and gagged for almost three hours. She would need to piss and her limbs would be burning. I put everything into a large sport bag and left the house.

As I walked the short distance to Simone and Lena’s place, I fantasised about catching up to Simone on the street again. I imagined that tight ass in the leggings she was wearing, just a trace of her thong visible as a line beneath the thin material as she walked along ahead of me. I thought how I would sneak up behind her as she opened the front door to her building and follow her in. I would push her up against her flat door and press my hand over her mouth. “Hello sweetheart, did you miss me?” Fuck, my cock was throbbing in my pants and I needed to get back to Lena right now.

As I arrived at the building, I had seen no sign of Simone. I quickly slipped through the front door and moved up the stairs as quickly as possible, fearful that Simone might see me if she returned home just at that moment. She did not return and I entered Lena’s flat without being seen by anyone.

My cock was like a rock. It was gorged with blood just with the thoughts I had had about Simone. It needed a hole, right now. Time was short. Lena’s father would arrive in just over an hour, so I needed to be quick. I stripped off my clothes before even entering the bedroom and took a ball-gag and set of handcuffs out of my bag. As I entered Lena’s bedroom my already ridged prick grew even further at the sight of her naked body tied and bound to the bed. I strode over saying, “Guess who’s back baby.” I straddled her chest placing my cock on her chin and unceremoniously tore the duct-tape from her mouth. She started to speak but was cut short by my cock ramming into her throat. I grasped her hair and started face fucking her, driving my shaft balls deep into her throat.

It would not take long for me to shoot my load into her beautiful mouth, but that was not what I wanted, so I slowed my pace a little. I was still going extremely deep, but at a slower more controlled pace. “Oh yeah bitch, suck my cock.” I said, “Use that mouth fuck-whore.” She did. I could feel how she was actively licking and toying the underside of my cock with her tongue, and so I slipped out of her face and moved up higher. “Now my ass bitch,” I said, “Get that fucking cum-tongue in my asshole and lick me out. As Lena started to rim my butthole, I wanked my cock gently, keenly aware that I was not too far away from shooting my load. Her tongue darted in and out of my ass, and then licked around the hole, before darting back in again. It was glorious. As Lena performed her magic, I untied her hands from the headboard and removed the bounds at her elbows so she could use her hand on my cock, which she dutifully started to do as I also unbound her wrists, but I had other plans.

I swung my right leg across Lena’s torso and rotated 180 degrees so I was now facing her feet. “Get your fuck-face back in there bitch. Lick me out.” I commanded and with a little difficulty caused by the angle, she managed to raise herself sufficiently in order to get her tongue back into my anus. She used her hands to spread my ass-cheeks and dutifully continued to rim my butthole with her tongue. I began to untie her legs, firstly at the knees, and then at the ankles, meaning she could no longer reach my ass with her tongue, but she was a good girl and continued to use her finger on my little bud as her other hand took my cock and began a milking motion. Once she was completely untied, I sat back, forcing my butt down onto her face so she could once again get her tongue into my butthole. “Lick my shithole bitch; get that tongue nice and deep into my ass.” I commanded. As I spoke, I reached over to where I had left the ball-gag and handcuffs. Lena was about to have a whole new experience, and I needed her to be quite. I let her rim my ass for a little longer and she had reached round and taken my cock in both her hands. The sensation of her tiny hands wanking my cock as her tongue darted in and out of my anus was fantastic, and I would actually have been content to let her bring me off that way, but there was something very specific that I had planned. It was time to put that plan into action.

I slipped off Lena’s body and stood at the side of the bed looking down at her beautiful figure stretched out naked on the bed.

“Turn over.” I commanded.
“Erm, can I please pee first?” She asked in a begging voice.
“No!” I responded. Roll over onto your tummy and put your hands behind your fucking back.”

