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Simone Part 14 – Lena’s lies

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Easy, Lena. Use every cock-sucking trick you know with that dirty little fuck-mouth of yours, but make it last. Don’t make me come too quickly. I said

I had told Lena to go slow and gentle as she sucked on my cock. I made it clear that she was in the driving seat and was to pleasure me, not just make me come. “I want you to spoil me, Lena.” I said, “Give my cock perfect treatment from that beautiful hands, mouth, throat and tongue of yours. Tease and suck me, draw the spunk out, don’t just face-fuck yourself. Don’t leave any part of my cock or balls untouched or feeling unloved. Worship my fat fuck-pole, Lena. Show him how much you love him, sweetheart. Show him you worship him and will do anything for him.” That is exactly what she was now doing, worshiping my cock and balls with her hands, mouth, tongue and throat.

It was fantastically soft, warm, wet and loving. She was tender and caring, slurping me into her mouth, letting her saliva collect and flood over my glans as she pushed all the way down to the base of my shaft. Do not get me wrong. I love face fucking just about any bitch I can get my hands on, including Lena and Simone. However, there are times when getting your fuck-toy to treat you gently and worship the tool that they know can tear them open or choke them at any time is a wonderful sensation. Both Lena I knew that I could grab her hair any second and start pile driving in and out of her throat or impale her face, balls deep cutting off the air and forcing her to convulse and gag on my throbbing member. She knew that because I had already done it to her and she must surely have known that I would do it to her again. What she did not know was that I was not going to do it to her again just now.

Right now, all I wanted was that soft sensation of her spoiling me, playing and toying with my cock, swirling her tongue around my glans and over my balls. I whispered encouragement from time to time, telling her what a beautiful job she was doing. How good her mouth felt on my cock, how her tongue delighted me. I did not want to be distracted by the effort and work involved in actively abusing her pretty face or fucking it harder. I did not want to be distracted at all because my full attention was now on the screen in front of me, where Simone, having finished making her tea had returned to her living room. She was sitting on the sofa, still almost naked with just white cotton panties covering her beautiful cunt.

Simone was beautiful. Her raven hair was lose and fell across her shoulders down to her perfect breasts. She had kicked her heals up behind her butt and taken a book from the small coffee table. I could not see what it was she was reading, some paperback. Every now and then, she would put those beautiful slender fingers to her mouth and her tongue flicked out to wet the tips before turning a page. That same perfect tongue that had flicked in exactly the same way over the end of my cock, the same slender fingers that had wrapped around my shaft and wanked me into that beautiful fuck mouth. The same slender fingers that had cupped my balls, squeezing them as I shot my seed into her throat. Just seeing Simone curled up like that on the sofa, almost naked, drinking tea and reading a book, was making me as hot as fuck and I yearned for her. I yearned for her at the pit of my stomach, in my guts, at the base of my spine and in my balls and cock, both of which Lena was treating to a very special sucking and licking.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Lena suddenly, slipping my cock from her mouth. “Where is all this pre-cum coming from? Am I making you so hot master, or are you watching porn on that notebook?” She asked with little giggle. “It tastes so good.” She said, and returned her mouth to my cock.

I must admit that I experienced a tiny twitch of guilt at that question. Sure, Lena was doing a perfect job on my cock and balls and I would have loved it even without seeing Simone. However, it was the sight of Simone in those white cotton panties with her long tanned legs, incredible raven hair and perfect small firm breasts that drove me to such a level of desire. I had never wanted to fuck any female in my life as much as I wanted to fuck Simone at that moment in time. It took all my willpower not to simply walk down the stairs, let myself into her place with the key I had, and take her, fuck her, completely dominate and own her. Why did I not follow my animal lust and simply take the object of my desire? Sure, I wanted her to heal from the last time I had raped her mouth, cunt and ass and so had decided to give her a few days to heal up before I tore her open again. However, there was more to it than that. I wanted to savour the idea of having Simone again. I wanted the images in my mind, to live and dream them until I was ready to burst and could wait no longer. Only then, would I take what was mine and make it mine forever. The fantasy was worth savouring before making it real again. Never underestimate that guys. Enjoy the thought and the fantasies, and to answer Lena’s question, that is where the all that pre-cum comes from.

