My Second Time was not an Accident

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Hello Everyone! As many requested here is my next experience with a dog after my first time.

It was summer time just a few months after my parents decided to rehome our dog as my sister told them she no longer felt safe with him around. This upset me very much as I had began to explore online what I did only to see it’s very common. That’s when I knew I wanted this lifestyle my only problem was I had no canine friend.

After some planning I started a dog walking business and when people came to me for their services they filled out a questionnaire about their dog. One of the questions was your dog intact or fixed, my reasoning was these dogs couldn’t be walked with other dogs incase of a bitch in heat.
Through this I found my second pup a Rottweiler named butch. He was a beautiful big dog well maintained and very muscular our first few walks together was to find a secluded spot in the woods far from the eyes of others. As well as build a relationship and trust with butch.

After about 3 weeks I decided it was time. I called butch’s owner and said I had to move his walk up a day and I’d be coming by to get gone. Once I had butch we made way to a small clearing in a pine forest I had found. I brought a blanket in my backpack. Once we got their I laid the blanket down. And stripped and without a heart beat butch knew what this meant. I laid down spread eagle and he was a little hesitant but once I smelled my already damp crotch he went berserk. He was eating me out from crack to clit and on occasion burying is tongue into me. This went on for 15 minutes or so before he started whining and jumping the air. I got on all fours arched my back down and ass up and he began to mount. After about 5 minutes of poking my ass. (Story for another time) he finally found my pussy. He went with such speed Compared to my first time it was fast and rough thrusts I couldn’t contain my moans and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. I swear anyone who was around probably would have heard me. After about 10 minutes he failed to knot and slipped out. I took my opportunity to give my first blow job I quickly spun around grabbed butch just behind the knot and burried his cock in my mouth. And it was the best choice I made. He tasted delicious. However I was not expecting the amount t of cum he released and ended up gagging and snorting it out my nose. Once this was done I threw my clothes back on and walked butch back him with his cum dripping out of my pussy and my breath smelling of cum. Butch and I would continue having many adventures that summer. Check back for part 3!

Like my last story here is my snap! natr2115 add me to chat and many other things!

Till another day!

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