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Simone Part 15 – Toffee-caramel

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Lena was writhing under my tongue. Her breath heavy, panting, she held the back of my head with her left hand, grinding my face into her groin.

Lena’s right hand had moved back up to her right breast. She was twisting and flicking at her nipple, much softer than I had done with her left, but I knew she was deliberately hurting herself, if just a little. I took the folds of her inner cunt lips between my teeth, but did not bite down too hard. I teased them with a soft bite and opened them with my fingers in order to return my tongue to that wet hole. I was dying to insert my fingers deeper, and get to her G-Point, but I was afraid I might accidentally break her hymen, a job I intended to do with my cock when the time came. Coated in her juices, my fingers slipped no further than a centimetre or two into that velvet pussy. I had never had my face or fingers in a cunt wetter than this one, and it was exquisite.

“Do you like me eating your pussy, Lena?” I asked her before dipping my tongue back into her cunt.

“God, yes.” She breathed. “It feels so good, master. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure, I don’t deserve it after I made you so angry.” She added, and rotated her hips trying to get my tongue deeper into her pussy.

I moved away from her cunt with my face and told her to get onto her hands and knees to straddle me. As she did so, I moved from between her legs, and rolled onto my back. “Sit on my face, Lena. Get that wonderful fuck-hole onto my mouth.” She obeyed without hesitation, swinging her right knee over my chest and sitting back, positioning her spread pussy right over my mouth. I inserted my tongue into her cunt immediately, and started lapping up her juices, which could now flow freely into my open mouth as I scooped them out with my tongue. Toffee-caramel.

I felt the tip of her finger slip over my chin and move to her clit. As I continued to lick her out, she started to masturbate, rubbing her clit with her finger. She was not shy about sitting with her whole weight on my face in order to get maximum penetration and pleasure from my tongue. She ground and moved her hips to maximise the effect my tongue and her finger were having on her beautiful virgin cunt. I felt her other hand grab my erect cock, but she made little effort to wank it as she was fully enthralled in her own pleasure and feelings. I did not care. This moment was about Lena. Then she came.

It started in her thighs. A tremble in her legs and she arched her back saying “oh God, oh God. Yes!” The tremble moved to her whole body and the finger on her clit moved faster. She ground her whole cunt onto my face and then with a cry of ecstasy, she flooded my mouth with her juices and a massive shudder shook through her entire being. She grasped my cock so hard I thought she would snap it off. I sucked and lapped at her cunt enjoying her magnificent flavour. This was one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen, touched or eaten.

As her shudders finally subsided, Lena flopped forward over my dick and engulfed it in her mouth. Still not done with her own orgasm, she did not start to suck me off or move her head. She simply took me in her mouth and groaned as her pussy pressed onto my mouth again. I dipped my tongue just slightly back into her gaping cunt and another shudder went through her body. I dipped the tip of my right index finger into her folds and scooped out some juices. Before returning my tongue to her hole. Lena groaned onto my dick as she felt my tongue and I felt her finger start to rotate around her clit again. She popped my cock out of her mouth.

“Oh my God, daddy.” She breathed heavily. “What the fuck did you just do to me? My pussy is on fire and my heart is bursting.” She took my cock back into her mouth and this time did start sucking. I slid my right hand up over her ass-cheek up to her butthole and started to massage her own cunt juices into her tight little hole with my coated index finger. Lena let out a deep moan around my cock, which was now deep in her throat. I inserted my finger into her anus up to the first knuckle, and after twisting it a little, up to the second. Lena groaned and pushed back, impaling herself on my full finger. I started to finger fuck her butthole very gently as she fingered her own clit and sucked my cock. After a minute or so, Lena let my cock drop out of her mouth and took it in her hand. She scuttled forward on her knees, with my finger still in her ass, until my cock was directly below her dripping cunt. I remained passive, letting Lena run the show. She inserted just the very tip of my cock into her outer pussy lips and my mind exploded.

With my entire soul, all I wanted to do was thrust up into Lena’s wet cunt. Drive my cock into her beautiful pussy. She was sliding my glans back and forth from her clit to her butthole, going just deep enough for my glans to touch her insides but not to penetrate her and break her hymen. Each time I lost control and moved my hips up she moved with me, keeping the depth constant and exquisite, but preventing me from penetrating her. She held my cock in her right hand and cupped my balls with her left. She was using my prick to masturbate, rubbing it over her clit and dipping it between her lips just a little. I removed my finger from her asshole, and put my hands on her hips, positioning myself perfectly in order to hold her in place for my next thrust, which would finally impale her beautiful cunt with my rock hard cock. However, she sensed what was inevitably going to happen if this continued, and spoke.

