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Pimped to my bills boss

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After making my boyfriend a cuckhold I became a fuck toy of Jason and he started pimping me

This incident happened after 3 weeks I started cycling my boyfriend. My boyfriend is an Indian with a small 3 inch cock and my bull Jason was 9 inches and he was a dark chocolate.

About me I’m a south indian girl with a 34 inch boobs and 36 ass. I have a small waistline good enough to grab and pound. I love it when Jason’s raw cock enters my ass and pussy as he grabs my waist and hair to pound me like the whore I am.

Jason usually goes to partys and he takes many girls with him. As I became a fuck toy of Jason he started taking me to some events. Jason asked me to come to one of his office events in a saree which is a traditional dress of south india.

I wore a purple saree with a shiny white sleeveless blouse. I made sure my saree was transparent so that my navel and hips are visible and seductive. In short I wanted to look like a whore.

Jason picked me at my home, I bid good bye to Jagan my boyfriend and hopped into Jasons car. I thought he would compliment me, instead his first line from his mouth was “give me a blowjob”. As Jason was driving I took his cock out and started blowing him. I used every technique I know like licking the cock tip, rubbing the balls, sucking hard but he wouldn’t cum. As our stop was approaching he asked me to move off from his cock and cock was full of my lipstick. I gave a touch up to my face and we entered the party.

In the party many eyes were on me. Thanks to my slutty Indian dress all eyes were picking at me. I danced naughty on the dance floor with Jason and he slowly dragged me into the party’s bathroom. It was my first time in a men’s bathroom it was smelly. Jason gagged my mouth with some saree put me in doggy style, pulled some saree up and started banging me like low bitch. It was humiliating and enjoyable at the same time.

As he was banging me, someone else entered the toilet. But as we were in a cabin we were safe. “Who is there” someone asked. Jason replied with his name. And then I knew it was his boss mark. He told Jason “wow your indian slut is so slutty, bet she is good in bed”. Jason replied “she is a whore afterall, she can take a good banging” … I was getting banged constantly as this conversation was going on.. suddenly mark said “I would give you a rise if you let me have her tonight, she made my cock so hard… Jason replied “of course sir you can have the bitch tonight, infact she is shameless and getting banged by me right now” …. Mark opened the door and there is was shamelessly fucked by Jason like a toy. Mark took his cock out and asked me to blow. I did not know what to do but obliged.

I was banged front and back by 2 men in a men’s rest room.

To be continued…

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