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my st bernard jerry

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10 year old little walked in the bathroom and began running her bath water her st Bernard Jerry sat by the closed door and watched the little girl get their pants down and shirt.

when the bath was ready she opens her legs and sat on a towel trying to get open the shampoo only for Jerry to come in between her legs and lick her puffy small pussy.

she moaned and let his tongue invade between her lips and she pushes his head away.

Instead, her body is pushed down and his large dog cock is forced in the dog cock goes faster and faster until he knots and lots of cum is filled into her small child womb

After she bathes and washes the icky stuff out of her pussy after she tells her dad about it and he asks to see so she gets naked only to gets her dad icky stuff in her pussy then Jerrys.

She loved her new life she got so much sticky icky stuff on her pussy

Until she got pregnant and she died from child labor

The dad went to prison and got executed then the dog got put down by lethal injection

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    Now this is the story pedos need. Thank you for posting it. In this mad site, this mad story surprisingly has sanity.

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    What the fuck

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    • Bernard Koundry

      Hey I’m a pedo I think we might have something in common if you would like to chat text me back at 2034944923 my name is bernard

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    It’s like a 2 year old wrote this

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      says the pedophile reading it stfu you stupid bozo kill ya self

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      No fucking shit lmao