There was also the question of the sweet seventeen-year-old girl between my legs lapping at my cock and balls like a champion. I still had unfinished business with Lena and with her fucked-up family, so I knew Simone would have to wait. I placed my notebook beside me on the bed where I could still see the screen, still watch Simone, but also have a better view and access to my little cock-sucking fuck-toy. Simone was stunning, but so was Lena.

Lena was extremely well toned, but not too muscly. Her teen body perfectly formed. As she worshiped my cock with her mouth and tongue, I looked at her perfect shoulders, back and the pert butt below. The beautiful ass I had brutally fucked and torn apart. It too needed a little time to heal, and I was sure Lena was grateful that I was giving her tiny butthole a rest. She must know, however, that the rest would be short and my cock would drive into her bowels and ravage her teenage ass again soon. As the thought of sodomizing my teen sex-toy again went through my head, I glanced at my computer screen to see Simone put down her book, my cock twitched and even more pre-cum spilled into Lena’s eager mouth. She gave a muffled “Hmmmm!” as she swallowed, and I just had to see what beautiful Lena was doing, so took my eyes from Simone for a moment.

When I am aroused I generally produce a lot of pre-cum anyway, but looking down at Lena, I could see her chin and lips were coated with it. She was playing with the latest batch, a thin strand stretching from the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue, and she looked up at me with those wonderful beautiful green eyes, and smiled. The red fire of her hair hung over my thighs and my pre-cum coated her slender fingers wrapped around my cock. I could see a fresh pool forming at my hole and Lena saw it too. She place the tip of her tongue onto the end of my cock, and then lapped the silky glistening fluid up into her mouth and swallowed, before engulfing my entire glans in that beautiful warm cavern. As she rocked forward and dropped her chin in order to push me deep into her throat, strands of red hair floated onto my stomach, light and feathery, causing goose bumps to raise on my arms and legs.

Looking at the top of Lena’s head as she took the entire length and girth of my cock into her neck, the sight of her mother on the security video suddenly shot through my mind. The same red hair, the same shaped skull gorging down onto the pool boy’s erect shaft, and something troubled me about it. A fleeting thought, a memory of something Lena had said to me or done, or perhaps told me about her mother. I strained to remember but it would not come. Her mouth on my cock was the perfect distraction, stealing my chain of thoughts. I struggled to put things together, then for a second, I felt I had it, a question on the tip of my tongue that I only needed to ask, and then it slipped from my mind and was gone. Lena had removed my cock from her throat and was back down sucking at my balls. Pre-cum still dripping over her knuckles from my cock as she wanked me gently.

Then the worry, question, whatever it was, left me, as did all other thoughts because I glanced at my computer screen. Simone had just unfolded her legs and laid back on the sofa. In very slow and steady movements, she was stroking her cunt through the thin fabric of her cotton panties with the middle finger of her right hand. She cupped her left breast with her left hand and squeezed her nipple with thumb and index finger. She started to twist her own nipple slowly and gently, she closed her eyes and her mouth formed into an o shape, she became more excited. I felt the warmth of Lena’s mouth return to my cock and engulf it. It pulsed again inside Lena’s mouth, and then something very special happened.

Simone continued to masturbate, and as she did, I felt Lena slip a finger between my ass-cheeks and start to rub my butthole. The finger was wet to the touch so she had clearly lubricated it with spit or probably with my own pre-cum, and just as she started to push it gently into my anus, Simone dropped her left hand to her panties and pulled them to one side to expose her magnificent cunt. She parted her lips and inserted her middle finger deep into her twat. Lena’s finger curled up and found my prostate gland, my cock still deep in her throat, and I left the planet on a wave of ecstasy.

I have no idea where the fuck Lena had learned to prostate massage or if she even knew she was doing it, but this was some advanced shit, and my blood was pumping through my veins as I watched Simone masturbate feverishly on my screen. Simone was now up to two fingers deep in her cunt, middle and index fingers, while her thumb circled her clit. At times, she would pull out completely and massage her clit with the same two fingers, lubricated with her own juices, before pushing them back into her cunt. I could see the movement she made, pushing both fingers deep into her sopping wet cunt then curling them up to reach her G-spot. I had done the exact same thing to Simone whilst licking her out. I remembered the taste of that sweet pussy, and wondered if Simone had learned this technique from me. My hands moved to the back of Lena’s head, where I simply guided her, still letting her set the depth and pace.