“Not yet, daddy.” She whispered, “You promised to destroy Ursula first then fuck me.” Then in one movement, she slipped her cunt over my glans until she reached her butthole. She guided the tip of my cock to her tiny puckered hole and sat down on my cock, pushing it deep into her anus. “I cleaned it.” She said as I entered her ass, and she began to fuck me. “Just like you showed me, master, with the shower-head.”

Lena rode me reverse cowboy with my cock deep in her ass. She was gentle and I suspected she was still a little raw from the brutal anal rape to which I had subjected her. However, she was slow yet enthusiastic and as she slid from the tip of my shaft to the very base, she cupped my balls in both hands and encouraged me to fill her ass with spunk. She pulled almost all the way off my cock, allowing only the glans to remain behind her sphincter muscle just as I had done, before sitting down completely until I had no more to give her. At times, she would stay sitting fully penetrated on my cock with her whole weight on my hips, and would just grind in circular motions. Then, she would slide her butthole back up my shaft and repeat the whole process.

Lena was a good learner. She had not just passively accepted her oral and anal rape; she had studied and learned from what I had done to her. She was now using the same motions and methods on my cock that I had used on her. She was just being more delicate about it, which considering the torn state of her butthole, was fine. Then I realised that one of her hands had left my balls and she was masturbating again. Rubbing her clit and actually increasing the speed and pressure with which she was sodomizing herself. My hands were on her hips and I was encouraging her new rhythm, which was bringing me ever closer to an orgasm I had not expected to have.

“That’s it fuck-whore, ride my cock with your beautiful ass.” I said as I started pulling her down with more force and driving my hips up to meet her. Her right hand continued to mash her clit as she removed her left hand from my balls and reached up to grab her own flowing red hair. She arched her back and matched my speed and thrusts. I looked at my cock disappearing into and reappearing from her tight butthole and knew I would soon fill that hole with my seed. I could also feel Lena reaching her own high point. She ground back and down onto my cock, impaling her own butthole with my cock. She was flustered, sweating and panting and increasing the speed.

I had never really believed in anal orgasms. Never understood them. However, today I had actually had one thanks to my beautiful seventeen-year-old fuck-toy. Now she was clearly on the verge of one, too. Lena rode my cock and fingered her clit, moving closer and closer to something climatic. She was now hurried and desperate, and then I felt it. I felt how her whole back passage convulsed and gripped at my cock, I felt how her sphincter gripped my shaft. She impaled herself up to my balls and stopped moving as wave after wave went through her body, and then her cunt responded to her fingers and came, too. She was panting like a woman giving birth and fell forward groaning as she multiple climaxed, shuddering.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” She repeated as I felt a flood of juices run over my groin and thighs. I had no idea if it was coming from her cunt or from her ass. She was in the throes of an orgasm or multiple orgasms I had never seen before, and I did not move. I simply let her ride the waves of her own pleasure. Her ass convulsed and gripped my cock as she panted and puffed. “Jesus fuck, Jesus fuck, oh my God! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Then she collapsed forward onto my knees, clearly spent.

I had never experienced a woman coming so spiritually, deeply and heavily in my life. Lena lay with her chest on my knees, my cock now out of her butt, and she sobbed as her whole chest heaved, rose and fell.

My cock still raged, and I had not yet come. Yet I did and said nothing. This beautiful teen was still riding the waves of a dual anal and vaginal orgasm. Trying to catch her breath. I stared into her gaping cunt and anus, her ass right in front of my face. Then finally, she spoke.

“Master, I am so sorry. You did not come. I am so selfish.” Her voice was scratchy and whispered, still trying to get her breath. “But that was the most amazing feeling I have ever had in my life.” She was actually crying now.

“Lena,” I said, “Come up here to me.” She turned around and slid up the bed. I took her into my arms and kissed her tear-stained face. She took my cock in her right hand and dutifully started to stroke it. I pressed my mouth to hers, and she willingly opened her lips and took my probing tongue. I had wanted to come in Lena’s ass. Yet I had not. I had let her orgasm take priority, and that surprised me. As we lay there and Lena stroked my cock and sucked my tongue, I realised with a brutal finality that I was falling in love with this young girl. The rapist was becoming the lover, the victim no longer unwilling or defiant.

