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My little cousin

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When I was 19, my little cousin was barely 10. She and I were very close and I always took her with me to the mall and stuff. One day in the summer, my uncle dropped her off at my house and told me to watch her for a few days. I course agreed and she stayed in my guest room. The first night she showed up she wore shorts and a tank top, without a bra. She only needed a training bra but when she chose not to wear one her little nipples were on full display. That night she told me about her day and how she had fun at the park earlier that day. She sat in my lap, my hand over the top of her thighs, feeling the heat from her little pussy. She went on and on about her day before she asked me if I would take a bath with her. She loved baths and loved it even more when I was with her. I of course agreed and started a bath for us. She stripped in front of me, her small pussy barely having any hair on it. I got naked before getting in the bath with her. She sat across from me, playing with a toy boat, but my eyes were looking at her little cunt. Her legs were spread so I saw everything she normally hid behind clothes. I lied and told her about a fun game I played when I was younger. I told her that after I took a bath, i would dry off then grab and pillow and pretend it was a horse. She loved horses and she loved pretending things were horses. Once she got out of the bath, she begged me to teach her how to play. I took her to my room and gave her a pillow. I told her to sit on top of it, she did, I told her how to ‘play’ and soon enough she was humping a pillow right before my eyes. It didn’t take long for her to reach a high without knowing and become tired. So I picked her up and tucked her into my bed, she fell asleep within minutes. Once I knew she was asleep, I grabbed the pillow she humped and sniffed it. It smelled amazing.

Part 2 coming later

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    Im guessing yo ass got caught and she snitched on you😂, you gotta know how to tricked them bruh. My cousin of 05 already gave me head, just waiting to tear that cat up

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