She obeyed my order, sensing the threat in my voice, and rolled onto her stomach. I meant business, and she could feel it. I quickly handcuffed her hands behind her back and then, kneeling between her legs, I slid the ball-gag into her mouth, fixing it behind her head. My cock rested on her wonderful ass as I sat on my haunches between her spread legs. I spread her butt-cheeks and took in the sight of that wonderful virgin cunt with its heavy lips and that tiny rosebud anus. This was my prize. This was what I was going to take from Lena’s father today and forever. These holes were my fuck-holes, my property. It was time, and I told Lena so.

“I am going to claim my first prize now sweetheart. I am going to ram my fat cock into your shithole and fuck your guts out. Do you understand?” As I spoke, I spat onto the middle finger of my right hand and began massaging the spit into her butthole. There was resistance, a lot of resistance. She was extremely tight and this was going to hurt her a lot. Good. “Do you understand?” I repeated. She nodded. I stopped massaging her hole and took my cock in my right hand. I used my left hand to keep her cheeks spread and guided the head of my prick to that tiny bud. I pushed and Lena stiffened. I was not even in; just the very tip had spread her anus just a few millimetre, but she sensed the pain to come. “Try to relax.” I said. “Just let it happen. Don’t fight it or it will hurt more.” I whispered, and with these words, I put my whole weight into the tip of my cock, forcing it into her virgin butthole.

The resistance was incredible. There was no way this piece of meat was meant to fit into that tiny hole. However, with every ounce of my strength and weight I pushed deeper and deeper until my glans plopped past her sphincter, which immediately contracted behind them, pulsating, pushing, desperately trying to push the intruder back out. The intruder was going nowhere, except deeper. Much deeper. Nonetheless, with my glans inside Lena’s tiny hole, I just sat there, maintaining enough force to stay in, but letting her compose herself and catch her breath before the final assault. She was breathing heavily through her nose, and I could hear spittle rattling at the corners of her mouth past the ball-gag. I waited for her to calm.

“That’s it babe, get your breath. We are almost there. Just one more push and I’ll be in sweetie; balls deep in your virgin ass. I am going to fuck you so hard and deep that you will not sit down for a month. Do you understand?” No answer. “Do you fucking understand bitch?” I repeated slapping her right ass cheek as hard as I could. Her head flew back with a start, and I repeated in a whisper, “Do you fucking understand?” She nodded quickly and let her head fall to the pillow, and still I waited with just the very head of my cock inside her tiny tight butthole. Her sphincter had all but stopped pulsating now, simply accepting the foreign object holding it open, yet it was still clamped down behind my glans, the shaft still to follow, much wider than the hole it would soon enter. The waiting was serving another purpose, too. I could feel my cock dripping pre-cum into Lena’s shithole, and I encouraged it by sliding my finger along the length of my cock, pushing my juice out of my uterus into her hole.

I now reached down and ran my hands up Lena’s back, stroking and applying a little pressure here and there to massage her. I stroked along her sides and felt a shudder go through her body as she experienced that sensation somewhere between a tickle and pleasure as the backs of my fingers raked gently across the sides of her squashed breasts and down across her hips. I then stroked my way back up to the nape of her neck, where I began to massage and stroke her, she moaned.

I then took hold of her beautiful red hair that was tied in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, and like the reins of a horse, wrapped it around the palm and back of my hand. It was now that I pulled on that beautiful red hair. I snapped her head back with such force that her whole chest rose with it and she started to scream into the ball-gag. However, that scream changed quickly to a frightening animalistic and guttural bellow as I used my momentum and the force of Lena moving backwards to force the full length of my swollen cock into her ass. I pushed quickly and I pushed hard. I pushed with every ounce of strength I could muster and put my whole bodyweight into that thrust. I did not stop until my balls hit her cunt and my entire 17 centimetres were engulfed in that wonderfully tight pulsating ass. Only then did I stop.

Lena desperately tried to slide up the bed to escape the pain and the tearing in her ass, but I held her hair tightly, so her attempts to pull away caused more pain. I did not move in or out, I remained balls deep in her ass until she calmed, until she flopped onto her belly with acceptance of her fate. She lay there panting against the ball-gag like a wounded deer. Her chest raising and falling against the bed, sweat running between her shoulder blades. Her entire ass clenched at my cock, pulsating and pushing, trying to force the invader back up that tiny passage that it had so brutally entered. I maintained enough pressure to prevent that from happening and rejoiced in that exquisite attempts at repulsion. Every spasm, every pulse of the muscles in Lena’s anus massaged my prick to perfection.