Of course, I could have just rolled Lena onto her stomach and fucked her in the ass until I came. She would have taken it, and called me her daddy or her master as I sodomized her again. I thought about it do not get me wrong. I might have done that with any other fuck-bitch. I do not know. In my mind, however, Lena’s ass had been ravaged enough and I wanted her to heal up. So instead, I simply put my hand onto Lena’s head, and encouraged her face down to my crotch.

“It’s okay, Lena.” I said. “You can take care of me with your mouth, sweetheart, and then we need to sleep.” As she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking, I continued to speak to her: “My cock is dirty from your ass and all those fuck-juices, Lena. You need to clean me.”

“Yes master.” Lena said, releasing my cock for just a second, before returning to her duty.

My cock was indeed a little crusty and smeared with god knows what from Lena’s butthole. Yet she did not even hesitate. She engulfed my glans with her mouth and started sucking and liking as one hand grasped my shaft and the other my balls. “That’s it baby,” I encouraged. “Suck me off Lena. I want to cum in your mouth. Then I also want you to stay down there. Keep me in your mouth like a suckling baby. I want to sleep with my cock in your mouth, baby girl.”

Lena removed me from her mouth just for a second to say, “Yes, daddy. Please keep your cock in my mouth tonight.” Then she returned to drawing the spunk from my balls. I was already on the verge of coming from being in Lena’s ass, so it did not take long for her now expert mouth to bring me to climax.

As I came, she took me deep in to her throat and swallowed every drop of semen and pre-cum that I had to offer up into her beautiful face. She began to gulp with her throat as she had done before, massaging my glans with a swallowing motion that heightened my orgasm and tipped me over the edge into ecstasy. I curled my fingers into her beautiful red hair and arched my hips up into her face as she squeezed my balls gently, encouraging them to feed her, to give her more and more of my seed, until finally with one last shudder, I gave my last drop and collapsed back onto the bed.

Lena did not move. She continued to suckle very gently on my now softening cock as she stroked my balls with one hand and my trembling thigh with the other. She kept me in her mouth; she left me there, as she reached down and pulled the duvet up over her shoulders and my legs. She wrapped her arms around my hips and settled in to sleep, curled up at my lap, with my cock still in her mouth. As I softened, she pulled me even tighter. I pulled the duvet over her head and up to my shoulders. It really was time to sleep now, and I drifted into the waves and soft lapping tide of Lena’s mouth suckling on my soft cock like a baby on a bottle. My mind went blank.

The dreams that came were at times wild and uncontrollable, then at times lucid and real. The times of lucidity were exquisite, and I could steer them in the direction I wanted to take. They were not all sexual, but most were. Some were real memories and some were variations on reality. The last dream I had before waking was a genuine childhood memory.

The sun beat down on my bare back as I easily jumped over the short fence at the end of our garden, and landed in the newly mowed field. The smell of freshly cut grass was intense and the whole playing field echoed with the sound of children laughing. It was summer in the 1960s and the schools were out as a heatwave spread across the whole of Europe.

“Stay on the field. Don’t wander too far.” My grandmother called from our back garden, where she stood pegging out fresh washing on the clotheslines. I glanced back to answer her. Her polka dot pinafore was flapping just above her knees in the slight breeze, and she smiled at me. “Okay Nanny.” I called back to her. “I love you.” I added, as I turned away from her and dropped my football at my feet. I did not kick it hard, just a little ahead as I started to run and dribble the ball towards the massive piles of cut grass in the top left corner of the field. They stood taller than my eight-year-old body, and steamed in the midday sun. The perfect adventure for a child, and I was going to dive into that soft pile of grass and bury myself in it.

The gardeners who cut the grass had a routine. They would never take the cuttings away, but would pile them up high in a corner of the field and leave the piles for weeks to dry. As long as the grass was still soft, it presented a great playing opportunity for the local kids. However, the best was still to come, because once it was dry enough, the whole village would gather in the field and the dry grass would be set alight and burned. The villagers added sticks and old wood to make the fire go late into the night, and well past our normal bedtimes, but we were allowed to stay up later on that special night and we, the children, loved that ritual.

People grilled meat and things on sticks held to the flames, and the adults would drink beer and dance. There was always a guitar or two and a couple of the local women played flutes. At least I think they were flutes. Finally, the younger children would be sent off home to bed, and only the younger members of the village would stay and party until the fire burned out or dawn broke, depending on what came first.

On that hot August day, I left my ball on the field, and threw myself onto the pile of grass. I started tunnelling into it with my hands, and burying myself in to the damp and warmth. It was musky and moist, and made me feel somehow funny in my head and in my crotch. I did not understand the feelings at my age, but they were nice and I loved to be in that grass.