I could see Simone was really heating up and I doubted she would need much longer in order to reach climax, I felt the same. Lena had now switched to throat-fucking herself gently whilst massaging my prostrate and I could feel the pressure rising in my balls. It was stupid romantic shit, but I imagined a connection between Simone and myself. Between Lena and Simone, between all three of us. Simone and I were moving towards climax together and I thought how fucking amazing it would be if we came together, and then it happened. Simone came first, I saw her stop wanking and grasp her pussy holding onto her groin and trembling in every muscle as she gasped and drew air deeply into her lungs. That sent me over the edge, too.

Lena was a good girl. She had quickly learned how to please me. She knew exactly how to maximise my pleasure. She sensed that I was about to shoot my load and pushed her face onto my cock until I was balls deep in her throat; but then she started the most amazing thing. Something I had never experienced before, that again made me wonder where the fuck she had learned it, because as I sent wave after wave of cum into her stomach, she started to gulp at the back of her throat. She was swallowing exaggeratedly hard and giving my glans the most exquisite massage with her throat muscles I had ever experienced. She was literally trying to swallow me, to get my cock into her stomach whilst continuing to massage my prostate gland with the finger in my ass.

I grasped Lena’s head even harder, and pushed her down into my groin as hard as I could. She did not fight it, but tried to push even further herself. I simply could not go deep enough. No depth would ever be deep enough. My cock could have come out of her ass or cunt and still I would have wanted to push deeper into her. I leaned on the back of her head with my forearms, and forced her down into my groin and thrust up with my cock. I growled from the pit of my stomach and thought the flow of sperm was never going to end as Lena’s prostate massage gave me my first anal orgasm. This was primeval. Animal. My growls were guttural and from ancient ancestral roots. I was a cave man as I deposited my seed into Lena’s gulping throat.

Finally spent, I was panting like a horny dog as my cock started to go limp in Lena’s mouth. I released her head. She didn’t pull away. Instead, she twirled my softening cock around in her mouth and swallowed anything she could still find, spunk, pre-cum or her own salvia, she was cleaning me. Her finger was still in my butt, though stationary. She only took it out once she was sure my cock was clean of any remaining juices, and then she sucked her finger clean. I had raised up on my shoulders and watched her do it. She did not close her eyes, but stared up at me as she sucked on her finger. Then she smiled at me, took my limp cock in her tiny hand and asked me if I needed to piss, before returning it to her mouth.

“Yes, I need to piss, Lena.” I said as I let a gentle stream run into her waiting and willing mouth. She swallowed it easily with me controlling the flow. “Good girl.” I said as I started to stroke her head. “You are a very good girl Lena. That was an amazing blowjob, sweetheart. You are an amazing cocksucker. Do you know that? You are the perfect cum-eating, piss-drinking slut, and I am proud to be your master. It pleasures me to feed you. You are my bitch, my whore and my personal piss and cum-bucket.”

As I said that, I glanced at my screen and saw Simone stand up from the sofa, clearly moved and shaken by her orgasm. I switched cameras as she went into the bathroom and started to clean her teeth. She was getting ready to go to bed, and as I looked at the clock on my notebook I realised it was late. I was also tired and felt I needed to sleep. I closed the lid of my computer and put it on the bedside table.

The flow of piss had stopped. Lena had swallowed the lot but was still suckling on my cock and teasing my balls with her fingers. Did she really want me hard again? The last orgasm had genuinely ripped my soul out. I had nothing left to give her, I thought. I pulled my cock out of Lena’s mouth with a plop, lifting her head with my hands, and told her to come up to me. I wanted to chat with her. She slid up the bed, swung over to my left and sat next to me leaning against the headboard. I had a question to ask her, but she beat me to it:

“So who is the bitch on your laptop?” She asked in quite an accusatory tone. “Who did you get off to while I sucked your cock?” She sensed my anger immediately and started to back down. “I wasn’t spying, I saw her reflection in the….” She did not have chance to finish her sentence. With one swift movement and without hesitation, I swung my right knee over her legs turning to face her so I was straddling her lap. I grasped her windpipe with my left hand and squeezed. As I squeezed, I slapped her hard across her face with my right hand and growled into her face, my face almost touching hers:

“Firstly, bitch, every fucking question you ask, every sentence that leaves your fuck-whore face, ends with master, daddy, or sir you fucking cunt. How many times do I need to slap that into you bitch? Are you fucking stupid?” I slapped her again, not quite as hard as the first time.