I have said this before and will say it again; there is no better fuck than the fuck a virgin ass gives your cock the first time you invade it. After that, it is never the same again. It is good, it is nice, but perfection is only achieved in a virgin ass. The very first time you force your cock balls-deep into her bowels and every muscle in her anal cavity starts a frantic pulsating attempt to eject your cock from that tight hole is the perfect ass-fuck, and I was getting that perfect ass-fuck from Lena right now. I held it, I enjoyed it, I savoured it.

As Lena’s breathing settled and she calmed, I let go of her hair and untied the ball-gag at the back of her head. It was coated in saliva and there was even a tiny drop of blood on the chain connecting the ball to the strap. Perhaps it had cut into the corner of her mouth. Perhaps she had somehow bitten her lip or tongue. She did not speak. She lay there, her breath settling more and more. I let my body down onto her back, being careful that my cock remained deep in her ass.

“Now,” I started, “tell me exactly where my cock is.” I demanded in a whisper into her right ear.
“Your cock is buried deep in my ass.” She replied without hesitation, good girl.
“How deep?” I asked. “Just how deep is my fat cock buried in your tight little ass?”
“Balls deep.” She replied. “Your fat fucking cock is buried balls deep in my tiny virgin ass.” Fuck, she was good at this. She knew her part well.
“Now,” I continued, “I am going to fuck your ass, which by the way is no longer virgin. I am going to fuck the living shit out of you and you are going to take it like the fuck-whore you are. From this day on, your shithole serves only two purposes. To shit and to please my cock. You need keep it clean as I have shown you under the shower, and you need to keep it ready. Ready to be impaled on my cock at any time day or night I want to butt-fuck my little whore. Do you understand?
She nodded and whispered “Yes.”
“If this hurts and you need to scream, don’t.” I said. “And if you can’t help it, and really have to scream, put the ball-gag back in. Do you understand?”
“I understand.” She replied, and actually took the ball-gag from my hand to hold onto just in case.

I actually do not know how long I ass-fucked Lena. I know I felt no mercy as I pumped as deep, had and as fast as I could into that tiny butthole. I know I pulled out several times and made her clean me with her mouth before returning my cock to her butt to continue my brutal assault.

She cried. Tears rolled down her cheeks and as she cried and looked up at me whilst I was feeding her my cock again, I spat in her face and slapped her. I forced her to open her mouth and I spat directly into her mouth before returning my cock to her butthole. I made her cowgirl me anally, with my cock deep in her ass and her on top. Facing me, facing away from me. She rimmed me and I rimmed her before getting back to sodomizing her as brutally as I could. I came in her ass and I came in her mouth, repeatedly. Each time my limp cock refused to rise to fuck her ass, I made her revive me with her mouth until I was hard enough to once again impale her tiny butthole with my cock. She was now my anal-whore, and she knew it.

Finally, I was too spent to offer my fuck-whore any more cum. My balls actually hurt and my cock was bruised and had a couple of tiny tears in my foreskin. I had abused Lena as hard and as brutally with my cock and fingers as I knew how, and the assault had taken its toll on me, too. Poor Lena finally got to go to the bathroom and pee, and as she sat on the bowl and let her bladder open, I fed my cock into her mouth and began to piss, too. She swallowed dutifully. As I pissed into her mouth I reminded her to keep her butthole clean with the shower enema I had taught her, “Or you will literally end up eating your own shit.” I had said. She smiled up at me and wiped her chin with a finger when I was done pissing. She sucked the last drops of piss from my cock and her finger and said “Yes, daddy.”

Just then, I wondered if Simone had returned home, and unbelievably, my cock twitched at the thought of Simone just one floor beneath me. Lena noticed and took it in her hand. Wow, do you want my face again? “No!” I said, “We don’t have time.” We went to prepare for our guest, who would be with us very soon.

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