I came back up for air and started to climb to the top of the first pile of cut grass, then as I reached the summit I looked down the other side, where, to my surprise a girl I knew, Patricia, was sitting on the ground in a tiny hollow in the grass. One of my friends, Michael was standing in front of her, crying. Michael was in my class at the local school, but Patricia was at the ‘Big School’ and much older than we were. I swung my legs around and dropped down into the hollowed out area.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as my feet landed next to Michael. “Why you crying Micha’?” I asked my friend, and put a hand on his shoulder.

“He hurt his knee.” Patricia quickly answered for him. “Didn’t you Michael?” She added and gave him a very stern look, as he nodded and muttered “Yes.”

“Michael was just leaving.” She then said, and again with that stern somewhat threatening look put in
“Weren’t you Michael?”

Michael just blurted out a quick “Yes. I am going.” and scrambled up the side of the hollow and over the top. He disappeared and I turned to look at Patricia. She was smiling up at me as she sat on her own haunches on the ground.

“Hello Kurt.” She said. “How nice of you to visit me in my palace. Have you come to worship your princess? It’s so nice of you to bring me a special gift, too?”

I was confused. What gift? I had nothing with me but my football, which I had left on the field. I was only wearing my shorts and a pair of black plimsoll shoes. What did she mean?

“What gift do you mean? I don’t have anything with me.” I asked her.

“Oh silly billy Kurt.” She giggled. “Always the joker. I can see it in your trousers. I can see the gift you brought me. So why don’t you just show it to me?”

There was something in her manner, something about the way she spoke and something in her smile that made me genuinely wish that I had a gift for her. “I only have my ball with me on the field.” I said, and turned my pockets out so she could see they were empty. I spread my palms and turned them toward her, so she could also see I was carrying nothing else.

“I don’t want your silly football, Kurt,” she said coyly. “But I would like to see the balls you have in your trousers. Will you show them to me? Oh, and your cock. I want to see that, too. If you show me your cock and balls, I might show you my pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to see my pussy, Kurt? Maybe even touch it?”

As young as I was, and as confusing as this whole situation had become, I knew in an instant that I would very much like to see Patricia’s pussy and I was positively desperate to touch it. I had seen pussies before because I would get in the bath with my sisters when we were younger. However, back then they were just girl-bottoms or front-bums. They were of no real interest to me, but recently my body had started responding in strange ways when I saw pretty girls at school or in the village. I had started touching myself at night under the bedclothes, and just recently, a sort of cream had started coming out of my penis when I played with it. It felt good and I was doing it three of even four times a day. Oh yes, I wanted to see and touch Patricia’s pussy.

“Yes,” I said, “I want to see your pussy and I want to touch it. Show me.”

“No!” She said flatly. “Not yet. Take off your shorts, first. Take of your shorts and let me see you naked. Then I might let you see my pussy.”

I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down the zip. Once open they fell to my ankles and I stood directly in front of Patricia’s face in a pair of paisley Y-fronts. She did not order me to remove my underpants, but instead reached out herself and hooking her thumbs in the waistband, pulled them down over my knees and to my ankles. I stepped out of my shorts and pants, taking a small step towards Patricia.

“There, that’s better. Now I can really see my present.” She added, and to my amazement, reached out and took my tiny cock in her right hand. Use to my own touch, my cock responded to this even softer and smaller hand immediately, twitching and growing in Patricia’s palm, as she started to stroke and massage it.

“Oh my.” She exclaimed. “Now that is a nice gift you have for me there, Kurt. Not like your pathetic little friend Michael at all. As she said this, she lifted my stiffening cock higher and put the fingers of her other hand to my balls. I shuddered and she giggled. “Is that nice, Kurt? Do you like me touching you like this?”

“Yes.” I said. “I like it. Please do it more.” Though in my mind, I worried what she would say if the sticky cream came out that I always caught in a piece of toilet paper in my bed. Yet, my cock was now completely hard and throbbing in Patricia’s tiny hand.

“Kurt, would you like to see something that only mummies and daddies do? Would you like to know a secret?” She then asked, and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, and did not care. Of course I said yes.

