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Rape Of Arfa Shaikh

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A busty, sexy Muslim aunty getting gang raped by her uncle’s friends in public

Arfa Shaikh was returning from her In Laws house in the Western parts within the city of Hyderabad, where she’d been married to her husband for almost 10 years. Though the area she was walking through was not prone to criminal activity, she didn’t want to take any chances and walked faster, cursing her relatives for not having let her go early.

Arfa loved her husband and tolerated his relatives too, but the prejudice she faced for not willing to bear enough children had pushed her to the brink and she was upset. They were quite Orthodox in their beliefs, especially about child rearing, sex or family planning. They had expected at least 6 children from Arfa’s womb but after the second child Arfa said no more.

As she navigated the deserted school which was a shortcut to her house from the station, she found some men in a group, huddled under a tree. She had literally walked in on them and was caught off guard. Being dark, she couldn’t exactly make out how many were there.

The men on the other hand began to stand and seemed to stare at her. Now Arfa might have been 30, but her figure betrayed her age. She could easily have passed for a busty female college girl, if she were dressed like that, but now in her completely covered body by the black burqa, she didn’t appear so. Arfa was also aware that her dress easily gave away her curves instead of hiding her supple body, white and smooth like butter. She was very embarrassed or made to feel so, for her huge boobs which had managed to stay firm even after breastfeeding two children and her ass was quite huge too, giving Arfa a busty figure of a very sexy Muslim bhabhiji.

Seeing the group of men gathering and muttering to themselves, while laughing prompted her to flee, but just as she was about to do so, a familiar voice spoke up. It was her close uncle, Nader.

‘Arfa, is that you?’
‘Uncle!’ Arfa exclaimed, as she lifted the veil to reveal her flushed face to her uncle.
‘What are you doing here? Who are these people?’
‘Oh nothing beta. They’re just my friends.’
‘Oh ok.’
‘Arfa just wait a while will you, I’ll finish here and escort you home.’
‘Thanks Uncle, but my children will be waiting for me, they’re all alone. So I must get to them.’
‘Oh. I see. Isn’t your husband home?’
‘No. He is out. He’ll be back in a week.’
‘Oh really. I see. It’s ok Arfa I’ll drop you. You just sit here, under the tree.’

Arfa didn’t see the point in arguing and sat down on the ground where her uncle told her to, which was on a huge mat near to the group of men playing cards. She didn’t like to see her uncle drinking or playing cards, like he was doing now and especially in public, but she knew it spared her aunt the pain of dealing with her husband, so she kept quiet.

She noticed all the men staring at her and quickly covered her face. All of them now suddenly seemed excited and were gathering around her uncle and whispering to which she saw him nodding.

Suddenly one of the youngest person from the group came towards her and caught her arm. Another came and lifted her up, while holding her other arm. Nearly paralyzed by what had suddenly happened, she tried to break free, but seeing her struggle the rest of the men in the group pounced on her and made her lie flat on the back.

Arfa began to scream, when she was gagged abruptly by one of the men’s penis in her mouth. She began to choke and before she could react, she felt him retreat a bit and forcefully penetrate her mouth again, this time till the throat. He quickly removed himself and allowed Arfa to breathe.

By now, her burqa was completely tattered and the men were proceeding to the rest of her clothing. Arfa began to cry helplessly as she heard her clothes being ripped and she was soon stark naked. The men all gleefully groped her busty body.

Arfa reared her head and shouted at her uncle. ‘Why are you allowing this to happen to me, why?’
‘Arfa, I’m sorry. I lost a lot of money today and to repay them I needed something… or someone. And you came along, so I had to give you. It’s all right, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Uncle’s here.’
‘Let me go, please.’ She begged but no one listened to her.

Somehow, though, while she was being roughed up and her pussy was being groped, she couldn’t help but feel horny as her cunt began to get wet. She sighed in pleasure as the first person to rape her entered her mature pussy.

Arfa gasped as the guy pounded furiously and her screams stopped. She felt helpless anyway, so the least she could do was enjoy it. But not to appear as a slut, she decided to act as if she didn’t want it. She thrashed around and said please and begged no, while asking for more inside of her mind.

The rest of the guys present there cheered him on to fuck her harder.

‘Come on, yes. Fuck the bitch harder. Harder!’

‘Yes, yes. Fuck! Fuck!’ They kind of chanted to encourage each other.

The rest of them, who Arfa believed along with the guy pounding inside of her totalled eight, were soon naked and rubbing their huge dicks in her face, body, breasts, ass crack, mouth wherever they could.

One of the guys handed her uncle a phone and he was told to record the rape, so he obeyed. Arfa realized it had gone too far now and tried to wrest away her hands. She covered her face and turned it away, while the men let her do so for a while, as they concentrated fully on Arfa’s exposed body.

The first guy grunted and said he was about to come. Arfa began to stand up in alarm and was brought down in full force by the men beside her.

‘No, no please. Do anything, but don’t come inside… .. Nooo..!!’ Her protests were in vain as the first guy emptied his seed into her wet Muslim cunt and Arfa groaned as she felt his sticky semen flood her insides.

Losing no time the men soon began taking turns to rape the hot Arfa. Everyone ejaculated inside her pussy, all the while exclaiming in sexual pleasure their love for her body. Arfa was sweating now and hoped it was over, but she was suddenly turned over and found her ass cheeks being parted.

She screamed as her asshole was penetrated deep by one of them from behind. One by one, again like how her pussy was ravaged her asshole was given the same treatment, as everyone took turns emptying their loads into her asshole. When everyone finished, the men stood up.

Arfa was a mess. Her whole body was covered in sweat, spit, semen and her fluids all leaking from her ass and pussy. Never before had she been fucked so hard and Arfa knew she’d survive this physical pain but the mental toll and anytime else she ever had sex, she would never feel this intense level of having been completely dominated and used. While she lay there, having passed out multiple times, she heard the men call out to her uncle.

‘Hey old man. Go fuck her. Till we regain our strengths for the final round.’

Oh no, Arfa thought to herself, what else did she have to do now.

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