“No, daddy.” She quickly whimpered, and started to cry. “I’m sorry. I should not have even asked at all, daddy, but I should still have respected you and called you sir, daddy or master. I was jealous. I’m sorry.” She continued, and started to cry even harder. “I just saw the reflection of some naked woman on your laptop in that picture there on the wall, and I felt jealous. I am so sorry; it will never happen again, master. I promise” It was time to nip this in the bud.

“Lena, you are just one of the fuck-toys that I have.” I started. “I will admit that you are very special to me now, and I am extremely fond of you, but you will never be the only fuck-bitch I own and destroy. The fuck-toy I was just watching on my notebook is also very special to me. I actually hope she will also become very special to you one day, and if you love me, she should be special to you. I hope you will love her, too, as I love you and I love her. We will see, but if you ever question me in that way again, in any way whatsoever, I will remove your nipples with wire-cutters or a blunt fucking knife, and feed them to you. Do you fucking understand?”

“Yes, daddy,” She whispered. “I understand.”

“Good,” I replied, but continued in a way that Lena was not expecting. “Now, sweet, sweet Lena. We need to talk, because I might just be removing your fucking nipples and clit with wire-cutters anyway, depending on what you now answer, bitch. I have an extremely serious question to ask you and I want the fucking truth. Do you understand? If you lie to me, I will know and I will hurt you beyond your worst nightmares and imagination. I WILL know if you are lying, Lena-fuck-bitch. So tell me the fucking truth you fucking lying fuck-whore.” I hissed, and I spat into her face and started to rub it into her lips with my thumb, pressing and crushing her lower lip so hers into her teeth that a drop of blood welled and trickled over her lip.

I was fuming because Lena had actually been lying to me, and my uneasy feeling, the doubt, all of it had just come back to me; the question I needed her to answer that I could not quite put my finger on was now fresh and clear in my mind.

“What did I do, daddy.” She sobbed. “Tell me and I will fix it. I swear it was not on purpose.” She sobbed.

“Lena, when we first met, you told me your mother was dead. I literally just remembered you telling me that. You said she had died when you were five. Yet now we see she is alive and well and sucking the pool boy’s cock on that security video. You pretended the woman married to your fuck-tard father was your stepmother, but she is clearly not. I see the hair, the shape of the head and know you lied to me. I see the woman on that film and you have the same DNA. You lied, Lena. Why? What the fuck is going on? I swear, if you now start to cry and go for the sympathy angle, or continue to lie to me I will put a broken beer bottle up your ass and fuck you with it. Then I will remove your nipples and clit and feed them to you. So tell me the fucking truth NOW BITCH.”

“I know daddy.” She started, clearly shocked and flustered. I could physically see her mind racing for an explanation as she started to blurt one out, and so knew she would lie before she even spoke.

“I remember saying that, and I can’t really tell you why I said it. I didn’t plan or think about it. It just slipped out. I was afraid of you, of what was going to happen, of my father. My head was in a mess and I just blurted it out hoping it would make you like me more. Even wishing it were true. I do wish she were dead, I hate her.”

I was still sitting on Lena’s lap, straddled across her thighs, staring right into her face. I could see she was still lying and I needed or at least wanted to know the truth. What the fuck was going on here?

“Lena, I know you are still lying to me.” I said, “If you don’t start spitting out the fucking truth right now, I am going to hurt you very badly.” I said in a very flat and calm voice.

She stared at me, terrified. Her eyes wide with fear. Was it fear of what I was going to do to her or fear of whatever it was she did not want to tell me? I decided to try a slightly different approach to slapping her. Her face was already red and it pained me to disturb her beauty in any way. I wanted that face to remain pretty and unharmed. I raised my hand to her cheek and she flinched. However, instead of the hard slap she was expecting, I placed my hand on her left cheek and rubbed a tear with my thumb. “Lena, sweetheart, tell me what it is you are hiding.” I whispered. “I promise you it will be ok, if you tell me the truth.” I put my thumb to my mouth and sucked the salty tear into my mouth.

“Daddy,” She started whilst laying her hand over mine, “I am telling the truth. Please don’t hurt me anymore. I am your fuck-toy, your slave. You can do anything to me you want. Would you like to fuck my ass again, daddy?” She added, in a desperate attempt to draw my attention away from her lies. “It feels much better now. I am ready for your cock again.”