“Yes please.” I whispered, “Show me what…” and my sentence stopped because Patricia had knelt up to be at eyelevel with my cock and took the end of my penis into her mouth. A tremor went through my entire body and I groaned. It was the most wonderful feeling I could imagine. Of course, Patricia was in reality, a fucking awful cocksucker. How old was she, twelve or fourteen maybe. However, I was eight and had never had my cock anywhere other than in my own hand. For me as a small child her mouth was the most beautiful place on Earth and as her inexperienced tongue, hand and mouth brought me to my first ‘real’ climax, I knew that I wanted to put my cock into a girl’s mouth every day from that day onwards.

My cock had often let out a tiny squirt of sticky sperm and fluid under my bedsheets at night. I would catch it in a piece of toilet paper and then sniff at it, intrigued by the musky smell. I even tasted it once, dipping my finger into it and putting it in my mouth. It was okay, and the taste did not really bother me, but I do understand why some women do not like it in their mouths or refuse to swallow it. My advice to those women is to let your guy come deep in your throat. That way you do not have to taste it as it goes straight into your stomach, but the guy will love you for it. If you simply refuse to let him come in your mouth at all, he will start to despise you for it and finally lose interest in oral completely. Then one day he will get his cock sucked and his spunk drunk from some hot bitch and he will leave you. Do not ever say I did not warn you. Suck your man’s cock every fucking day, and though you should let him spunk in your face from time to time, mostly just drink his cum. If you want to keep him. Suck his balls dry and eat his jizz every day; but I digress.

So there I was just eight-years-old spunking into Patricia’s mouth and loving it. Patricia, on the other hand, had no fucking idea what was going on and thought I was peeing into her mouth. She tried to pull away, she fought, but I had taken hold of her hair and was grinding my tiny prick as deeply as it would go into her mouth as I sprayed my seed across her tongue. Finally spent, I let go of her hair and let her pull away.

“You peed in my mouth, Kurt. Why did you do that? It was gross?” She said as she wiped the back of her hand across her lips and spat my sperm onto the floor.

“It wasn’t pee.” I said. “I promise. It is just what comes out when I get hard.” As I said this, I noticed that Patricia was fingering a glob of sperm that had dripped from her mouth onto her knee. Clearly realising that whatever this creamy substance was, it was not pee. That seemed to relax her a little and she looked up at me.

“Don’t ever do that to me again, Kurt.” It was horrible. I am your princess and you are supposed to be nice to me, not squirt disgusting stuff into my mouth. I almost puked. I really thought you had taken a pee in my mouth.” Up until this point, the dream was almost a one-to-one reproduction of what really did happen back then on that field. At just eight, I had sprayed spunk into the mouth of a young girl as we hid in the grass, and learned what a real orgasm was. Now my adult brain took control of my dream, interrupting my memories and interjecting the present, as dreams can so easily do.

“That was not pee.” I repeated to Patricia whilst taking hold of her hair again, twisting it around my fingers. This is pee, and I forced my now limp cock into her mouth and started to piss into her gullet. It was a dream so she did not fight. I controlled what she did and thus, she opened her throat obediently, and swallowed the flow of urine from my cock. I pissed and pissed; and could feel her throat gulping down the liquid as it entered her throat. In my dream, I knew what she was thinking, almost as if I could hear her voice. She was desperately trying to take the full amount of piss without spilling any. She did not want to wet the grass where she was kneeling. The grass must stay dry or there would be no fire party, and as the final drops of piss trickled into her mouth, she raised her hands and stroked my thighs as I stood in front of her with my cock still in her mouth.

Then the dream jumped and I was on a roller coaster in Italy. Again, a real memory, and a warm feeling spread through my body as I remembered that wonderful happy time. The brown-skinned gypsy girl who had taken me behind her father’s tent at the fair and shown me every pleasure I could imagine at just fourteen. I started to sink into that dream and felt the real me, the here and now sleeping-I smile. My brain had other plans, and the dream broke. I was back in the grass with Patricia. She was still spitting out my spunk and coughing as though I had tried to poison her. Again, a real memory had returned and my eight-year-old voice spoke to her.

“Now show me your pussy.” I demanded. “You promised.”

“No!” She coughed, and spat the final glob of spunk onto the grass. “You are disgusting, Kurt. I trusted you. I was being nice and you put that gunge in my mouth. Do you know what that stuff is?” She asked, but did not wait for my answer. “It’s baby-batter. It’s what my dad put inside my mam to make me and what your dad put inside your mam to make you. It’s called sperm and makes babies. Is that what you want, Kurt? A baby?” That very second, I learned what sperm was and what it was used for.

