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Sharing a room with my little sister

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After my parent nasty divorce my mom moved into a small apartment and my little sister in I shared a room.

My name is Drake I’m 13 and I have a little sister named Amy she just turned 7. My parents recently got a divorce and mom moved us into a a small 1 bedroom apartment. Being a stay home mom for almost 14 years she had a hard time finding a good paying job. The one bedroom apartment is all she can currently afford. She sleeps on the couch and my sister and I shared the room, we have bunk beds.
Recently my mom found a job where she work night shifts. She would leave for work at 9pm and she wouldn’t make it home until 6am. My little sister is usually always in bed before my mom leave for work.
One night after my mom left for work I randomly became very horny so I got on bed on the top bunk. I started jerking off my dick and I the urge for some more. So I slowly got of my bed to go to get a sock and lotion. The plan was to lather of socks with lotion and us it to masturbate. As I walk out the room the sight of my sister stop me. She was laying with her legs open in a light blue frozen nightgown. The print of her pussy make my dick extra hard.
I walked over and layer on the bed with her. I started to rub her pussy slowly with one hand and rub my dick with the other hand. I slowly pulled down her panties and started licking her nice sweet hole. I started sucking on her tiny clit hard her little pussy got super wet with a mixture of my spit and her juices.
I knew then I had to fuck her. I turned her to the side and bent her leg. I slowly teased her pussy with my cock going from her clit to her pussy opening. I did this for about 3 minutes before I alined my dick with her pussy open opening. I gave it a nice slow thrust and half of my dick went in. Her pussy was so warm, wet and tight but I was expecting her to be a virgin. “Fucking slut u already getting dicked down I thought to myself”

The thought of her already fucking someone else made me very angry. I held he leg up and with out a care in the world I started stroking her deep and hard. Holding her tight with every stroke. She woke up and tried to pulled away which made be hold her tighter and stroke her deeper a deep and faster
“ Drake stop you’re hurting me” she protested
“Shut the fuck up little slut, you like this don’t you? Who be fucking you little pussy you’re whore” I asked.
“ I can’t tell you” she responded with he voice breaking into a cry.
“Oh yeah” I said
I pulled my dick out her dripping wet pussy and turned layer her on her stomach. I kneed between her leg I spit on my hand and stroked my cock.
I felt as if I was being possessed but I spread her little ass apart and spit in her ass hole. I alined my dick with her ass hole. I lay down on her locking her in place and keepin my dick alined with ass hole. With one hard stroke I pushed my whole dick in her ass. She screamed and I cover her mouth. I could feel her ass tighten around my dick.
“ Who you giving this nice sweet pussy to” I whispered and her ears
I a continually stroking her asshole.
Before she could even respond I pulled my dicked out and put it in her mouth. I let a load out in he mouth and told to swallow it all. She did as I said looked a me with an innocent look and ask “ are you going to do this all the time like daddy now!!
I was shocked as does words didnt came out her mouth, before I could even think I responded “yes you little slut.”
I told her to put her panties on and told her if she told anyone she would be sent away for being a slut and fucking every man in the family
She nodded as if she heard that before and went right to sleep as if nothing every happened. I got on my bed and thought about how my dad been fucking her and wondering how long he been fucking her. I got slightly upset I didn’t start fucking her sooner. I closed my eye think about how I had a girl I can fucked any time I wanted.
My dick go hard again so I got off my bed and went to lay with Amy. I lift up her nightgown and pulled her panties a side. She woke up and we made eye contact, she opened her legs nice and wide as if she giving me an invitation to fuck her. So I shoved my dick in her and started kissing her neck and telling her she such a good girl. I started to give her some nice slow stroke. As I stroke her I kept whispering how good her pussy was and how she took dick so good. She started moving her hip as I stroke her connecting our strokes together. I felt her pussy getting wetter and she started to moan. her moans got louder and I started whispering to her that she needs to come on my dick and get it soggy wet. After a few more strokes I felt her juice sliding down my balls and that was enough To make me let out load deep inside of her. I kept my dick inside of her. feeling her pussy gripping my dick tighter and tighter. I slowly pulled my dick out and put her panties back on letting my cum marinate her insides. Before I got on my bed I looked at her and said you have the best little pussy in the world knowing her pussy is the only pussy I ever fucked. she looked at me and smiled. I climbed up under my cover and thought to about the amount of time I’ll will be fucking her now. I am determined to fuck her right and make my dick her favorite dick.

Sorry for the grammar errors it’s 4 AM and I don’t want to proofread or edit this if you like it or have any story requests please comment and I will do it. Let me know if I should make this a series.

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    Lucky she didn’t get pregnant

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    You have to support people to continue doing what they do and telling stories, hopefully soon sex with someone younger will be normalized

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