It did not work. My hand slipped from her face to her neck, down to her left breast, and finally rested with both index finger and thumb on her nipple. “Last chance, sweetheart.” I said, and took her nipple between my finger and thumb. She must have understood the threat.

“Tell me.” I said, and applied just a little pressure, but she did not speak. Instead, she looked pleadingly at me, bit down on her lower lip, and closed her eyes. I started to crush the delicate piece of flesh and twist it violently. Her face contorted in pain and she let out a shriek of pain that the whole house might have heard. I grasped my left hand over her mouth and inflicted even more pain as she clawed at my hand trying to pull it from her chest. I crushed even harder.

She was actually hurting herself even more. My fingers clamped so tightly onto her nipple so that her attempts to rip my hand away increased her pain. She was sobbing and screaming into my hand, and it hurt me to be inflicting such pain on her beautiful body, but she needed to learn that she could not fool me with her lies, and she needed to learn that my threats of punishment were not empty. I crushed even harder, and her eyes rolled back into the sockets for a second as she started to below into my hand like a dying cow.

I leaned forward and rested my forehead against hers. I kissed her nose as her snot and tears flowed over my hand, and I whispered a very clear instruction. “Lena, I will stop hurting you and remove my hand from your mouth. You will then tell me the truth. If you lie, I will know. If you lie, I will tear your nipple off completely and feed it to you before starting on the other one. Do you understand?” As I said this, I switched my grip a little so that my thumbnail started to cut into her nipple. She was gasping for air through her nose; still writhing in pain, but managed to signal with a slight nod that she had understood me. She was ready to tell me the truth, now.

I released her nipple and her hands flew to her breast as I slowly removed my hand from her mouth, and covered it with mine. Her chest was heaving trying to fill her lungs with air as she sobbed and sobbed into my mouth as I drank her tears and her snot. The taste of her pain as I kissed her mouth was wonderful. I took my cock into my left hand and began to stroke it as Lena came to herself. The rush of blood back into her nipple was probably just as excruciating as the clamp I had put down on it. She brushed at it with her finger, trying to do anything to relieve the pain. I sat back playing with my cock, and let her recover. She needed around four or five minutes until her breath had calmed enough for her to whimper between sobs.

“I” sob, “am,” sob, “so” sniffle “sorry, daddy.” She managed to get out. My God, even after I had hurt her so badly, she remained my loyal fuck-toy and slave. “I swear I will never lie to you again. No matter how terrible the truth is or how much you hate me for it, I will always tell it to you, master.” She sobbed.

“Ok, Lena. Take a deep breath and tell me why you lied about your mother.” I said, letting go of my cock and taking her right hand in both of mine. I smiled at her puffy, tear-streaked face. Her beautiful, pained face. Then Lena started to tell the truth. What she said shocked me to the core and changed both our futures forever.

“I didn’t lie. Not at first.” She said and added quickly, “Please hear me out. Let me finish before you start to hurt me again, master. Please!” As she blurted this out, she instinctively covered her swollen and bruised nipple with her left hand, expecting me to resume my assault. I did not. I simply told her to go on, and a tiny part of me felt just a little bad about hurting her so badly. She was a lovely creature and I was growing very fond of her, it genuinely did pain me to hurt her.

“I swear she is not my mother. My mother died when I was just a small child as I told you the first time.” She continued. “You are right though, Ursula and I do share the same DNA. The woman you saw on that video, Ursula, is not my mother. She is my sister.” I was shocked, I had started to suspect what Lena was now confirming, but was still highly surprised to hear my suspicions were true. Lena went on explaining.

“Everything else I told you was pretty much the truth. Ursula is much older than I am, and she had already left home when I was born. At sixteen, she had gotten pregnant with Theresa. My father must have been furious, and he hated her biker lover. He disowned her. He threw her out, at least that’s what she claims in her diary. I wasn’t even born and only know parts, not all of it. In fact, Ursula doesn’t even know I know any of this. I read her diary one day, all of it, and found all of this shit out. For years, I actually thought Ursula was my mother. My real mother must have been about thirty-four or five the day my father kicked Ursula out of the house. It must have broken my mother’s heart, but my father is and always was a tyrant.”