Of course, it was a stupid notion that Patricia could be pregnant, but my little brain did not know any better, so it did scare me a little, that I might have put a baby into Patricia. However, what bothered me more was that she now wanted to break our deal, and not show me her pussy.

“Show me your pussy, Patricia.” I said again. “No!” She repeated. This made me angry. “We had a deal.” I said. I felt an anger that was new to me and I grabbed her hair and twisted. She started to scream but I clasped my hand across her mouth.

“I will tell the whole village what you just did to me, and Michael will back me up. I am just a child and you made me do bad things, Patricia. The same things you tried to make Michael do, but he was too scared to let you see his penis, right. Or why was he crying?”

“He had a tiny penis and it would not get hard.” She said. He was embarrassed and I teased him. “I’m sorry.” She added.

“Stand up.” I said, and guided her by gently pulling on her hair, still wrapped around my hand. Now she did not argue. She had understood my threat and knew the trouble brewing if I leaked a single word of what had happened in that pile of grass at the edge of the playing field in the hot August sun. She stood and I let go of her hair.

“Lift up your dress.” I commanded. “Let me see your panties.” She blushed, but complied, lifting the hem of her dress up to her tummy button. She wore yellow panties with little flowers on them, and I could just see the outline of that upside-down exclamation mark that was her pussy-slit, through the thin material. As she held her dress, I put my finger on the top end of her slit and started to slide down. She shivered. “Take them off.” I said. “Take off your panties.” She dropped the hem of her dress and slid her hands underneath it. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor with my own clothes. “Now lift up your dress again.” I said.

Patricia stood in front of me, holding up her dress and looking defiantly at me, knowing I had her under my control. I looked down at her bare pussy and reached out to touch it. She let one side of her dress fall as she hit at my hand to stop me. I grabbed her hand and looked into her face.

“I am going to touch your pussy.” I said flatly. “I am going to look at it, touch it and see what’s inside it and you are going to let me.” I added. “And if you try to stop me, I am going tell tales on you and everyone will believe me because my best friend, Michael, will tell them what you did to him. Now lift up your dress.”

Patricia gave me that “if-looks-could-kill” stare, but lifted her dress once more and only flinched slightly as my fingers touched her tiny virgin pussy. I was more medical that porn or sexy. I was fascinated by this new piece of anatomy. Sure, I had seen my sisters naked, but never inside those little front-bums, those slits. I separated Patricia’s lips and dropped to my knees in front of her for a better view. I touched, poked, and slid my finger along her slit. Only when I tried to push my finger into the tight hole, did she complain and say, “No, please. That hurts.” I pushed no further, for now.

I leaned over and put my nose to it to see what it smelled like. It was musky, but sweet. Watermelon. In my dream, I knew it was watermelon, but back in the 1960s, I had no idea what a watermelon even was. Yet I had smelled one and even tasted one, because instinctively, I slipped my tongue into Patricia’s front-bum and started licking. She shivered and moved her hand and the hem of her dress to my head as I started to explore that beautiful cavity with my tongue. She clearly liked what I was doing.

This might sound hard to believe, but at just eight, I had no idea what a vagina (front-bum) was. I did not know what it was good for or what you could do with it. I was an unwritten book. I did not even understand my own body. I knew my own penis, and I knew that it felt good when I touched it. I now also knew that it felt even better when a girl touched it. What’s more, it felt better still when it was inside her mouth. I had only just learned what sperm was and what it did.

Yet, in that grass that day with a young girl called Patricia, I discovered my passion, and as my tongue dipped into her small, soft wet hole, I knew in an instant what that hole was for. Well maybe not the baby stuff, but the cock-stuff. I knew this hole served one purpose; to take my penis and to make it feel good until my sperm shot into it. I instantly knew that this hole, designed and made to fit my penis into it and to make me feel good, was there for my use and my pleasure. I decided that was what I was going to do to Patricia’s pussy right now, but I also knew she would not let me do it freely.

I stopped licking at her pussy, and stood up. I took her hands and let her dress fall back over her thighs to cover her nakedness. “Turn round.” I said. “I want to look at you from the back.” My tongue had clearly gotten her aroused, and though she was still wary of me, she was flushed and obviously enjoying the attention to her pussy. She turned and I encouraged her to bend over by pushing at the top of her back as I slid her dress up over her bottom. I sank to my knees again, and returned my tongue to her tiny slit, licking in upward motions and holding her lips apart with my fingers. She shivered again and her knees went weak.

“Kneel down.” I said, and without pause she complied, getting down onto her hands and knees and actually lifting her own dress back over her bottom to expose her pussy to me. I also saw the first puckered anus I had ever seen, and that hole fascinated me, too. I had not even seen my own up to that point.

