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Rae Of Arfa Shaikh – 2

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Arfa couldn’t believe it. She was seeing her uncle, her father’s younger brother, who’d helped in raising her as a child, begin to undress and who was going to rape her. His own niece.

‘Don’t do this, uncle. Please.’

‘I have no choice, Arfa. Calm down. In fact, you might enjoy as well.’ He said to her as he proceeded to undress himself.

Soon he was naked and lying on top of her, while the rest of her uncle’s friends looked in glee. They were also filming this.

‘And I am not going to pretend I don’t enjoy this.’ Her uncle added as he penetrated her to the hilt.

Arfa closed her eyes and felt his dick enter her body. As her pussy was already filled with semen and other fluids, his dick easily entered her ripped up pussy. She mumbled in shame and tears flowed from her eyes, as her uncle groaned and came inside her pussy.

Though his dick was smaller than the others, she could feel him rise up and his balls getting pressed into her ass, as his hot liquid filled her up. Then as her uncle withdrew from her, Arfa began to get up and dress.

But she was stopped by the men. They wanted her to finish them off using her mouth. Arfa obliged and got on her knees. All the men gathered around her and all Arfa could see surrounding her were huge dicks, coated with semen or precum, throbbing and waiting for her final touch. A nearby streetlamp was the only source of light that illuminated this act.

Arfa quickly grabbed a cock and began to suck on it. The guy immediately pulled her close and throat fucked her, while her hands were put to use by the others, in stroking the other’s dicks.

Arfa felt the dick in her throat swell and gagged as she was forced to swallow his come, down her throat. She had only time to gasp once when he withdrew and her mouth was immediately occupied by another dick.

Arfa was pushed down and felt her pussy and ass being fucked simultaneously. Her ass pounding left her speechless as she hadn’t done it before and the suddenness made her go numb, as the pain of her ass muscles being broached in one complete thrust shut her up.

She tried to scream, but her mouth and hands were busy, so she allowed herself to be used as their cum dump. Everyone there came at least once in her mouth and she had to swallow a lot of come, making a lot of it drip down so her upper body was also drenched completely in it. Then all her holes were also raped and everyone took turns to come inside her pussy and ass.

When it was over and the men dressed up and left, they showed her snippets of the hour long videos they had recorded. Arfa couldn’t care less and since her dress was torn up, she had to walk naked to her house, as she was escorted by her uncle.

She could barely walk and was thankful to see the street empty as she went into her house. She stayed busy in the bathroom for an hour and fell asleep, not waking up for a whole day.

After she did get up, she wondered what would happen to her life now, after being such a respected member of the community, she’d now be ostracized for the rape. But she stopped thinking about it and only felt grateful that she was still there for her children.

Nader, her uncle, had also not visited since. Though she loved her husband, in bed when they had sex, she never felt the same with him anymore and Arfa begin to get a dangerous thought that whatever happened to her, though it was very bad, had somehow made her like it and almost miss the experience, of getting used and raped for the pleasure of men.

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