“Slow down, Lena.” I said. “Take a deep breath and take your time.” She was panting and breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath and recover from the pain, but speaking so quickly now the floodgates were open. She was telling me everything, and though a little garbled and rushed because of her pain and emotional state, so much started to make sense.

I did not need to urge her to continue, she was filling in all the gaps and spaces freely now, forgetting how she had fought so bravely to withhold the truth from me. Taking the pain that I had inflicted in order to guard a secret she had no part in creating. I looked at her crushed nipple and saw it was starting to regain its shape. Thankfully, I had not permanently disfigured her, though a trickle of blood ran down her beautiful white breast.

“Some of this is a bit foggy for me, master, so please don’t be angry if I get confused. Most I only know from reading Ursula’s diary and I am very sure much of that is lies. My real mother had Ursula young, at just eighteen. My father, also just eighteen, had gotten her pregnant and they were forced to marry by their families. I don’t know much more than that about my real mother, except she was young when she had given birth to Ursula, and then had me quite late. She must have been forty-four or five the day I was born. According to Ursula’s diary our mother was no longer sleeping with our father at the time, but he had raped her, and I was the result. Perhaps that was just my sister’s hatred of me giving way to wild fantasy. I don’t know.”

Lena wiped the flat of both hand across her face to remove as much of the sticky mess of snot and tears as possible before carrying on with her story.

“I found a picture of my mother in my sister’s things. She was beautiful, and though I hate Ursula, they looked alike. The same red hair, same height and build. As it turned out, my mother died at the age of forty-nine, when Ursula was in her early thirties. Fuck, I was just five years old, so when a woman who looked and sounded just like my mother showed up, my tiny brain must have just accepted it. I don’t know anymore. Ursula just appeared in our lives one day very soon after my mother had disappeared from our lives. My father simply started saying she was my mother and I accepted it. She moved into his room and slept in his bed. To be honest, I don’t remember all that well. I don’t even remember my mother’s name. I didn’t find out the truth until much later, in fact I was almost sixteen. It was then that I read Ursula’s diary.”

“You are being very brave, Lena.” I said and squeezed her hand. “I am very proud of you and very sorry I had to hurt you to make you tell me the truth. You can always tell me the truth, Lena. There must never be any secrets between us, sweetheart. Never.” The look she gave me after glancing at my notebook said it all. Her emerald green eyes glared at me and asked the question again about Simone, though she had learned her lesson and did not say it. Her defiance actually pleased me. I need my fuck-toys to be subservient, yes. However, if they were completely without fire and a little defiance, there was nothing worth breaking. I decided Lena had earned a sort of answer with that look into my eyes, alone.

“Lena, I will tell you about the woman I was looking at on my notebook. I promise.” Just not now sweetheart, ok? Now please carry on with what you were telling me.”

“There is not really much else to tell.” She stated. “You know almost as much as I do, now. Ursula became my mother. The mother who abused me. My niece and nephew became my brother and sister, and their Grandfather was now their father.”

“Yes, I understand that,” I said, “but how did Ursula end up being back in your lives? That’s what I am still not getting.”

“At some time before my mother died, I am not sure of exactly when, Ursula’s lover had also died.” Lena explained. “Just as I told you, he managed to kill himself on his motorbike. Ursula was destitute. Penniless. She would have been on the streets if not for Social Services, and yet she knew my father was a wealthy man. One day, according to her diary, she read my mother’s obituary and had an idea. She could at least try to make things up or work with our father, so she contacted him. She knew there could be no forgiveness or reconciliation, she said so in her diary, but there could be an ‘understanding’ between her and my father. What they discussed or agreed exactly is beyond my knowledge, but they clearly made some kind of deal, and that’s when Ursula and her two kids moved in with us and my terror began. Seriously, master, the rest you already know.”

There was a slight hesitation. A look than let me know there was something else Lena wanted to tell me. “What is it, Lena?” I asked. “You need to tell me everything.”

She let out a little shudder and sniffle, and wiped a tear from her cheek with her fingers. “You know what I told you about Ursula inspecting me that day to make sure I was still a virgin?”

“How could I forget?” I asked rhetorically.

“There was something else.” She continued and actually blushed and averted her eyes from mine, but continued anyway. “She put her tongue inside me. She spread my legs and after she had examined me with her fingers, she licked me out. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you master.”

“It’s okay, Lena, thank you for telling me.” I whispered. “Thank you for sharing the truth and not making me hurt you even more. Now I would like to make things better.” I said.