This new position was not at all good for licking her pussy, though I did risk a couple of darts of my tongue into her anus. She bolted forward at that, shocked. I laughed, and started to rub her pussy with the middle finger of my right hand, as I gently took her hair in my left hand and started to wind it a couple of times round my hand.

My finger was clearly having a positive effect on her and she was moving in time with my hand. I was not going deep and at the slightest indication that I might, she would rock forward to get away from my probing fingers. Years later, I wondered if she knew what her virginity even was and what it was worth, or if her defences had merely been instinct. At the time, I had no idea what it was and simply found that wet hole designed specifically for my cock, fascinating. I needed to be inside it, and so I was.

Without warning or changing my rhythm, I curled the middle finger of my right hand towards her velvety folds and inserted it up to the limit in one decisive thrust. As I did so, I felt resistance that I pushed against harder, and felt something tear. Her hands shot back to grab at my hand, and in doing so she lost her support and fell onto her chest. She started to cry out but my left hand found her mouth and covered it, strands of her own hair forced into her open mouth. I dropped onto her back and pushed her onto her belly so I could hold her down with my weight as I started to roam around inside her hole with my finger. She was crying into my hand and I felt tears roll across my fingers.

I could not get deep enough. I wanted more, so added my index finger to her hole and pushed as deeply as I could. She fought, but even at eight, I was strong and heavy-built. I could hold her just with my bodyweight. I explored her insides, wondering at how soft and slick her cavern was. There was a strange pole-like thing that I found with my fingers. It felt like a tiny thin penis and there was even a little hole at the end of it. Did girls have a penis inside?

I left no part of that wet dark hole untouched. I stretched and explored, and even managed to get a third finger inside her before pulling out and taking hold of my rock-hard penis with my right hand. It was easy. My hand guided the end of my penis to her hole and it slipped in where my fingers had already stretched and opened her. In a split second, I felt the joy and the utter ecstasy of the female body as my penis entered Patricia and sank all the way into her pussy. This was heaven, and I knew I wanted to do this every day for the rest of my life.

Patricia was less impressed. She was crying and still trying to roll away from me, but I was determined and started instinctively moving in and out of her pussy with my hard cock, keeping the weight of my chest on her back, whilst moving my hips. By today’s standards, I would be ashamed of that fuck. I was just a child and this was my first pussy. My first rape and I did not even know what rape was. I was oblivious to the fact that what I was doing to Patricia was illegal.

I had moved my hands up to her shoulders as I thrust into her pussy, and I saw a smear of blood on my right knuckles. At just eight, I saw the blood and hoped I had not scratched her somewhere. Then I came. I was an inexperienced eight-year-old, and I came within just moments of penetrating that virgin girl, sending my seed into her pussy and womb and experiencing the first vaginal come of my life, though there were to be many, many more.

Patricia lay beneath me crying and I let go of her mouth. “Why did you do that?” She asked in a whimpering voice. “Why did you force your penis inside me and hurt me and then make that mess inside me?”

I thought hard about that question and then answered her as honestly as I could “Because that’s what your front hole is for. It is there to put my penis into and to take my sperm when it comes out. It is your job to let me put my penis into that hole and make me feel good. It just made me feel good, too. Didn’t you like it?”

“It hurt,” Patricia, replied. Worse with your fingers to start, but once you put your penis in and had been in for a while it was ok. But when your sperm came, it burnt. It was all itchy and burnt a little. Now it feels okay though.”

“Are you going to tell anyone what I did to you?” I asked in a tiny child’s voice.

“Are you crazy?” Patricia replied in a snappy voice. “Do you have any idea what my dad would do to us both? Do you understand what the whole village would say about me? It would destroy my life if anyone found out about this.” She added, and it was then that I understood. I realised the absolute power I had over Patricia. I knew her pussy was now just for my penis whenever I needed it, because I could tell on her at any time. Then she surprised me with something I did not really know about or understand.

“Just pray you did not put a baby in my tummy just now. Because then we cannot keep this a secret. Then everyone will know.” My mind exploded, and a door to new knowledge opened. So that was how babies get made. The man puts his baby-batter in the woman’s pussy and a baby grows in her tummy until it comes out. Out of her pussy. My horizon widened, and I thought of my mother inside with a belly the size of a whale. Patricia snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Are you going to tell anyone?” She asked. “Yes,” I replied instantly. “I am going to tell all my friends that I put my penis in your pussy.”

