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Pet sitting

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When I was maybe 10 or 11, I started to do local pet sitting around my neighborhood. Everyone trusted me to be alone with their dogs for sometimes days on end. The dogs were always very sweet and easy to take care of. Somedays I’d just stay over for hours and play with them. One day I was pet sitting this little Yorkie. She was very small and seemed very attached to me. While I was over, I was on my hands and knees cleaning up some water I spilled when I felt a breeze hit my crotch. I was wearing a skirt so I didn’t think anything of it until I felt something warm and wet lick me. I turned to see the dog, wagging her tail as she looked at me. I sat down in front of her, where she instantly went back to my crotch I was about to stop her when she started to lick me again. This sensation was new. It felt so so good. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she kept doing this.. after all she did. It on her own. I moved my panties to the side and felt her tongue on my skin. I repeatedly called her a good dog as I felt warmer and warmer. Pretty soon I felt myself reach a point. It was too much. I picked her up and kissed her head. “Good… Good girl.” I said over and over

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  • Reply Your new daddy ID:5u1d7ce49j

    Hi buddy how old is yr neice bet she a little hottie

  • Reply Mike jones ID:85dgwmqk

    I heard my niece jokingly say that she is dating her dog. I had to excuse myself because I could feel the precum

    • Beast ID:tgbtr78l

      you clearly need to get closer with your favorite family member