I leaned over, and kissed her directly on the mouth. As I tasted her familiar toffee-caramel mixed with her snot and the salt of her tears, I reached up and cupped her face in my right hand. She eagerly accepted my tongue, and kissed me back, her hands instinctively going to my cock. However, I pulled my now hard cock away from her grasp as I lifted my weight from her lap and told her to lay down on her back. Lena shuddered, clearly anticipating me taking her virginity.

“Yes sir.” She whispered as she shuffled her ass down the bed until she was lying flat on her back.

I slipped my knees between hers and she opened for me willingly. She was trembling as I moved my lips down her body. As I reached her breasts, I went to the right nipple, not wanting to hurt the bruised left one, and again felt a pang of guilt that I had hurt her so much. As I engulfed her long nipple and started to tease it with my lips and tongue, she was breathing heavily. I took a small detour to her left breast, but did not touch her damaged left nipple; instead, I cleaned the trickle of blood from her breast with my tongue, enjoying the ‘salty-iron’ taste as I swallowed it.

I continued my journey south, pausing at her beautiful almond shaped navel. I dipped the tip of my tongue into that pretty hole and caressed her flat tummy and thighs with my fingers and the palms of my hands. I kissed her just below her belly button and moved my mouth to the tiny tuft of red hair, just above her magnificent cunt. I pushed my nose into her pubes and was surprised how soft her tiny birds nest was. I raised my head and looked up the length of Lena’s lean tight body. She was resting up on her elbows, staring down at me, watching what I was doing. I smiled and she smiled back at me.

“Lena,” I said in a very serious voice. “Do you want me to hurt Ursula? Would you like me to punish her for what she did to you? Really punish her?” I added. “Hurt her much, much worse than I just hurt you, sweetheart.”

“Yes!” She said. “I want you to hurt that fucking bitch as much as you possibly can. In fact, why don’t you just kill the cow? Like really, really kill her. Hurt her, make her suffer and then cut her throat for all I care.” She was serious, so great was her hatred.

“Lena, I am not going to kill her.” I smiled up at her. “I will punish Ursula for you and I will hurt her a lot, sweetheart, but you need to understand that I will also fuck her. I will put my cock in her.” I said this in a very soft voice and let the words sink in. Lena tilted her head and a tear ran down her cheek.

“I don’t mind if you fuck her, daddy, if you fuck me first.” She said and continued. “I don’t mind if you put your cock into her if it hurts. Can you do that for me, master? Fuck me first, then that bitch?” She asked and smiled at me, as more tears welled in her eyes.

I then made beautiful Lena-seventeen, my little fuck-toy a promise that I would keep regardless of what happened. “I promise you Lena, that I will not fuck Ursula’s cunt, Okay? I will rip her ass apart and her throat, but I will never fuck her filthy cunt. I promise you that I will NEVER put my cock into Ursula’s filthy cunt, and that the very next pussy I do put my cock into will be yours. That just won’t be today, baby. Firstly, I will destroy your fucking sister and then I will take you, my beautiful prize, Lena. Then I will take your cunt.”

Lena shuddered at this and said, “Yes please, daddy. But please do it soon. Fuck my pussy, soon.”

“It will be soon, Lena.” I promised. “Very soon.” I spread her outer cunt lips with my fingers and dipped the tip of my tongue into the top of her slit, flicking it over that wonderful little bud that I now wanted to pleasure. Her hands went automatically to the back of my head and I started to eat Lena’s beautiful virgin pussy that tasted of toffee-caramel.

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  • Reply 6924cm

    Great story dude, keep them coming.
    I haven’t changed my mind about the salt, her story just made me want it used even more… That family needs to pay for everything done to Lena.
    Just like you, I protect my fuck-toys, hate when they lie to me and I do make them pay for it, but in a case like this I would feel the same as you. Truly hope you make that sack of shit of a family pay dearly for what they did to her.
    No one hurts our toys beside us.


    Great Story Do More Parts

  • Reply Anon

    Gets better with every part, keep it up

    • Night Hawk

      Thanks 🙂 More coming today

    • Night Hawk

      Sorry, probably no new parts today but in the morning, because the real-life Lena just arrived at my place crying. So I have no time to write. She better have a good reason for coming here. Maybe I will tell you about what she wants.