“What?” She cried, “No way. You must not do that, Kurt. Please don’t do that. We have to keep this our secret, or I will never live this down. It would destroy me and destroy my family. Please don’t tell anyone, baby. Please! I will do anything you want, just keep your mouth shut, okay?” She pleaded.

“Okay,” I said and smiled at her. “I will keep my mouth shut if you open yours right now. Do that special thing again with your mouth on my penis. Only this time, you do not spit it out. I want you to eat it. Do what I want you to do and I will stay quiet.”

Patricia stared at me and simply said, “Okay.” She took my still soft penis into her mouth and began to suck as I hardened into her face. Thus, I had learned the art of sexual blackmail, and I would refine it much, much further over the years, and many women and girls would give themselves to my abuse in order to hide my abuse. That is the perfect rape. A rape where the woman desperately needs to conceal her rape, so much so, that she will willingly fuck her rapist again. Even at eight, I understood this and told Patricia that I wanted to meet her in the woods the next day at eleven, and she nodded as she sucked on my tiny cock.

Then, I was coming. My balls had tightened and the first jet of spunk exploded from my massive cock into Patricia’s mouth, who gulped willingly and excitedly as the next wave streamed from my uterus across her eager tongue. I was naked, laying under a blanket in the grass. Where had that come from? A finger touched my butthole as the next blast of cum spewed from my cock into that warm, waiting mouth. A hand wanked my shaft and a head bobbed to draw as much seed from me as I could give; this could not be Patricia. She was a child. I was a child.

My head started to clear and I forced an eye open to see a flair of red hair across my groin and tummy, as the final wave of spunk left my balls, and I collapsed back in a haze of dreams and reality. I noticed a crack of light that split through the drawn curtains and fell across the bed. A beautiful face slid up my body, kissing my tummy, chest and neck. Lena smiled at me, a tiny drop of spunk still clinging to her lower lip.

“Hello stranger.” Lena grinned into my face. “Did you sleep well? Did I wake you nicely, master?” She noticed the drop of sperm on her lip, and pushed it into her mouth with her finger. “You taste very, very good this morning, sir. Do you need to pee, again?” Again I thought. “Can I get you anything?” Lena added.

“No! I mean yes,” I said, “Coffee. I don’t need to pee. Just coffee, please.” Lena jumped from the bed, naked, and skipped across the room as I watched her firm buttocks. “Coming right up.” She sang as she left the bedroom to go and make me coffee. There was a beep in the kitchen and I heard Lena say, “Alexa, play Bob Marley.” “Okay!” and the unmistakeable sound of Three Little Birds filled the kitchen and drifted into the bedroom. Lena started to sing along, and though not really hitting the notes, she had a sweet voice.

I sat up and leaned over towards the window. I tugged at the curtain to widen the crack of light coming in. The sun was blazing outside, as a heatwave fell across Europe. “Stay on the field. Don’t wander too far.” My grandmother called from our back garden, where she stood pegging out fresh washing on the clotheslines. I glanced back to answer her. Her polka dot pinafore was flapping just above her knees in the slight breeze, and she smiled at me. “Okay Nanny.” I called back to her. “I love you.”

“What?” Called Lena from the kitchen, and then appeared naked in the doorway. She was holding a spatula in her right hand and an egg in her left. “What did you say, master?” She asked again, and when I did not answer, she added. “The coffee will be ready soon. I am making you some eggs. I hope you like them. I thought you should try to get your energy back up.”

A tear rolled down my right cheek, and as it changed path and ran into the corner of my mouth, salty and bitter, Lena noticed I was crying and crossed to the bed in an instant, dropping the egg and spatula onto the floor and took me into her arms.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” She asked as she hugged me tightly to her naked breasts, the side of my face pushing into the nipple I had so brutally miss-figured, and she winced at the pain.

I pulled away from her, and taking her hands in mine, I looked into her face. Her beautiful green-eyed defiant face, and repeated what I had just shouted through to the kitchen. “I said that I love you, Lena.” She started to cry.

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  • Reply 6924cm

    Top 10 mate. Was wondering how long it would take you to realize that. Same will happen with Simone. Just like me you will love them, they will still be your fuck-toys. That’s why you hate them to lie to you and how protective you feel of them. To each master there’s always those 1/2 slaves that really matter to us, that we actually love.
    Those girls won’t ever be unprotected again, you will make sure of it.
    41 years and I haven’t found another master like me… Maybe one day we can be friends.